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Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : Jabones naturales de Aceite de Cusi y Almendra Amazonica
100% naturales
100% vegetales

Linea Hipoalergenica:
* Neutro
* Con Annatto
* Con Chocolate organico
* Con Cafe Organico
* Con Hojas de Menta
* Infantiles en suave toalla en forma de animalitos

* Anti Acne
* Anti Manchas
* Anti Edad
* Piel Normal y Sensible

Jabon para mecanicos
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Medicinal plants
Description : Cascara y Pepas de Achachairu liofilizadas. Ricas en 7-epiculsianona Supresora natural del Hambre u Antibiotico Natural contra las caries.
Fruit & vegetables
Dehydrated fruit or vegetables
Description : Lyophilzed Achachairu
Lyophilized Banana
Lyophilized Pineapple
Lyophilized Mango
Lyophilized Apple
Lyophilized Papaya
Lyophilized Asai
Lyophilized Camu Camu
Lyophilized Noni
Lyophilized Maca
Lyophilized Moringa
Grocery products
Baby foods
Description :
Papillas con Quinoa y Amaranto bajo en Alergenos.
Unidades de 125 gr

AAAMz Arroz, arveja, amaranto, manzana
VPCQ Vainita, papaya, camote, quinua
AZQ Arveja, zanahoria, quinua
ZZQ Zapallo, zanahoria, quinua
PA Papaya, Amaranto
BNQ Banano, quinua
MZA Manzana, Amaranto
MGQ Mango, quinua

70 000 Unidades/mes
Cocoa, chocolate
Description : Cacao Nibs SILVESTRES

10 Toneladas
Oils for cooking & dressing
Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : Aceite de Chia 100% puro

Convencional y certificacion Organica
Oils for cooking & dressing
Description :
Aceite de Sésamo extra Virgen, no tostado, 100% puro
Capacidad 20 000 Litros mes.
Precio 11.28 US$/Litro FOB Arica Chile en Tambores de 220 Litros.
Capacidad 20 000 Litros mes
Oils for cooking & dressing
Description : Castana de la Amazonia, beneficiada, pelada, organica. Calidades de exportacion: Large, Midget, Tiny, Chiped, Broken

Empacada al vacio en Bolsas trilaminadas y cajas de 20 Kg.
Bulk seeds
Description : producing Sesame seed (5 - 10 tones/year).
Cereals & derived products
Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
Description : Amaranth is a highly important food for people who are allergic to gluten as it is 100% gluten free. Amaranth is actually not a true cereal grain but a seed of an annual plant which related to spinach. The green part of amaranth is eaten as vegetable and the seeds are utilized as grains. The seeds of amaranth are a boon for those allergic to grains.

The high nutrional values of Amaranth have been noted even by the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization and it has been observed that wherever amaranth is consumed there is no problem of malnutritions.
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Aromatic plants
Description : les lavandes 100% BIO en particulier Les lavandes classiques 'Hidcote'
Ascisco Ltd
Bulk seeds
Description : I produce sesame seed (5 tones/year)
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Ascisco Ltd
Medicinal plants
Description : I produce peppermint dry leaves (20 ton/year).
Other Services
Description : We are here to help you optimize your supply chain and turn it into your key competitive advantage. We help create good strategy and turn it into reality.

We offer you 3 types of services: consulting for builing and managing logistics and distribution schemes, trainings for logistics management, outsources management of Logistics and Distribution.
Dietetic & health foods
Food supplements
Description : Dear/Dearest,
Green herb is proud to present you with its newest products.
Total Elimination
This dietary supplement was researched and produced by European Master Herbalists for Green Herb inc. to clean parasites and yeast out of the human body the natural, safe way.
Like elimination, eliminies cleanses children from parasites. Children are especially prone to intestinal parasites like pinworms, tapeworm, hookworms and threadworms. Eliminies includes a 30 day parasite elimination strategy.
Replenish Probiotics
A maximum strength whole food active probiotic for adults and children.
Green Herb Replenish uses a proprietary blend of 14 active probiotics.
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