IFOAM EU Conference Invitation

Resource efficiency and food security:
Opportunities and challenges for sustainable food systems”

9th November 2011, 1400-1815hrs

Committee of the Regions (Rue Belliard 101), Brussels

Brussels, 14/09/2011- A high-level half-day conferencewill be held on 9th November 2011 in the Committee of the Regions Building in Brussels on food security and resource efficiency. Issues such as feed imports, nutrient management, reducing our carbon and water footprint, and consumer behaviour will be elaborated on in light of the EU flagship initiative “A resource-efficient Europe”1, with which the European Commission aims to propel Europe into a smart, sustainable and inclusive future.

The world is facing serious constraints in the fields of resource needs, food consumption, and sustainable ecosystem management. With oil production peaking, the mining of phosphate nearing a plateau, groundwater depleting rapidly, biodiversity declining steadily and the global population rising incessantly, new ways of recycling nutrients, maintaining healthy soils, sourcing our energy and managing ecosystems are becoming highly pertinent.

With the conference titled “Resource efficiency and food security: Opportunities and challenges for sustainable food systems” the IFOAM EU Group wishes to connect people and themes relating to this complex set of problems, stir up a debate among key experts and decision-makers, and bring forth concrete solutions for a resource-efficient farming model for the future.

The event is co-organised by the IFOAM EU Group2, TP Organics, Martin Häusling, Coordinator for Agriculture of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, and the Committee of the Regions.

The conference is free of charge and recommended visiting for policy-makers and legislators, academics and researchers, farmers and producers, civil society organisations and NGOs.

Registration is now open via this link.

More information:

Conference Website: http://bit.ly/IFOAMEUConfRE

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