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88560 Products for organic farming Other India Fertilizers 2018-12-31 2016-10-19
Description : Arbuscular Mycorrhiza 3000 IP/gm

Mycozone is a bio fertilizer useful in all crops. It induces crop roots rigorously, mobilizes nutrients and restores moisture through its vast network of Arbuscules and Vesicles. It lowers trans-planting shocks, imparts plant metabolic activities, reduces fertilizer dependence, reduces pesticide dependence and reclaims adverse soils. It is an active connection between roots and soil and environmentally compatible solution for plant growth and higher yield. Mycozone is an environment friendly input, reduces the need of chemical fertilizers. It is recommended to maintain soil fertility and to improve soil texture. It works well in water stressed condition also. Mycozone is a TERI-DBT know how product.
Mycozone is a product based on Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza. 1gm of Mycozone is a 3000 Infective Propagules. 100 gm of Mycozone delivers 3 lakhs propagules. Mycozone at 100 gm per acre is an ideal practice. It is useful in all the crops. While applying, bury Mycozone a little deeper in the soil rhizosphere and get rigorous rooting network and nutrient uptake. Mycozone takes challenge of nutrient storage and nutrient mobilization through its vast network of Arbuscules and Vesicles. Arbuscules are meant for nutrient mobilization and the Vesicles are for nutrient storage. Chlamydospores and Vesicles are again the sexual stages of Mycorrhiza network in the soil rhizosphere. Mycozone hyphae and spores are the extended arms of crops' roots. These extended arms drag the nutrients from the far ends, well deeps and surroundings.
Mycozone conserves soil moisture thereby surviving plants in a water deficient time. It stores nutrients thereby surviving plants in a nutrient deficient time, lowers transplanting shocks, imparts plant metabolic activities, reduces fertilizer dependence, reduces pesticide dependence and reclaims adverse soils. It takes a few nutrients from the plant, but in return, it gives plenty of nutrients back to the crops. It is an active connection between roots and soil and environmentally compatible solution for plant growth and higher yield.
MYCOZONE is a consortium of multi-strain Mycorrhiza, Glomus intraradices , with 2 years shelf life which is one of the highest in the industries active in Mycorrhiza development.
56597 Products for organic farming Other Bulgaria Fertilizers 2018-03-10 2016-10-11
  Description : "Black gold" BLACK GOLD - BLG / vermikompost, lumbrikompost, organic fertilizer, bio fertilizer, manure produced using California red worms /
BLG1 - pellet size - 4 - 6 mm - for greenhouses, production of seedlings, fertilization of indoor flowers, etc.. 50 liters.
BLG2 - pellet size - 10 - 12 mm - for permanent crops, lawns, and other cereals. 50 liters.

Packaging - 50 liters or negotiation.

Price per pack BLG1 - 24,90 Euro without VAT per contract up to 1000 liters.
Price per pack BLG2 - 19,90 Euro without VAT per contract up to 1000 liters.

Price per pack BLG1 - 17,00 euro excluding VAT for orders over 1000 liters.

Price per pack BLG2 - 15,00 euro excluding VAT for orders over 1000 liters.

Price does not include transportation. /
Request: take time from 3 to 10 days to prepare the product and packaging. Advance payment of 30 to 50% / depending on the quantity /. The remainder is paid on the day of shipment. Product is accompanied by a certified copy of the Analysis of CENTRAL LABORATORY TESTS FOR CHEMICAL AND CONTROL
70508 Products for organic farming Other Turkey Fertilizers 2018-08-10 2016-10-11
  Description : Bat guano is abtained from thoroughly natural substances and therefore it should not be mixed with other organic fertilizing substances.

-Protects and improves physical structure of soil.

-Improves root development of herbs, increases productivity.

-It thickens root tips, apparently affects the leaves and flower petals.

-Increases product quality.

-Ensures 10-15 days earliness with crop.

-Enriches soil since it includes many micro and macro nutrients.

-does not pollute the soil which was previously polluted with chemicals, agricultural chemicals and heavy metals.

-Decreases the need for other fertilizers.

-Decreases the need of irrigation by enhancing water keeping capacity of soil.

-Facilitates tempering of soil by enhancing aeration capability of soil...

-Accelerated the development of herbs.

-Plays role in the conglomeratio of the grains on the soil surface,prevents erosion thanks to its featura.

-Prevents formation of rigid layers on soil surface..

-plays role on the establishment of biological balance by taking the microorganismis in soil to suitable levels.

-Prevents growth of bacteria leading disease in herbs.

-It displays no risk for health. No problem will ocur in case of any physical contact.

