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Offer N°CategoryProduct
31710 Commodities Sugar
  Description : 100% organic
31707 Commodities Coffee & substitutes
  Description : 100% organic
31706 Commodities Cocoa, chocolate
  Description : 100% organin
30744 Commodities Tea
  Description : green products
30743 Commodities Coffee & substitutes
  Description : green products
29800 Commodities Sugar
  Description : Dear Sirs/Madams,

We have an interest to purchase the following products;
1. Canola oil
2. Sunflowr oil
3. Sunflower high oleic oil
4. Soy oil
5. Bio balance oil -omega 3-6, (blended unrifined sunflower and flax oil)
1-4 refined oils.
Other edible oils can also be considered, such as corn, palm etc.
All the above are imported in 200lt drums and/or 1000lt IBC\'s on pallets.

Organic Dried fruits
Organic Granola& Muesli
Organic sugar in 1 kg bags
Organic flour
Organic Pulses
Organic Canned fruits
Organic spices Tea & Coffee
Organic Vinegars
The quantities in question will be for full containers.Please send your export prices.

We import food products and represent exclusively manufacturers from different countries, such as Thailland, Italy, Austria, France, Germany and UK.
From Italy we import cereals from Molino Nicoli in Bergamo, Pasta from Valdigrano in Rovato. From Namchow ltd-Thailland and from Foodlink bv -Netherlands we import rice snacks. From Gutschermuele traismuaer - Austria cereal bars and from Erbacher kg Germany and Titusfield-UK different raw materials for our local industries.

Awaiting your kind reply.

Yours sincerly,



TEL ++ 972- 3-5405748

FAX: ++ 972- 3- 5479577

MOBILE:++ 972- 50- 5211817

29776 Commodities Cocoa, chocolate
  Description : Unprocessed unheated raw products only please
27399 Commodities Tea
  Description : EU-organic Certification and Naturland, Demeter, Bioland

Processing, refinement and trading of dehydrated herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits and tea
15053 Commodities Cocoa, chocolate
  Description : Our product line of chocolates reflects the regional diversity of the ingredients we use: Cocoa Beans from cooperative farmers in Bolivia and the Dominican Republic; Rapadura Whole Cane Sugar from Brazil; Vanilla Beans from small-scale farmers in Madagascar; Shredded Coconut from a small farmer group in Sri Lanka; and Hazelnuts from Turkey are among those Rapunzel buys
24358 Commodities Tea
  Description : Importing Organic Chinese Green Tea
24037 Commodities Sugar
  Description : Various
24033 Commodities Coffee & substitutes
  Description : Various
24032 Commodities Cocoa, chocolate
  Description : Various
21724 Commodities Sugar
  Description : organic sugar to make jams
20927 Commodities Sugar
  Description : We are manufacturer in Netherlands and are looking for organic cane sugar : quantities :300 metric tons/yearly
Packaging: big bags if possible or sacs
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