IFOAM Organics Europe

IFOAM Organics Europe's 2024 work programme aims to advance the key role of EU organic farming to accomplish the Union's environmental and climate objectives set out in the European Green Deal and promoted by the LIFE programme. The SGA 2024 will respond to the current challenges (2024 European elections, food security issue linked to the war in Ukraine) & elevate the engagement of the organic movement in the policy debate, to safeguard EGD, Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies objectives.

IFOAM OE aims to increase the contribution of the agri-sector to transform the EU into a sustainable, circular, toxic-free, fair and prosperous society, with no GHG net emissions in 2050, and to protect and enhance the EU's natural capital, especially EU soil through organic practices that decrease pollution, increase carbon sequestration capacity and prevent soil degradation, in line with the Zero Pollution & Circular Economy Action Plans.

Aligning with the FPA action plan, the WP 2024 expects to achieve its objectives through: Increased cooperation with civil society; Communication with policymakers and stakeholders; Capacity building of the organic movement (+200 members); Ensuing better policies for organic in the EU.

IFOAM OE’s SGA 2024 will contribute with its Work Packages:

WP1:Internal strategy review, raise financial capacity, enhance governance & staff commitment, refine organic narratives
WP2: Advocacy, coordination and communication on climate action, biodiversity, soil health
WP3: Strong vision of the organic movement in next CAP and monitoring OAP for bio-districts expansion
WP4: Advocacy and communication on biodiversity & GMO-free organic agriculture, promote agrobiodiversity
WP5: Advocacy on SUR to effectively reduce synthetic pesticides and facilitate use of natural substances