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35959 Herbs, spices & condiments Bolicert Salt
35957 Textile Other Fabrics
Description : ropa de diseñador pret a porter y alta costura para uso diario urbano y ecológico, con un estilo funcional y practico siempre innovando.
35560 Raw materials & supplements Other Other raw materials & supplements
Description : Certified BY LACON And INDOCERT according to EU standards.
35882 Textile Other Fabrics
Description : Bamboo fabric, 100% or blended with organic cotton or/and spandex
35881 Textile Other Clothes
Description : MOBBOA : webshop and wholesale in bamboo clothes and bamboo bath linen for men, women and kids. MOBBOA sells to the EU member states. We also offer bamboo fabric and fiber for sale.
Bamboo fabric is supersoft, breathable, cool and antibacterial. Using bamboo as a raw material contributes positively in preserving our climate and nature. Bamboo will replace traditional cotton, which is very polluting.
Bamboo is good for you !
35760 Milk & dairy products Other Cheese
Description : organic cheese
35528 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : sells rare exotic flower seeds, including trees, palms, carnivorous plants, and many more, for the home gardener and resellers.
35654 Sugar & honey products Other Specialties
Description : Organic Raw sugar - brown, golden, white
35653 Drinks Other Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : Organic Rum and Sugar Cane Alcohol
35590 Herbs, spices & condiments Ecocert Vinegar
Description : Muscat vinegar
35589 Drinks Ecocert Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : organic red wines : Côte du Roussillon (South of France)
Muscat de Rivesalt
35588 Drinks Ecocert Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
Description : certified organic grape juices
35587 Oils for cooking & dressing Organic Food Development & Certification Center Of China Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : We could provide Tea seed oil/camellia oil from China.
Tea plants, mainly grown in China, are rare woody plants which are the resource of camellia oleifera. 12 months are needed from its bloom to its pollination, then to its maturity. At the harvest, the second bloom begins which makes it enjoy the reputation. As healthy edible oil, it has a variety of nutrients, bright color and unadulterated taste because the eat plant grows in the shinny sun for so long time without any pollution from little chemical fertilizers or pesticide. It is also a titbit among so many kinds of oil because of its growing environment, growing period, health care and small quantity. Different researches show that if we have it for a long time, it can help us regulate blood fat, control coronary heart disease and blood pressure and reduce cholesterin in blood. It is not only rich in a variety of unsaturation fatty acid, such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, and linoleic acid, but also rich in different kinds of microelement which can not be gained by our bodies.

1) Saturated fatty acid: 12 - 18%
2) Oleic acid: 75 - 83%
3) Linoleic acid: 7 - 11%
4) Linolenic acid: 0.2 - 1.0%
5) Vitamin E (mg/L): 120 - 150mg
6) Shelf life: 12months

If you have interested,please contact me with your inquiry.
35585 Textile Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Fabrics
Description : 100% organic pure hemp fabrics, linen fabrics, yarns
35359 Cereals & derived products Other Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
Description : Frijol Canario (Yellow beans), Caraota (Black beans), Panamito (Navy beans)
Organic Certification : BIOLATINA
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