Volume 3, No. 3 - June 2006


  1. Take Action in response to the Africa Fertilizer Summit
  2. Register for the 1st IFOAM International Conference on Animals in Organic Production
  3. Reserve the Dates: the 1st IFOAM International Conference on Organic Certification
  4. Invitation to tender: IFOAM study on local marketing cases in Africa
  5. Invitation to tender: Elaboration of a training module on women in organic agriculture
  6. IFOAM is calling for nominations to the IFOAM Criteria Committee
  7. Take advantage of the Internet Training Platform
  8. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Seeks Data on Role of Pasture in Organic Dairy for Pre-Rulemaking Process
  9. Vienna Declaration for a GMO Free Europe
  10. Affiliate Fee Reminder
  11. Membership benefits on the IFOAM Intranet
  12. IFOAM Calendar of Events
Public Events of IFOAM members

  1. Call for papers for the 2nd International Symposium on Organic Viticulture: regulations for organic enology
  2. Curso-taller Diagnóstico y Planificación de fincas en transición a la agricultura orgánica
1. Take Action in response to the Africa Fertilizer Summit

IFOAM is deeply concerned about the upcoming Africa Fertilizer Summit that will take place from June 9-13 in Abuja, Nigeria.

This high-level meeting is being organized by the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) with the goal of “rapidly increasing” chemical and synthetic fertilizer use in Africa and creating an action plan for doing so.

IFOAM by no means underestimates the current problems in agriculture on the African Continent. However, the problems cannot be solved with the same kind of thinking that created them.

In response to the Summit, IFOAM will issue a press release calling attention Organic Agriculture as the alternative model for agricultural development in Africa.

As the goals of this summit are contrary to the Principles of Organic Agriculture, IFOAM has deemed it necessary to focus public attention on the inherent dangers of adopting chemically intensive agricultural approaches at this critical juncture of oil dependency and to highlight the ecological, social and economic benefits of organic agriculture.

IFOAM encourages IFOAM affiliates to take action against the increased use of chemical fertilizers in Africa and to support Organic Agriculture as the sustainable alternative.

We have created a sample letter to your Ministry of Agriculture and a press release that you may use and adapt to your particular circumstances.

Sample Letter to Ministry of Agriculture (Commissioner of Agriculture)

Sample Press Release

For more detailed information, including background information and related leaflets, visit:

On June 28th, in conjunction with the IFOAM Executive Board meeting, an organic event will take place in Thiès, Senegal. An invitation has been extended to those attending the Africa Fertilizer Summit, like Jacques Diouf from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, and Jimmy Carter, as well as to journalists

The event will show that organic agriculture - based on the Principles of Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care – can provide a contribution in solving our agricultural problems by creating food security and development. Organic Agriculture puts the farmers and practitioners at the center of the farming strategy, instead of external inputs, restoring a decision-making role to our local communities, guaranteeing our right to control our own resources and engaging our active participation in a value added food chain. Organic agriculture is knowledge intensive, rather than capital and resource-intensive, and builds on our rich traditional knowledge.

For more information contact:

Louise Luttikhholt
Strategic Relations Manager
Email: l.luttkiholt@ifoam.org


Mr. Chido Makunike
Africa Organic Service Center
B.P. 45603 Fann
Dakar, Senegal
Tel/Fax : 221-867-4021
Email: c.makunike@ifoam.org

2. Register for the 1st IFOAM International Conference on Animals in Organic Production

University of Minnesota Continuing Education and Conference Center, St. Paul, MN, USA
August 23rd- 25th 2006

Keynote Speakers
  • Fred Kirschenmann, Senior Fellow, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Dr. Temple Grandin, Associate Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University
  • Dr. Mette Vaarst, Project Coordinator of SAFO, Senior Scientist at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (DIAS)
  • Dr. David Wallinga, Director, Food and Health Program, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Main objectives of the conference
  • Identification of best practices in organic livestock production and marketing
  • Advancement of animal health and welfare in organic production systems
  • Facilitating trade in organic livestock products
Program Overview
The conference will include over 45 presentations from experts in organic animal production from throughout the world, covering issues such as health and food safety in organic livestock production systems, marketing trends, innovation in organic livestock production systems and livestock breeding strategies. Key figures from around the world will present the diversity of organic livestock systems, including opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

