IFOAM present at Taiwan's 2006 International Organic Fashion and Lifestyle Exposition

Bonn, Germany, August 24th 2006

- Today, in the Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan, the International Organic Fashion and Lifestyle Exposition opened. The exposition hall, containing an outburst of organics, will have its doors open for this ground breaking event until Sunday August 27th.

It is the first comprehensive organic exhibition representing all of Taiwan. Taiwan's renowned organic retailers, importers, and producers have come together to promote a new lifestyle of health and sustainability. They are pioneering Taiwan's organic industry into the 21st century and creating business opportunities all over Taiwan.

In 2005, Taiwan consumed an estimated US$60 million in organic food products alone - 30 million of this comes from imported goods.

Not only Taiwanese, but over 1000 international companies from over 100 countries are expected to participate. With international symposiums and international exhibitors, Taiwan's organic business will be energized to reach Taiwan's great potential.

Brendan Hoare, an IFOAM World Board member, will be present at the trade fair, noting "Globally, awareness is emerging of the importance of the relationship between soil, food and people. Organics is an ancient expression of this knowing, and the social activity of trading in goods, services and ideas are part of the humanness and culture of food Organics celebrates. Here at the expo you can experience how Organics celebrates our diversity, the pride of cultures and their relationship with the Earth. We are all conscious of how strained this relationship is. The state of our global environment leaves us no time to be complacent and we should remember that Organics is far deeper than food and fiber; it is about a way of life."

For more information visit: www.lohas-city.com

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