Think global - act local

Our office in Macedonia has an important part to play in implementing our programmes and projects locally. Our employee there coordinates all our activities, organizes workshops and prepares for trade missions. She also supports our Zurich-based project managers by helping to select companies for the individual programmes. The Ministry of Economy and the national chamber of commerce also assist us in our work.
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Coffee event of the year in Berne

Coffee is one of the world's most important commodities and is still enjoyed as much as ever by consumers in the industrialized countries. The "World of Coffee" event brought together industry specialists, food and drink experts and producers from all corners of the globe. Workshops and lectures on all aspects of coffee were given alongside the exhibition itself. SIPPO supported several specially chosen coffee producers from Peru, Ecuador and Indonesia at "World of Coffee".
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Garden furniture made of bamboo

A situational analysis in Ghana has shown that bamboo and rattan products are indeed a genuine alternative to wood, and the Ghanaian government recently approved a programme to promote the use of such non-wood forest products. Since bamboo and rattan have many different applications in crafts and industry, we at SIPPO intend to give special consideration to firms using these two materials when we are selecting participants for our garden furniture programme.
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Wooden products instead of sawn timber

SIPPO and a university of applied science helped various Ghanaian timber companies to make the switch. Participants in the SIPPO programme were assisted by an engineering student over a period of several months. This arrangement boosted the firms' competitiveness while giving the student useful practical experience and allowing him to gain an insight into a foreign culture.
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SECO news: Promotion of the sustainable cultivation of agricultural produce

SECO is committed to promoting niche products that are manufactured in developing countries in compliance with certain minimum social and environmental standards. One of the projects it supports is the establishment of a "Common Code for the Coffee Community". A public-private partnership is being set up to make the trading, production and processing of “mainstream” coffee more sustainable.
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Trade fair calendar for SIPPO joint stands

CPD, International Trade Fair for Women’s Wear and Accessories, Düsseldorf
23 - 25 July 2006

Tendence Lifestyle, International Trade Fair for Consumer Goods, Frankfurt
25 - 29 August 2006

Spoga, International Trade Fair for Sport, Camping and Garden Lifestyle, Cologne
3 - 5 September 2006

All other events can be found on SIPPO’s website: