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74426 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
  Description : Dear/Dearest,
Green herb is proud to present you with its newest products.
Total Elimination
This dietary supplement was researched and produced by European Master Herbalists for Green Herb inc. to clean parasites and yeast out of the human body the natural, safe way.
Like elimination, eliminies cleanses children from parasites. Children are especially prone to intestinal parasites like pinworms, tapeworm, hookworms and threadworms. Eliminies includes a 30 day parasite elimination strategy.
Replenish Probiotics
A maximum strength whole food active probiotic for adults and children.
Green Herb Replenish uses a proprietary blend of 14 active probiotics.
72527 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
  Description : Ayurvedic herbs
72041 Dietetic & health foods Other Other dietetic & health foods
  Description : We offer a wide variety of eating options to suit all dietary requirements. Choose from hot or cold food, coffee carts and snacks, platters and buffets, formal dinners or BBQ’s, with full service and equipment available
71733 Dietetic & health foods Other Other dietetic & health foods
Description : NP Nutra produces a high quality Organic Amaranth seed powder made at our state of the art facility in South America.

Contact us for a sample and more information today.
71732 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
Description : NP Nutra produces a high quality Organic Maitake 4:1 extract sourced from the best growers and dried to maintain its nutritional qualities.

We also offer a full range of organic and superfruit ingredients manufactured at our facilities all over the world and stocked in our 26,000 square foot facility in the greater Los Angeles area.

Contact us for free samples and more product information today.
71731 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
Description :
NP Nutra offers a High Quality Kale Powder (Organic) and Kale Extract. Further products such as Kale Extract and Kale Juice Powder are available upon request.
71730 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
Description : Ashwaghanda, also known as Winter Cherry powder or Indian ginseng, is one of the most prominent of all Ayurvedic herbal preparations.

NP Nutra makes high quality Ashwagandha plant extracts standardized to varying amounts of withanolides. We also offer Ashwagandha root powder and whole root pieces. We welcome your inquiry. Contact us for product specs, samples and pricing. The product is usually in stock at our US facilities.
71729 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
Description : NP Nutra produces a certified organic Purple Corn powder which is produced at our state of the art facility in Peru and is free from any type of genetic modification. Upon request, we can produce other non-GMO Purple Corn products as well.

Hailing from the majestic Andes mountain region of Peru, Purple Corn was regarded as a sacred food in the pre-Columbian cultures of South America. And for good reason! Purple Corn is now considered a "superfood" in modern society due to its high anthocyanin content and free radical scavenging capabilities.
71728 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
Description : NP Nutra is now offering a highest quality certified organic Mesquite powder made from the pods.

The Mesquite tree may look intimidating with its twisted limbs and long thorns, but don't be scared off by this helpful tree! Mesquite has a delicious, caramel-like taste and is often used as a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour, or even as a sweetener!

A great source of dietary fiber, Mesquite also contains vital nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. Mesquite may help maintain blood sugar and blood pressure levels already within the normal range.

Mesquite powder is gluten-free, high in bioavailable protein, with a low glycemic index. This highly nutritious substance also contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, and is rich in lysine, an amino acid. It is also a good source of dietary fiber.
71727 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
Description : NP Nutra produces a high quality organic Burdock Root Powder as well as a potent Burdock Root P. E. 10:1.

Loaded with beneficial compounds and phenols, Burdock Root has long been used in traditional medicine to support bone and joint health, soothe the skin and purify the blood.
71726 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
Description : NP Nutra has the highest quality Moringa products such as Moringa Leaf Powder, Moringa Seed Powder and Moringa Fruit Powder. We also custom manufacture several potent Moringa extracts upon request.

We are here to help you! Contact us for more information, pricing and samples of Moringa and our other superb products!
65625 Dietetic & health foods Consejo De La Producción Agraria Ecológica De Naverra Food supplements
  Description : Equisalud is one of the leading laboratories in holistic phytotherapy, based in Pamplona, Spain, producing a wide range of products, such as: nutritional supplements, trace elements, liquid preparations, ecological teas, infusions and biscuits as well as products for external use and cosmetics. Special formulas are available on request.
Packaging will be adapted to your language country’s standards and regulation.
Note: Private Brand -B2C- also available (minimum quantity required)
We work with the latest scientific knowledge and have developed new products based on the various molecular vibrational states of plants.

We are interested in identifying and entering into contractual agreements with selected distributors and therapists who would be cooperating with us, distributing, promoting and prescribing our products, such as:
Herb Stores
Natural health product franchises
Pharmacies and drugstore chains
Ecological & green shops
Online distribution

Equisalud co-operates with Josenea, a non-profit labour association, which is producing different herbal infusions, hence products of ecological agriculture, made from plants grown in our own ecologically certified fields.
Therefore, the range of herbs that we cultivate and market is 100% organic, maintaining their properties, aroma and taste authentic. Our agriculture strives to maintain the integrity of the plants, using biodynamic agricultural methods.

For more detailed information about our products, please click on the following websites: and (available in English)
70839 Dietetic & health foods Agrocert Fresh plant extracts
Description : sur commande
70838 Dietetic & health foods Agrocert Food supplements
Description : tous compléments alimentaires issus des plantes médicinales
70837 Dietetic & health foods Other Capsules, ampoules
Description : produits uniquement sous forme de tisane
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