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Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description : Export Spices , Seeds and Herbs
Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description : Indian ‘Red chilli’ used as a spice in mostly all vegetables and curries for a hot flavor
Herbs, spices & condiments
Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : Dear Sir or Madam:
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Abdelrahman Shalaby Import &Export Manager in Valley Herbs for import and export (S.A.E). We would like to take the time to introduce our company to you. We have been in business for more than Seven years under Al Fares for export (LLC) and we have opened Valley Herbs for import and export (S.A.E) as a new company by more liabilities and obligations. We are experts in export wide range of herbs, spices and vegetables .We grow both of organic and conventional products .Our organic products are supervised by Egyptian Centre of Organic Agriculture ECOA.We depend on our farms with great team of professionals in growing herbs and spices so we can offer the best quality of products with suitable prices.
We are regularly Selling: hibiscus, chamomile, calendula, lemon grass, marjuram, spermint, pepermint, cumin, black cumin,Black Cumin Seeds
Black Pepper ,Celery ,Coriander seeds , Dill Seeds
Fennel Seeds , Fenugreek Seeds ,Sesame ,Caraway seeds
Anise seeds ,Sunflower seeds
Just you have a small inquiry or need a quotation for any product, you contact us and we promise you that you will be completely satisfied .
Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description : Product (all certified organic)

Bay Leaf
Cardamom Powder
Chilli Powder LH (Low Heat)
Chilli Powder MH (Medium Heat)
Chilly Low Heat
Chilly Medium Heat
Black Pepper Powder
Black Pepper Whole
Cinnamon Powder
Coriander Dry Seeds
Coriander Powder
Cumin Powder
Cumin or Jeera
Fennel Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds
Horse Gram
Black Pepper
Black Pepper Powder
Cumin Seed
Cumin Powder
Fennel Seed
Fenugreek Powder
Black Cumin (Kalongi)
Mustard Black
Mustard Yellow
Sesame Seed - Black
Sesame seed - White
Red Chilli Whole Desi Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli Flakes Desi Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli Powder Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli whole Mathania Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli Flakes Mathania Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli Powder Mathania Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli whole (Guntur Variety) Having heat units of 40,000 to 45,000
Red Chilli Flakes (Guntur Variety) Having heat units of 40,000 to 45,000
Red Chilli powder (Guntur Variety) Having heat units of 40,000 to 45,000
Chilli Whole (Byadgi Chilli- Having heat units of 10,000 to 12000)
Chilli Flakes (Byadgi Chilli- Having heat units of 10,000 to 12000)
Chilli Flakes (Byadgi Chilli- Having heat units of 10,000 to 12000)
Red Chilli Desi Whole Having heat units of 30,000 to 35000)
Red Chilli Desi Flakes Having heat units of 30,000 to 35000)
Red Chilli Desi Powder Having heat units of 30,000 to 35000)
Naga chilli Having heat units of 1000000)
Naga chilli Flakes Having heat units of 1000000)
Naga chilli Powder Having heat units of 1000000)
Coriander Whole
Coriander Split
Coriander Powder
Coriander Leaves
Coriander Leaves Powder
Flax Seed
Turmeric Powder 2% - 3%
Turmeric Powder 4% - 5.5%
Turmeric Powder 6% - 8%
Ginger Powder
Vanilla Beans 18cm/14-16cm
Dry Ginger TBC Cut
Dry Ginger Powder
Black Cardimom
Green Cardimom
Kasuri Methi Crushed
Garlic Powder
Dry Mint Leaves with Dandi
Dry Mint Leaves without Dandi
Mint Leaves Powder With Dandi
Mint Leaves Powder Without Dandi
Clove Whole
Clove Powder
Cinnamom whole
Cinnamom Powder
Nutmeg Powder
Curry Leaves Crushed
Cinnamon Sticks
Bayleaf whole
Cinnamon Powder
Mace Whole
White Pepper Whole
White Pepper Powder
Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description : Premium quality Organic Spices of NER

Assam Pepper : Wild Assam pepper or Piper mullesua is a native variety of long pepper grown in the Northeast region of India. The size of the peppercorn resembles berries like Blackberry. It is wildly collected from the tropical forests of the region. These are climbers and grow in bunches. Its aroma is earthy & woody. The taste of the spice is subtle yet complex, and takes time to develop, with a slight zingy tang and mild numbness.

