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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
55057 Seeds Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Bulk seeds
  Description : BATA FOOD exports seeds, aromatic herbs, spices and many other organic products to the world.
55006 Seeds Associazione Suolo E Saluter Bulk seeds

40479 Seeds Other Other Seeds
  Description : BIO SUISSE
51106 Seeds California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof) Bulk seeds
  Description : ALMOND - Certified Organic Almonds from California USA - all forms available, Whole or Manufactured, Natural, Blanched, Roasted, Sliced, Diced, Slivered, Butter (paste).
52790 Seeds Letis S.a. Bulk seeds
Description : Organic Pop Corn
52041 Seeds Control Union Bulk seeds
  Description : Let us introduce ourselves as Manufacturer-Exporter of organic Spices, Grains, Oil seeds and all other Agro Commodities from India (we are certified from Control Union (Formerly SKAL INTERNATIONAL) For Organic Products.).

Our Principal Products:-

1) Amaranth
2) Sesame seeds (Both Natural and Hulled)
3) Soybean

for further information please visit us at
52092 Seeds Control Union Bulk seeds
  Description : Hulled Sesame Seed (organic and conventional

Natural Sesame Seed (organic and conventional)

Yellow Mustard Seed

Black Mustard Seed

for further information please visit us at
49207 Seeds Control Union Bulk seeds
Description : certified organic seeds
51142 Seeds Control Union Retail seeds
  Description : Cashew Nuts
51141 Seeds Control Union Bulk seeds
Description : Cashew Nuts , Sesame
51140 Seeds Control Union Other Seeds
Description : Cashew Nuts, Sesame
50213 Seeds Bolicert Bulk seeds
  Description : Quinoa & Amaranth
50176 Seeds Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Bulk seeds
Description : Seed in bulk totes, grain trailers or shipping containers.
48699 Seeds Ecocert Bulk seeds
Description : We are the Cultivator, Processor and Exporter of Certified Organic products and offer a wide range of Certified Organic Products in countries worldwide. At the heart of ORGANIC INDIA is our commitment to promote holistic sustainable development for all beings through organic agriculture.

We are having largest organic certified farmer base spread throughout the country and are able to grow almost every crop, grown in the country, on commercial scales. We are able to cultivate process and pack the products as per buyer’s specific requirements.

Our facilities and processing centers have been awarded ISO 9000, SQF, HACCP, GMP, Kosher certifications and comply with EEC2092/91, NOP/USDA regulations. Our Certification agencies are SGS, Skal International and Ecocert.

We are currently exporting our products to USA, Canada, Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, and Sweden), U.K, Japan, Australia, Israel, and South Africa to name a few.

Our Organic products are:

1. Edible seeds, Oilseeds and other commodities –
A) Castor Oil (Pale Pressed, Cold Pressed)
B) Chicory Cubes ( Roasted & unroasted Cubes)
C) Psyllium Husk
D) Sesame Seed (Black, Brown, Natural, Hulled)
E) Mustard,( Black, Yellow)
F) Senna (Pod, Leaf)
G) Flax Seed
48658 Seeds Ecocert Retail seeds
Description : comestible flowers, and aromates
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