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Offer N°CategoryProduct
94920 Seeds Bulk seeds
  Description : organic seeds in bulk
98069 Seeds Retail seeds
  Description : All kind of seeds
98068 Seeds Bulk seeds
  Description : All kind of seeds
98067 Seeds Other Seeds
  Description : All kind of seeds
96930 Seeds Retail seeds
  Description : organic seeds
97506 Seeds Bulk seeds
  Description : quinoa
96436 Seeds Bulk seeds
  Description : We are organic wholesale trader.

Products: flaxseed, rapeseed, wheat, flaxseed oil, rapeseed oil, flaxseed meal, rapeseed meal.

Sourcing from; Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, EU
94922 Seeds Bulk seeds
  Description : Interested in buying organic sprouting or microgreens seeds. Variety include beetroot (any variety), red Russian kale, red cabbage, amaranth red garnet, red mustard (all varieties), coriander splits, parsley flat leafs, dill, garlic chive & basil Genovese
93188 Seeds Bulk seeds
87664 Seeds Retail seeds
  Description : organic seeds
87925 Seeds Retail seeds
  Description : Interested
87924 Seeds Bulk seeds
  Description : Interested
87923 Seeds Other Seeds
  Description : Interested
84897 Seeds Other Seeds
  Description : The Real Food is a new whole seller in CEE region with on retail chain, sales team, warehouse and logistic.
84387 Seeds Bulk seeds
  Description : camarosa strawberries, organic, non GMO
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