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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
46596 Milk & dairy products Other Cheese
  Description : Certifiead organic Greek cheese
46560 Drinks Ecocert Juice concentrates
Description : Pomegranate, Apple, Carrots
46559 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Dried fruit
Description : Apricot Kernels, Hazelnuts, Almonds
46558 Seeds Ecocert Bulk seeds
Description : Poppy Seed
46557 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Frozen fruit or vegetables
Description : Strawberry - Onion- Pepper-Leek-Broccoli-Cauliflower- Tomatoes - Carrots – Spinach
Origin : Turkey
46556 Cereals & derived products Ecocert Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
Description : Chickpeas ( 7mm - 8mm - 9mm - 10mm )

Green Lentils ( small and big ) - Red Lentils ( Whole - Split ) - Brown Lentils – Yellow Lentils

Wheat - Bulgur

White Beans
46555 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Dried fruit
Description : Organic Dried Fruits
Dried Apricots, Raisin, Figs

Organic Dried Tomatoes
Halves, cubic cuts, stripes
46554 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Dried fruit
Description : our own family farms 70.000 acre and orchards spread on 17.000 acre. Our organic growing areas are in Kaynarca, in the northwestern region of Malatya, between Hekimhan and Darende, which remains unused and/or wild area just for organic farming. These areas are only for Organic Dried Apricots, pulses. Our other projects are at the product grown areas.

Our organic products are controlled from the farming to full process and certified by ECOCERT ( EC NOP) BIO SUISSE and KOSHER under international quality control organizations such ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005
46553 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Dried fruit
Description : Our company is established on 1982 in Malatya as a manufacturer and exporter of Conventional Dried Apricots. We started organic Dried Apricots and Organic Pulses production and exporting in 1991 with our projects; we are going on developing by adding new Organic products to our product range from our own projects each year. We are in the 5 leading companies in this business in Turkey, last year we received a plaque from our government because we were 5th biggest exporter in Malatya at Dried Apricots business.
37280 Dietetic & health foods Other Other dietetic & health foods

46531 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh fruit
Description : Fruit d’Or is a leading Canadian cranberry and blueberry processor. We supply a complete line of cranberry and blueberry products including IQF fruit, concentrates, a full range of dried sweetened products (organic and natural, flavored, and glycerin infused.

Fruit d’Or products are available as natural and organic certified, and all are Kosher certified as well. Since the company’s inception, we have become the largest processor of organic cranberry products in North America. Fresh product is sold in the fall for supermarket distribution. Frozen and dried products are used extensively by food manufacturers including commercial bakeries, cereal and snack manufacturers and packers and distributors. Dried sweetened cranberry and blueberry products are primarily used for granola and nutrition bars, trail and snack mixes, cereals and muesli.
46518 Herbs, spices & condiments Control Union Spices, peppers
  Description : certified organic fenugreek from India
46500 Fruit & vegetables Instituto Biodinamico Fresh fruit
Description : Kaki Fuyu and Kaki Taubate
46484 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
  Description : certified organic propolis
8327 Cosmetic products Imo other Cosmetic products
  Description : Marigold (Calendula Officinalis) History Calendula was used as antiseptic, to reduce inflammation, and to treat wounds and variety of skin diseases, it is high in carotenoids which assist in quickrepair of skin damage and the effects of ageing. Internally, the soothing effects of Calendula have been used for stomach ulcers and inflammation also treats varicose veins and bedsores. Active constituents : • Carotenoide • Triterpenes, pentacyclic, arnidiol, erytrodiol, calenduladiol, heliantriol C and F, arsatriol, logispinogenine, the calendulosides A-D, volatile oil, chlorogenic acid . • Flavonoids founds in high amounts in Calendula, account for much of its anti-inflammatory activity. Actions Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-spasmodic, astringent, lymphatic and slightly stimulant. NEVEN CALENDULA ORGANIC LINE -COSMETIC OF HEALTH- Calendula tea Acts as valuable herb for digestive inflammation and may be used in treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers as well as colitis and gastritis. Improves blood flow, liver complaints, reduce blood fat and triglycerides, regulate circulation. Also he is useful for woman disease as are cyst and irregular menses. Tea we drink slowly, stepwise 2-3 tea cups per day. Ingredients: Calendula Flowers Calendula tincture Have same effect as tea. This is alcohol solvate Calendula Flower. Use:25 drop in the morning and 25 drop in the evening in the little of water or juice or sugar cub for 10 days, then take pause and if is needful repeat therapy. Calendula cream Use primary for regeneration all skin type, for skin disease like is lichen on the skin, impetigo, decubitis, dry skin rashes, diaper rash and burns. Calendula cream ca help small blood vessels to seal, stemming bleeding and preventing bruising. Used for healing common sores and bedsores, calendula is very effective for the same reasons on varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Calendula cream is good for acne and nappy (diaper) rash, and can help relive sore nipples in nursing mothers. Cream don’t have any unnatural ingredients, only Calendula flowers, natural fat and oils and bees wax. Night cream This evening cream use on clean face and neck, refreshing all skin types and rest the skin, tighten skin and reduce every irritation. Ingredients: Calendula flowers, lanolin, Vaseline, glycerin and carnation and rosemary oil. Calendula peeling mask One time on the week use this milled Calendula flowers on clean face to make mask, wait 15 minutes then do soft peeling and wash the face. There is no need for any cream after treatment. Peeling mask clean face from dead cell and refresh face skin. Ingredients: Milled Calendula flowers, natural fat and oils, bees wax and milk fat. Calendula lip balm Use for herpes, dry and cracked lips. Ingredients: Calendula flowers, natural fat and oils and bees wax. Calendula oil Infused oil of Calendula flowers use for regeneration all skin types on the body and burns. Oil is great as cellulite eliminator because penetrate deeply in the skin, also can use oil after sunning and douche, skin become soft and fresh. Ingredients: Calendula flowers, olive oil. Calendula suppository for hemorrhoids Use for inside hemorrhoids in combination with calendula tea. Put suppository 10mnight before sleep then take break for 10 day and if there is a need repeat therapy. For best results drink Calendula tea as is recommended. Ingredients: Calendula flowers, natural fat and oils and bees wax. All ours products are make from IMO (Institute for Marketecology ,Swiss) ORGANIC CERTIFICATE Marigold-Calendula Officinalis Flowers with natural fat and oil basis with out chemicals and perfumes. Our products can use babys. The skin of babies, young children and every member of your family needs NEVEN >cosmetic of health< organic line which provides more than just skin care ; it helps create a protective layer around you. NEVEN Company Production and processing of organic medicinal herbs Limska bb. E-mail 73260 Rudo Tel/fax +387 58 711364 Bosna i Hercegovina Gsm +387 65 995 122 __________________________________________________________________________ “Cosmetic of Health “ collection Calendula Officinalis Price List price weight Calendula Cream 1,75 oz 3,5 e Calendula Tincture 1 oz 2,8 e Calendula Oil 4,35 oz 5,6 e Calendula Tea 1,75 oz 1,8 e Calendula Night Cream 1,75 oz 4,9 e Calendula Peeling Mask 5,25 oz 5,8 e Calendula Labello 1,3 e Calendula Suppository for Hemorrhoids 1,05 oz 3,8 e
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