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Offer N°CategoryProduct
51598 Textile other Textile
  Description : we are looking for interesting textiles to use for our designs
51597 Textile Fabrics
  Description : we are looking for organic fabrics to use for our designs
50961 Textile Fabrics
  Description : We are looking for a reliable source of supply for Baby Blankets and Baby Bathrobes in Organic Bamboo. Just fabric alone would also be welcome, as we could do the manufacturing ourselves in our own UK factory.

We do business at the top end of the market, and any suppliers must produce to a very high standard.
50773 Textile other Textile
  Description : Wovens, Knits, and Bags
50772 Textile Fabrics
  Description : 100% Organic, Organic Blends, Jute, GOTS Certified
50162 Textile other Textile
  Description : organic cotton
50161 Textile Fabrics
  Description : organic cotton fabrics for ex bed linen etc.
50022 Textile Fabrics
  Description : Looking for regular supplier, preferably within India of certified 100% organic cotton net fabric. Mesh size varies depending on order.
50023 Textile other Textile
  Description : Certified organic cotton net fabric
49959 Textile Fabrics
  Description : Light Organic Cotton Fabric, Lavender color
49825 Textile Clothes
  Description : Achat t-shirt enfants 3-24 mois
49819 Textile Fabrics
  Description : fabric in bulk
49518 Textile Clothes
  Description : We are a mail order company in England, UK and are interested in buying from wholesale the following:

Fair trade products of all kinds (non-food)

Organic clothing or clothing made from natural fibres certified free from toxins
49210 Textile Fabrics
  Description : I am looking for certied organic garment tags to be made for my company. I want our logo, website and the size of the clothing on the tags. I would like to see a sample and get a quote for having this done. Thank you and Happy New Year!
48869 Textile other Textile
  Description : I am actually an agent who is selling textile raw materials,
I' m selling raw materials or better semiprocessed materials for the spinning industry. I am selling a kind of combed "wool-tops" or "wool noils" which is wool grown organically and also scoured and combed under the rules of GOTS and certified.

Otherwise I can be interested in anything from organic wool.
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