CCOF Launches Organic Certification for the 21 Century with; New MyCCOF Management Tool

(January 4, 2011) Santa Cruz, CA – CCOF, one of the country's oldest and largest organic certification agencies, has released a new client-wide online organic certification management tool, MyCCOF. MyCCOF is the first service of its kind and will revolutionize how CCOF conducts organic certification and works with clients.

CCOF has long been a leader and innovator in organic certification. This new service highlights CCOF's ongoing strategy of using the best available technology; coupling online certification forms and the European data management software Ecert, from Intact.

CCOF clients may now use MyCCOF to monitor their certification and renewals, access key documents, and track the inspection and certification process. They can also monitor their account status and submit payments online. Clients are able to maintain operations and program enrollment and view promotional operation information stored by CCOF, including sales method and company statements. MyCCOF will reduce client paperwork and mailings, an approach CCOF is taking to become a more sustainable certifier. Online certification access through MyCCOF will be free for all certified clients, who can access their account by requesting login credentials on CCOF's website. More services and improvements are expected in the second half of 2011, and clients will continue to see expanded services throughout the development of this software.

CCOF inspectors have been using MyCCOF for over a year to manage assignments, access documents, and upload inspection reports. This official launch of MyCCOF expands inspectors' access to information and allows them to review the full CCOF client database record for clients they are inspecting. This online access to information will help the inspectors perform better inspections, save time, and improve the certification process.

CCOF, a long time innovator in organic certification, is the first organic certifier in North America to implement an online certification management tool client wide. "MyCCOF is a critical step in CCOF's overall strategy to modernize the certification process," says Jake Lewin, CCOF Chief Certification Officer. "It makes certification easier and puts more tools and information at the fingertips of our entire client base." MyCCOF has been a key CCOF project in 2010 as CCOF used Ecert, to build the online tool. "CCOF is more effective, efficient, and successful. We are extremely proud of our close working relationship with Intact, our development partner," says Lewin. "The Ecert system has allowed us to provide this new customer service benefit to our clients."

About CCOF

CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1973 and is one of the nation’s oldest and largest third-party organic certifying agencies. CCOF certifies, educates, advocates and promotes organic through:

• A premier organic certification program for growers, processors, handlers, and retailers.
• Programs to increase awareness of and demand for certified organic product and to expand public support for organic agriculture.
• Advocacy for governmental policies that protect and encourage organic agriculture.

CCOF certifies more than 2,383 organic operations in 33 states and three foreign countries and serves over 350 supporting members - consumers, suppliers, businesses and individuals - interested in supporting its work.

About Intact

EXPERT IN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS- As an expert in quality management systems, Intact supports its clients with cutting-edge software solutions at all levels from quality production to audit management and traceability. Intact experts have years of practical experience in certification and the food industry, and are there to give comprehensive strategic support to their clients. Intact's outstanding software development standard is attested to by certification to EN ISO 9001:2008 – but more importantly by its clients.

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