Bird Eye Chilli : Mizo Bird Eye Chilli is a GI product from Mizoram. Bird Eye chillies are very small in size, with upto 2 cm in length. They have a distict aroma and fruity flavour. It has a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) of around 50,000 - 100,000 units, used to measure the hottness of a chilli.

Black Pepper : Black pepper from the hills of Northeast India. The corns of black pepper from Northeast India are medium in size, but are spicier in taste. We can supply naturally cultivated pepper corns, including Black pepper as well as white pepper.

Cinnamon : Himalayan Cinnamon is primarily Cinnamomum cassia which is different from Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum). All properties being same, Himalayan cinnamon's bark are thicker in size as compared to Ceylon Cinnamon. We can supply Himalayan Cinnamon from the forests of Assam, India. Since it is a forest product, we take utmost care that it is ethically procured without hampering the forest ecosystem.

Ginger : Northeast is one of the largest producer of Ginger in India. We can supply ginger in raw or dried form. Ginger variety that we can supply included Nadia as well as Assam Karbi Anglong Ginger (with Geographical Indication tag). The rhizome size varies from 30 inches to about 10 inches depending on the variety. Nadia is low on fiber and Karbi Anglong variety is high on oleoresin. Local variety of ginger with very high oil content and Gingerol is also available.

Lakadong Turmeric : Lakadong variety of Turmeric has over 7% curcumin, with mother rhizomes reaching as high as 13%. Test report available on request. It is primarily cultivated in the Jantia Hills of Meghalaya, with GI (applied for). We can supply the turmeric in raw as well as dry slices and/or Powder form. We are working with Women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in Meghalaya to procure fairly traded Lakadong turmeric.

Large Cardamom : Large cardamom is primarily cultivated in the Sub-Himalayan region of North Eastern India, Nepal and Bhutan. It is used as a flavourant in Indian, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. Large Cardamom is believed to be beneficial for Gastro-Intestinal, Respiratory and Cardiovascular health. It is also considered a good detoxifier and has anti-carcinogenic properties. Large cardamom or Black cardamom is bigger in size as compared to Yellow/Green cardamom. We can supply Large cardamom from the states of Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

Long Pepper : Long Pepper or Pippali (Piper longum) from Meghalaya. Long pepper is an important medicinal spice and is a common ingredient in many medicines of Ayurveda. Indian long pepper is used for gastrointestinal problems, lung problems, arthritis, problems during menstruation, and many other ailments.

Naga King Chilli : Naga King Chilli is a GI (Geographical Indication) crop of Nagaland. We can supply sun dried/oven dried/smoke dried Naga King Chilli with GI tag as well as Assam Bhot Jolokia or Manipuri Umorok. The major difference between the varieties is the pod size, and the cultivation area. Naga King Chilli pods are larger in size with an average length of 2 inches, and in cultivated in the hills, while Assam Bhot Jolokia is cultivated in the plains. Average SHU for both the variety is over 800,000 units.

Sichuan Pepper : Sichuan pepper is the main ingredient in Szechwan sauce. It belongs to the genus Zanthoxylum and has a lemony overtone. It is a known product in Ayurveda, and is called Triphal in Hindi. When chewed, it creates a tingly numbness in the mouth. Apart from being a prominant ingredient in five-spices, it is also very good for dental hygine, and is a key ingredient in Natural and Ayurvedic tooth-pastes.

Turmeric : Certified organic turmeric from the Himalayan foothills of Northeast India. We can supply organic turmeric (Megha-R1 variety) with upto 5% curcumin. Curcumin content is estimated using HPLC. We can supply turmeric in the form of raw as well as flakes/dry slices or powder.

Contact us for details.
Herbs, spices & condiments
Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : Meghalaya is known for producing some of the best
quality black pepper in the country. Black pepper
grown in this region are hotter than those grown in
rest of the country. It has stronger aroma and more
Available during : November - March
Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description : Sourced from hilly regions of Meghalaya, Manipur,
Sikkim, and Assam our turmeric range are naturally
grown without any chemical intervention. Our
farmers mostly grow Megha and Lakadong varieties
which have high curcumin content.
Available during : November - March
Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description : The company’s basic philosophy identifying and selling to reputable suppliers in the world for products that in many countries as A grade materials are considered.
We are proud of having a small family, we can offer the best quality and service to all people of the world .
We can supply saffron excellent condition
,it would be great if you can inform me about kind
and amount that you need then I'll suggest you the best
With kind regards
Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description : We are the largest processor and exporter of Organic Herbs, Spices. We have our own ICS and certified fields with more than 14,000 contracted farmers.

