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Offer N°CategoryProduct
76528 Fruit & vegetables Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : I am looking for Organic Fruit and Vegetables powders
76114 Fruit & vegetables Fruits purees
  Description : We are looking for organic raw materials: organic fruits puree

We are a young Breton company, aims to be one of the most important suppliers of natural plants for cosmetics and food professionals in France and abroad.

Our PhytPeel range is already composed of more than 15 vegetal and mineral products and is constantly extending to meet our customers' needs. We have just launched our BiophytPeel range which is an organic certified exfoliant line according to the Cosmos european standard.

Our PhytExtract range is composed of natural seaweeds and plant extracts and allows us to work with our rich local resources.

Our PhytHerbo range is composed of plants in flakes or powder form and has been specifically created to be used in phytotherapy.
76169 Raw materials & supplements Other raw materials & supplements
  Description : Our mission: your natural product made to measure.

We are looking for organic Manilkara chicle or Sapodilla.
Delivery place: France

We are a family company created in 1995 to ensure the elaboration and the development of hygiene products made from renewable vegetables ressources.

Benefiting from an over 10 year-experience, we are able to offer our customers innovating solutions in the field off household cleaning detergents and cosmetic products.

We have developed since the year 2000 a real expertise in formulating and manufacturing of organic certified cosmetics and bocy care products.
76046 Fruit & vegetables Fresh fruit
  Description : fig,olive,chestnut,walnut,apple,pomegranate
76045 Animal food Fodder for breeding
  Description : Barley
14985 Drinks Other drinks
  Description : organic drinks
14986 Grocery products Other grocery products
  Description : organic foods
14987 Fruit & vegetables Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : organic fruits and vegetables
14988 Fish & seafood Other fish & seafood
  Description : organic sea foods
75774 Seeds Bulk seeds
  Description : poppy, sesame, cumin, coriander, fennel,
75773 Seeds Other Seeds
  Description : Cumin,sesame, poppy, flax
75772 Herbs, spices & condiments Other herbs, spices & condiments
  Description : Marjoram, basil, fennel,
75771 Herbs, spices & condiments Spices, peppers
  Description : Black pepper, turmeric, white pepper, long pepper,
75769 Herbs, spices & condiments Garlic, onions
  Description : Looking for garlic/onion powder and granulated
75768 Commodities Tea
  Description : Different kind of teas
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