The conference tour will take place on August 23rd, and is included as part of the registration fee.? Participants will meet for a casual breakfast and welcome address at the University of Minnesota Continuing Education Center the morning of the 23rd, and will subsequently board buses to tour various organic animal production facilities in the Twin Cities area. The buses will go to different farm tours in the morning and afternoon, and all participants will meet at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (www.arboretum.umn.edu),? for a certified organic lunch. The Arboretum, a jewel of Minnesota, features spectacular annual and perennial display gardens, collections of plants developed for northern climates, natural and native areas, and demonstration gardens. The tour will end in late afternoon and leave enough time for participants to get freshened up for the conference dinner and opening ceremony.

The following two days will be a full program including plenary and parallel sessions and keynote speeches.? A keynote speech, a reception with organic wine, desserts and cheese, along with music by the Pheromones, will take place on the evening of the 24th.

Conference Registration

Registration Fees
200 Euros ($240) for IFOAM affiliates or 250 Euro ($300) for non-members

Online conference registration is available on the IFOAM website. A conference registration brochure is also available, and can be faxed to the IFOAM Head Office.

If you are planning on attending the conference, please register well in advance, as this helps IFOAM to plan catering services and make other arrangements. Please check the United States Visa Requirements for your country, and apply by June 15th if possible to ensure your entry into the country.

Conference Sponsors

Other Sponsors

Further Information
For further information about the conference contact Neil Sorensen,? Communications and Events Manager, at n.sorensen@ifoam.org

Program Coordinator
Jim Riddle
Coordinator for Organic Outreach
University of Minnesota
31762 Wiscoy Ridge Road
Winona, MN 55987
Ph/fax: 507-454-8310
Cell: 507-429-7959
Email: jriddle@hbci.com
3. Reserve the Dates: the 1st IFOAM International Conference on Organic Certification

November 15th-17th 2006
Rome, Italy

The burgeoning number of organic standards and the increasing complexity of organic certification necessitate broad stakeholder consultation to assess and define strategies for moving forward in a unified and systematic way, as many weighty issues face organic certification agencies and thus the organic sector as a whole. Accreditation to the ISO 65 General Requirements for Bodies Operating Product Certification Systems is becoming increasingly common for organic certification bodies.

The conference goal is to improve the performance of organic certification in promoting trade, upholding integrity and assuring consumers of organic products.

Main objectives of the conference
  • Foster dialogue among stakeholders involved in organic certification issues
  • Establish and reinforce networks
  • Set the future direction of organic certification and harmonization
Main issues
  • Inspection and certification techniques
  • GMOs and analysis
  • Small producer certification
  • Organic seed and inputs
  • Certification as a market instrument
  • Private and public partnerships
  • Facilitating organic trade and maintaining integrity
  • Improving inspection and certification systems
  • Certification - future perspectives

Target groups
  • Organic certification bodies worldwide, both governmental and private
  • Organic accreditation bodies, both governmental and private
  • Other governmental supervision and control bodies
  • Consultants
  • Like-minded organizations engaged in ecological and social labeling and certification

For further details about the conference, including opportunities for sponsorship, visit the IFOAM website at
www.ifoam.org or contact Gabriele Holtmann, g.holtmann@ifoam.org.
4. Invitation to tender: IFOAM study on local marketing cases in Africa

IFOAM is seeking a consultant to compile analytical case studies about different organic local marketing systems in Africa and provide detailed recommendations for each case. Offers must be submitted to IFOAM before the 14th of June 2006.

Complete information can be found at:

5. Invitation to tender: elaboration of a training module on women in organic agriculture

IFOAM is seeking a consultant to produce a training module on women in organic agriculture for its set of training manuals. Offers must be submitted to IFOAM before the 14th of June 2006.

Complete information can be found at:

6. IFOAM is calling for nominations to the IFOAM Criteria Committee

IFOAM is pleased to announce an opportunity to participate in the IFOAM leadership structure.

The IFOAM World Board calls for nominations for one new member of the IFOAM Criteria Committee (CC).? The purpose of calling for nominations is to replace Mwatima Juma, who was elected to the World Board in September, 2005.?

For complete information, please see the Call for Nominations on the IFOAM website at:

7. Take advantage of the Internet Training Platform

Visit the IFOAM Organic Training Platform at http://www.ifoam.org/training.