We can also supply you following products as an ingredients, which kindly note.

We are processor and manufacture of following Organic Products :

1. Organic Herbs & Spices, Extracts
2. Organic Cold Pressed & Essential Oils
3. Organic glycerin – Soy Glycerin, Non Soy Glycerin
4. Organic Sun flower & Soy Lecithin,
5. Organic Corn starch
6. Organic Natural food color – Annatto, Beetroot, Turmeric
7. Organic Protein – Psyllium, Sesame, Flax
8. Organic Herbal Dietary Supplements in Tablets and Capsules

You may please find attached PRODUCT CATALOGUE for your reference.

Looking forward to initiate healthy and long term business relationship with your esteemed organization.
Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description : Suminter India Organics produces high-quality natural, organic ingredients and materials in socially responsible, environmentally sustainable conditions. We work closely with over 80,000 farmers to grow, harvest and process organic goods with the fairest and most ethical practices. We strive for excellence in everything we do, from sourcing to delivering the purest non-GMO products worldwide.
Herbs, spices & condiments
Sri Lanka
Spices, peppers
Description : Organic Chili Powder

Our certified organic spices are grown and harvested from the organic forest gardens of Sri Lanka by a large network of small farmers. The produce is carefully handpicked, prepared and packed to meet the highest international organic standards. No chemical No GMO Certified organic Made from fresh
Herbs, spices & condiments
United Kingdom
Spices, peppers
Description : The brothers Amar and Anand Dani turned Amar's hobby in organic foods into a family business. From a start-up in 2006 the company has since grown into a global business with Anand heading the USA and South American markets and Amar concentrating on Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Herbs, spices & condiments
Great Britain (UK)
Spices, peppers
Description : Organic All Spices Jamaican Pepper
Organic Anise Seeds
Organic CarawaySeeds
Organic Cardamom Pods(Whole LLG1)
Organic Cardamom Powder
Organic Cardamom Tea Bag Cut
Organic Celery Seeds
Organic Cinnamon Sticks
Organic Cinamon Powder
Organic Cinnmon Tea Bag Cut)
Organic Cloves(Whole)
Organic Cloves(Powder)
Organic Cloves(Tea Bag Cut)
Organic Coriander Seeds
Organic Cracked Coriander
Organic Coriander Powder
Organic Cumin Seeds
Organic Cumin Powder
Organic Black Cumin Seeds
Organic Curry Leaves Whole
Organic Curry Powder
Organic Ginger - Whole
Organic Ginger - Dried Slices
Organic Ginger - Powder
Organic Ginger Tea Bag Cut
Organic Fennel Seeds
Organic Fenugreek Seeds
Organic Garlic Whole Spices
Organic Garlic Granules
Organic Garlic Powder
Organic Gotukola Whole
Organic Gotukola Powder
Organic Gotukola Tea Bag Cut
Organic Paprika
Organic Smoked Paprika
Organic Lemon Grass Whole
Organic Lemon Grass Powder
Organic Lemon Grass Tea bag Cut
Organic Mace Whole
Organic Mace Powder
Organic Mace Tea Bag Cut
Organic Mustard Powder
Organic Nutmeg Whole
Organic Nutmeg Whole De Shelled
Organic Nutmeg Whole Shell
Organic Nutmeg Powder
Organic Nutmeg Tea Bag Cut
Organic Paprika Green
Organic Poppy Seeds
Organic Safron
Organic Sweet Paprika
Organic Tamarind Whole
Organic Tamarind Paste
Organic Turmeric Whole
Organic Turmeric Powder
Organic Turmeric Slices
Organic Turmeric Tea Bag Cut
Organic Vanilla Whole
Organic Vanilla Powder
Organic Vanilla Tea Bag Cut
Herbs, spices & condiments
Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : we are producer supplier of certified organic herbs and spices from India.
Herbs, spices & condiments
Ivory Coast
Spices, peppers
Description : We sell MELEGUETTA PEPPER OR Aframomum melegueta from ivory coast, west africa.
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