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Offer N°CategoryCertificationOriginProductValidityDate offer
67233 Commodities Other Brazil Sugar 2019-01-20 2018-05-15
  Description : Organic Sugar
82677 Commodities Other Perou Coffee & substitutes 2019-02-15 2018-03-28
Description : -Cafe arabica
-Café Organico ( bio )
-Café Robusta
82687 Commodities Other Iran Tea 2020-02-10 2018-02-22
Description : 100% Organic Black Tea,
We don't just make organic tea, we grow them, we enjoy them and we cherish them.

Mixes with Organic Rose petals available upon your request,
We can provide it in Bulk quantities as well as with your own private label,

Drink with us.
83201 Commodities Other Colombia Coffee & substitutes 2019-02-15 2018-01-23
Description : cafe organico
71862 Commodities Other Madagascar Sugar 2020-11-02 2018-01-23
Description : Sucre biologique et complet.
Aucune transformation.

Produit équitable, certifié ECOCERT.
67756 Commodities Other Mexico Coffee & substitutes 2019-06-30 2018-01-18
  Description : Green coffee
Origen Chiapas

Arabica from Chiapas, 1200m above see level
European quality
American quality
"Prima lavado"
64237 Commodities Other India Sugar 2019-02-23 2018-01-10
Description : Organic raw Cane Sugar
93881 Commodities Other France Coffee & substitutes 2019-01-01 2017-12-11
Description : Distributeur de café colombien
93634 Commodities Other Perou Cocoa, chocolate 2019-12-12 2017-11-21
Description : We are a real Bin to Bar company producing chocolate Bars from diferent Origins.
Organic and Bio
79824 Commodities Naturand Verband Für Naturgemässen Landbau E.v. India Coffee & substitutes 2019-02-28 2017-11-06
Description : organic and fairtrade certified


cherry and parchment
92164 Commodities Other Myanmar Coffee & substitutes 2019-05-05 2017-08-25
Description : Karen coffee is nature product from Karen state of Myanmar. It is naturally grown on the deep slopes of mountain preserving rain forest and soil. Robusta is mainly grown and Arabica is grown very few percentage in this area. Karen coffee is farmed, roasted and grinded by the ethnic women group in the area and Sabanan makes packaging in Yangon as value add. It is the part of women empowerment program and support livelihood of Karen women in the area. Some percentage of net profit from Karen coffee will be shared to those women group for their empowerment program. This product will help over 20,000 peoples from 30 villiages of Than Daung Gyi villiage track area, Karen State, Union of Myanmar. Sabanan provide Green label for Robusta and Red label for Arabica. Coarse ground and Fine ground coffee are available for 100 g and 200g. Green bean for Export market. If you have interest to support ethnic women or to get natural organic products, please feel free to contact us
92114 Commodities Other Perou Coffee & substitutes 2019-01-01 2017-08-17
Description : Nous vendons du café Arabica certifié bio et commerce équitable, directement de l ágriculteur, sélectionné á 14 défauts, avec un rendement sur tasse de 84 á plus .

Nous avons une capacité de production pour justifier une demande abondante.

De même, nous vendons du café frais torrefié sur place traditionnellement pour différentes types de cafetiéres, pour boutiques spécialisées petit agriculteur, artisanale et cafétéria. Produit de marketing .
91935 Commodities Other Myanmar Coffee & substitutes 2018-12-31 2017-07-30
90445 Commodities Other Madagascar Coffee & substitutes 2018-12-31 2017-03-30
Description : Nous sommes collecteur et vendeur de fève de cacao, café Robusta et Arabica, vanille bourbon Made in Madagascar.
79880 Commodities Other India Coffee & substitutes 2018-01-05 2017-03-30
  Description : Organic Arabica Coffee Powder
Organics Robusta Coffee Powder
Organics Green Tea
Organic Black Tea
Organic Orange Pekoe
Organic Earl Grey
Organic Tulsi Tea
Organic Rose Tea
Organic Flavoured Teas
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