All downloads are free for IFOAM affiliates.

You can host your training materials, announce training opportunities and list your organization in the Links & Addresses section (only for organizations active in training and extension) of the Platform. These services are free of charge for IFOAM affiliates.

Please contact t.platform@ifoam.org for more detailed information.

8. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Seeks Data on Role of Pasture in Organic Dairy for Pre-Rulemaking Process

The USDA is seeking data and scientific literature that can inform their formulation of a proposed rule on the role of pasture in organic management of ruminant animals, particularly dairy animals. There are a number of specific questions seeking scientific information about ruminant animal nutrition from pasture, pasture management and animal health, consumer preferences, etc. IFOAM members are encouraged to submit comments. The deadline for comments is June 12.

Click here for the PDF of the guidelines for making comments

9. Vienna Declaration for a GMO Free Europe

The European Commission organized together with the Austrian Presidency of the Council the conference "Co-existence of genetically modified, conventional and organic crops – freedom of choice" which took place? on 4-6 April 2006 in Vienna, Austria.

The IFOAM EU Group urged the European Commission to take this event to be the start of a new EU policy that respects the wishes of the majority of European citizens and protect organic farming against any GM contamination.

In a broad coalition of environmental, beekeeper, conventional and organic farming organizations signed a common statement and supported the Vienna Declaration for a GMO Free Europe.

10. Affiliate Fee Reminder

IFOAM is a democratic not-for-profit organization, and appreciates your timely payment of fees to ensure our continued ability to implement our mission and goals.

If you have not yet paid your affiliate fees for 2006, please send it as soon as possible.

If you need assistance to determine your payment requirements or cannot find your invoice, please contact Gabriele Holtmann, Member Relations Coordinator (g.holtmann@ifoam.org), at your earliest possible convenience.

11. Membership benefits on the IFOAM Intranet

IFOAM is proud to offer various benefits to its affiliates. There are quite a number of tangible benefits either in the form of information or publications provided directly to you, advertisement opportunities exclusively for affiliates or price discounts on conferences and events, IFOAM publications and services offered by partners.

To learn more about and take advantage of the diverse benefits available to you, visit:

If you have any difficulties accessing the Intranet, contact intranet@ifoam.org

12. Calendar of Events

International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences (IAAS) World Congress 2006
July 16-August 6 2006

The 1st IFOAM International Conference on Animals in Organic Production
August 23-25 2006
Minnesota, United States

Taiwan's 2006 International Organic Fashion and Lifestyle Exposition
August 24-27 2006
Taipei, Taiwan

BioFach Japan
September 21-23 2006
Tokyo, Japan

BioFach America
October 5-7 2006
Baltimore, United States

BioFach America Latina
October 25-27 2006
Sao Paolo, Brazil

India Organic 2006
November 9-12 2006
Bangalore, India

The 1st IFOAM Conference on Organic Certification
November 15-17 2006
Rome, Italy

Middle East Natural & Organic Product Expo 2006
December 10-12 2006
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

1. Call for papers for the 2nd International Symposium on Organic Viticulture: regulations for organic enology

The German organic winegrowers association (ECOVIN) and the German Winegrowers Association (DWV) are jointly organising the 2nd International Symposium on Organic Viticulture during INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA 2007 on April 24, 2007 in Stuttgart/Germany.

  1. National and international standards
  2. Standards of organic associations
  3. Research activities
  4. Interface vineyard / cellar
  5. 5. Reports and practical experiences
Scientists and experts are invited to submit their proposals for oral presentations regarding the aforementioned themes (15 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion). Final date for receipt of abstracts isAugust 15, 2006.

Submitted abstracts (in German, English or French) should not exceed 300 words. Please also provide the following information when submitting the abstract:
  • Topic area;
  • Title;
  • First name, surname; Company/ Organisation;
  • Address with phone and fax number; E-mail.
The organizing committee will examine the proposals and inform the speakers by the end of October 2006.

Chosen authors are requested to submit their complete manuscript by January 31, 2007 in order to include them in the proceedings. Further specifications will be given by the DWV.

Please send your proposals to: cveltz@dwv-online.de

For more information visit: www.intervitis-interfructa.de

Head Office Contact Information
Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. 5
53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: +49-228-92650-10
Fax: +49-228-92650-99
Email: headoffice@ifoam.org