Congress Green New Deal

The congress “Green New Deal” in Madrid offers an interesting programme with high level speakers now confirmed.

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Now is the ideal opportunity for redirecting EU food and farming policies and securing commitment to an urgently needed smart and inclusive Green New Deal. The EU long term biodiversity 2050 vision and the 2020 target for the protection of biodiversity must be implemented with ambition, particularly in the wake of failure to meet the 2010 Biodiversity target and with 2010 being the UN’s Year of Biodiversity. Farming methods to maintain a diversity of wild species on farmland as well as agro-biodiversity play a key role both in halting the loss of biodiversity and securing future food resources. Also climate change requires serious commitments and implementation steps following the UN climate conference in Copenhagen. The food sector causes part of the climate problem, but bears a high potential for solutions – therefore, incentives must be set to develop and implement best practices for the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. Moreover, EU budget negotiations for 2014-2020 are starting now and will set the framework for future EU policy adjustments.

The European Organic Congress in Madrid will demonstrate the capacity of the organic sector both to contribute to EU sustainable development strategies and to reinvigorate the European food sector, enhancing competitiveness and creating jobs. It will also discuss the policy changes necessary to achieve sustainability in the food sector, starting with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP): The CAP provides central tools to shape farming to meet future challenges!

High time to go to Madrid – you can register here:,_Madrid/Registration_EN-ES.aspx



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