BioFach globally: Successful on three continents

The world organic market exceeded the 30-billion-dollar mark last year, estimates industry expert Amarjit Sahota of the British corporate consultant Organic Monitor. Over two billion dollars growth compared with the year before shows how dynamically the organic industry is growing throughout the world. North America and Europe still boast the highest growth rates, but more and more governments all over the world are discovering organic agriculture as a chance to develop the agricultural sector for the future and get to grips with environmental and social problems. The increasing interest of trade and consumers, especially in Asia and Latin America, also contributes to significant growth of the organic market. Nürnberg Global Fairs holds a considerable interest in the development of organic markets. The NürnbergMesse subsidiary is active in North and South America and in Japan. Since 2005, it has also been involved in China, where the first BioFach China takes place in Shangh! ai in December 2006.

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