-Excessive use of bat guano has no negative effect on the soil and no toxic effect on herbs.
63507 Products for organic farming Ceres Bulgaria Fertilizers 2018-12-31 2016-10-11
  Description : Physico-chemical and biological analysis Certificated BG-BIO-04
dry matter/ >25%
humidity/ >45% - 60%
organic matter/ >55
pH 7-8,5
total N, on dry matter base/ <2%
total C/ 20 - 27
waterable N-NH4 natural humidity/<2 %/mg/kg
64235 Products for organic farming Other Guadeloupe (Fr.) Fertilizers 2018-02-10 2016-09-19
  Description : Le « BATGUANO» désigne le guano de chauves souris.
Le BATGUANO est un engrais qui peut être utilisé sur toutes les cultures, mais sa flore microbienne d’une grande richesse en fait un agent indispensable dans la restauration de la fertilité naturelle des sols.
Entièrement biologique, il présente une forte teneur en nutriments et en matières organiques ce qui en fait un fertilisant complet, puissant, écologique et économique.
Contrairement aux guanos d’autre volatiles, le BATGUANO n’a pas d’odeur.
Le BATGUANO se présente sous forme d’une fine poudre homogène (particules de moins de 3 millimètres).
Il est conditionné en Big Bag de 750 Kg, ou sacs de 25 Kg et se vend par unité de container 20’ et 40’.
67273 Products for organic farming Biokontroll Hungaria Közhasnu Tarsasag Slovenia Fertilizers 2018-01-31 2016-08-12
Description : Natur Biokal - organic fertilizers
66924 Products for organic farming Other Belgium Fertilizers 2018-12-12 2016-08-12
  Description : producer of organic based fertilizers
87377 Products for organic farming Other New Zealand Fertilizers 2018-12-31 2016-08-05
Description : About Us:

Green Trading is a NZ owned established business based on Auckland presenting a range of organic and BioGro certified products for PEOPLE, PLANTS AND PETS. We offer organic range of products for People, Plants and Pets. We do not just source products; we are involved and invest in the manufacturing and R&D process. Our operation and office that are onshore and offshore helps provide and maintain the quality of our products. Our products can be found in many organic stores including on our website.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to make our healthy living products accessible to the people that need them the most. We want to gift you the experience of a new lifestyle with our products.
The attached information includes product information and specification and wholesale price list.

Our Mantra:

Just like you we are trying to do our best to care for the planet and act responsibly – with every part of its process we are consciously choosing products and services that minimize impact on the environment and enhance the lives of people living with poverty. We are always looking for better ways of doing things and be a part of creating a better future and good living.
86970 Products for organic farming Other Indonesia Fertilizers 2018-07-08 2016-07-21
Description : We are a company that located in Indonesia and produce organic fertilizer without harmful chemical (pure organic) and we are here to represent our self as an exporter and also a manufacturer from Indonesia. Our products come in granular form and also liquid form. contact me at
86968 Products for organic farming Other Russia Fertilizers 2018-07-20 2016-07-21
Description : POTASSIUM/SODIUM HUMATE is highly effective organic fertilizer produced from best quality raw material.

POTASSIUM/SODIUM HUMATE  has benefits both for plants and soil: stimulates  plant growth, promotes root development, stimulates  germination and viability of seeds,  improves the soil structure, reduces nutrient loss, increases  microbiological activity of soil, reduces  pesticide  residue, prevents soil from contamination of heavy  metallic ions and other advantages.

Appearance: Paste form, Black colour, without odour

Moisture, %, not more:        80

Mass fraction of potassium (sodium) humate, (dry substance) not less than, %:  25


