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Dietetic & health foods
Control Union
Products for extra strength
Description : Dietary supplement based on natural concentrated plants obtained using proprietary technology and non-chemical concentration procedure with clinically-proven eficacy on laboratory animals and in clinical study on humans.
Dietetic & health foods
Control Union
Other dietetic & health foods
Description : Standardised dietary substances based on medicinal herbs for prevention, wellbeing and health for variety of health conditions ranging from efficiency in sport performance,through improvement of brain function through long- and short memory retention, treatment of menopausal conditions, bone health in aged, quality of sleep, stress, mild depression and other.
Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
Description : jus de grenade Bio 100% pur jus
labels AB et ECo emballage, certifié Ecocert.
Conditionnement: bouteilles de verre de 1L ;
conservation 18 mois aprés embouteillage
Oils for cooking & dressing
Letis S.a.
Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : Organic Soybean oil for sale (crude).
Can be shipped in tankers or according to customer preferences.
Bread, confectionery & chocolate
Scottish Organic Producers Association
Description : Organic chocolate bars and unique handmade chocolates from East Lothian, Scotland. Wholesale available.
Fruit & vegetables
Dried fruit
Description : we supply organic certified goji berries.
Comité Extremeño De La Produccion Ecologica
Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : Viña placentina Vino de Cultivo Ecológico
Color: Tinto
Categoría: Vino tranquilo
Añada: 2003
Formato: 750 ml
País/región: España, Extremadura
Clasificación: Vino de la tierra

Tasting Notes:
Intense cherry red whit light violeta edges. In nose, highlights flowers and fruity aromas reminiscente of their variety.. The entry in mouth is smooth whit well estructure tannins. The retronasal is very persistent, leaving sensations of ripe fruit in the mouth.
Raw materials & supplements
Lactic ferments, yeast, treacle & sugar
Description : formulas de varios extractos de plantas que se incorporan en piensos ecologicos :
- prevencion infecciones respiratorias y digestivas
- ayuda al crecimiento
- ayuda a la producción de leche
Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way
other Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way
Description : The Natural advantage of Soapnuts: They are Natural detergent that scours, cleans and purifies:

o Do not damage linen fibers.
o They protect colours.
o They enable the washing of delicate cloth wool and silk.
o Gives naturally clean linen.
o Linen is softened naturally.
o They carried Hapoallergenic article.
o They are 100% Eco-friendly and protect the environment
o Soapnuts remnants can be deposited on compost heap (No harmful waste for natural environment.
o Soapnuts are re-use able you can get from 2 to 6 washes from a single batch of Soapnuts, depending on water temperature, hardness or water and size of the load. Try getting more than one load of wash from your present laundry detergent!
Cereals & derived products
Control Union
Oilseeds (rape, sunflower, soy, sesame, peas, bean
Description : Dear Sir,

We introduce ourselves as M/s. Uniphos Agro Industries Limited, a star export house and a group company of United Phosphorus Ltd. a world leader in manufacturing of agro chemicals with the annual turn over of USD One Billion. Our Organic Division has been Certified by Control Union Certifications,Netherlands –under NPOP,NOP & JAS Programs.

We have more than 25000 farmers- associated with us from all over India who are presently Cultivating Various Agro Commodities which are Naturally - Organically Grown & duly Certified from World Class Certification Agencies like Control Union,Netherlands,NOCA & IMO.

Our Organic Division exports following naturally & organically cultivated farm produce which are certified by internationally approved certification agencies.

1)Organic Oil Seeds- Soyabeans ,Sesame Seeds,Ground Nuts etc.
2)Organic Grains- Rice ,Jowar,Bajra Etc.
3)Organic Spices- Chilly,Turmeric,Cumin Etc.
4)Organic Herbs & Extracts Ashwagandha,Shatawari Etc.
5)Organic Edible Oils – Coconut Oil,Soya Oil Etc
6)Organic Fruits & Vegetables Alphonso Mango,Pomegranate Etc
(Fresh & Processed)
7)Organic Oleoresins- Oleoresins of All Spices
8)Organic Essential Oils- Lemon Grass Oil,Citronella Oil Etc
9)Organic Bio Fertilizers Vermicompost ,Cocopeat ,Neem Paste Etc
Bio Pesticides-
As you are aware all the above commodities are seasonal. We ,request you to give your specific requirement in advance to enable us to offer you , the complete product details along with seasonal availability & the price.

To - Cater to our Clients across the Globe,with credibility & ethical business practices, Our Group Company has the network of their own offices all over the world in 18 Countries & agency networking in more than 120 countries in the world.
Products for organic farming
Description : Abonos organicos
Control Union
Description : We are suppliers of high quality textile products such as towels, bathrobes, bed linen made of both organic and conventional cotton. We can also supply with 100% organic clothing like t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, underwear and sleepwear, shirts, even toys for the kids. Our organic products are made with pride in Turkey of the finest quality cotton grown and certified by SKAL , a Dutch controlling and certifying organization.
Soil Association Certification Ltd
Description : We can provide IMO certified towels, bed linen, baby wear and fabric from TURKEY.
Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way
Professional cleaning & hygiene
Description : EuroActiv Agro

Bioactivador de origen natural
EUROACTIV AGRO es un activador biológico especialmente diseñado para promover la degradación de las sustancias orgánicas presentes en el campo y para la regeneración de suelos cansados o muy explotados, condición particularmente frecuente en los cultivos intensivos. Bajo estas condiciones, los recursos nutritivos se agotan rápidamente y la actividad microbiana, que es de quien realmente depende la fertilidad del suelo, es reducida por los residuos de fertilizantes, pesticidas y desinfectantes. EUROACTIV AGRO reanuda los procesos naturales de fertilización gracias a la aplicación de enzimas, micro elementos orgánicos y minerales, vitaminas, aminoácidos y una selecta flora microbiana. Estos productos optimizan el proceso de biodegradación de residuos químicos. Reduce los daños causados a los cultivos por los excesos de salinidad y aplicación de fertilizantes orgánicos de baja calidad o mal fermentados. El uso de EUROACTIV AGRO permite obtener plantas con una mayor resistencia a las plagas y a problemas por factores externos. Mejora el enraizamiento y la asimilación de nutrientes. Puede ser utilizado para la bioactivación de semillas, mejora la propagación y el trasplante e incrementa la productividad de los cultivos.
Dietetic & health foods
Food supplements
Description : Variety of standardised and clinically-tested dietary supplements for prevention and health as well as various functional health supplements for youth, adults and aged people of both genders with emphasis on Energy Efficiency & Power (for amateur and performing sportsmans), Immune Health, Bowel & Digestive Health, Heart Function, Brain & Memory Function and other.
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