-       POTASSIUM/SODIUM HUMATE: increases the crop yield for 35-50%

-       POTASSIUM/SODIUM HUMATE: decreases the use of mineral fertilizers for 30-40%
76456 Products for organic farming Other Indonesia Fertilizers 2018-02-12 2016-07-06
Description : SOIL Improver to repair soil condition which contaminated and effected by nuclear radiation , multifunction to protect plant and livestock , applied in pre-plant and could be used together with chemical fertilizer. Our products are very safe for environment and user. Working for full organic plant and non organic plant and could be mixed up with chemical fertilizer as mentioned in attached file. We flexible to supply with OEM brand request and mix INGREDIENT and some specification. And ready to coordinate with your plantation team.
Another supporting product is Animal premix nutrition as we are also cooperate with Dutch consultant and partner.
86649 Products for organic farming Other Ukraine Fertilizers 2018-12-31 2016-06-15
  Description : EXZOL is an organic chlorine-free compound mineral fertilizer of plant origin. Potassium (K2O) is the main active ingredient constituting 24-34% of the compound. Plants take up potassium the most effectively in the form of carbonates (K2CO3) and sulphates (K2SO4). Phosphorus (P2O5) constitutes 26% of the compound.
EXZOL also contains other key macroelements: magnesium (MgO) 8-12%, calcium (CaO) 10-15%, sulphur (SO3) 8-16%; as well as microelements: iron (Fe 1340Â mg/kg), boron (B 1000Â mg/kg), zinc (Zn 900Â mg/kg), copper (Cu 240Â mg/kg), manganese (Mn 150Â mg/kg), chromium (Cr 6, 3Â mg/kg), molybdenum (Mo 1, 5Â mg/kg), cobalt (Co 0, 37Â mg/kg). All nutrients account for at least 70% of the compound. Sulphur, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus make plants stronger and help to prevent diseases. Due to its nutrient richness EXZOL can be used as a universal fertilizer for all crops and is suitable for all types of soil. EXZOL is especially efficient as a neutralizer for acidic types of soil. Moreover, it has a substantial impact for the next year.
EXZOL is authorized for use in organic farming due to lower quantities of toxic elements lead, cadmium, arsenic, fluorine as compared to quantities of these toxins in regular phosphatic fertilizers. Yet another significant advantage of EXZOL is that unlike many potassic fertilizers it is chlorine-free; therefore it could be used on crops sensitive to chlorine: potatoes, flax, vegetables, berries, fruit trees, etc.
In case soil lacks potassium and calcium plants begin rapidly take up their "substitutes": caesium and strontium. Furthermore, potassium deficiency increases soil acidity, which in turn makes plants to take up more radioactive elements. The use of EXZOL as a potassium-calcium fertilizer decreases the absorption of radioactive nuclides.
EXZOL is granulated fertilizer, packed into polyethylene bags of 2 and 5 kilos or polypropylene bags of 20 and 40 kilos. The size of granules is 12 mm (small fraction) and 3-6 mm (large fraction).
This fertilizer is authorized for ecologic farming due to its natural origin and unique patented production. It is authorized for use in organic production of agricultural products according to European Council Regulation (EEC) N° 2092/91 of 24 June 1991.
73586 Products for organic farming Other USA Fertilizers 2018-04-04 2016-04-25
Description : High phosphate rich fertilizer derived from crustaceans
66902 Products for organic farming Other Belgium Fertilizers 2018-06-30 2016-04-25
Description : Good morning,

May I inform you about a new organic fertilizer we have to offer?

These are the specifications of Happy FertiSoil®
Type of Product:100% organic fertilizer (organic matter of animal origin )

Positioning of product: ideal product for equilibrated agriculture. High concentration oÍ organic elements. Easily absorbed by soil,
Íimulates root formation. Will develop biodiversity in your soil.

Appearance: Granules of 4 mm, ideal for mechanical spreading.

Raw material: 0rganic origin, based on chicken manure. Without any input oÍ other animal raw materials.

Application: 1 à 2 ton/ha. Frequency depends on soil and culture.

Benefits of Product:
. Pasteurisation actording to european norm 1069/2009
. Source of humus
. homogeneous and stable thanks to very modern drying technology
. traceability thanks to controlled production.
. naturally oligo-elements present (Fe, Mn, Zn, (u, Mo, B)
. Stimulates activity of micro-organisms in soil

Precaution measures and conservation instructions: Keep dry. Special preservations conditions are not requested.
Non precarious product - Precaution measures are not needed,

Conditioning and Pricing
Bulk: 90€/Ton Ex Works
Big Bag: 100€/Ton Ex Works
Also available in small bags, price on demand

Agronomic values on raw product

Organic matter 71%
Dry matter 88%
Total Nitrogen 4.0%
Of wich organic (N) 3.4%
Phosphorus (P,0,) 3.l%
Potassium (K,0) 3.0%
Magnésium (1'lg0) 2%
Calcium (Ca0) 1%
Ratio C/N > l0

Benefits of organic fertilizing: Organic fertilizers ensure that the farms remain fertile for hundreds of years. Land in ancient civilizations such as
India and China are still fertile though agriculture has been practiced there since thousands of years there. The fertility is still maintained as organic fertilizers were used in the past. However, now with the increased usage of chemical fertilizers, land is rapidly becoming infertile forcing many farmers to further increase the chemical fertilizer inputs or leave farming.
70140 Products for organic farming Other Great Britain (UK) Fertilizers 2018-05-10 2016-04-06
  Description : Since the farm was founded in 1991, our staff has provided countless individuals and companies worldwide, with valuable information and a comprehensive line products to assist them in vermiculture, vermicomposting, horticulture and organic farming.

Our star workers are earthworms. From them, we use their castings in:

two bagged products, Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings and Barefoot Soil Deluxe Potting Mix, and
several bulk products available only onsite including:
Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings,
Earthworm Castings,
Perfect Blend (50% Barefoot Soil Earthworm Castings and 50% manure)
our hugely popular Deluxe Garden Blend (20% Barefoot Soil Eathworm Castings, 20% composted dairy manure and 60% topsoil),
and Worm Tea
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