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Nature in Motion is a company that has been formed to work in harmony with nature in terms of conquering some of the problems that have plagued humanity for eons of time. Microbiologists have spent many years examining the minute living organisms that are capable of causing disease in animals and plants - microbes such as bacteria and/or fungi. For years, scientists have been searching for agents that can control or limit these organisms to safe levels. Our products, created here in our own laboratory, have the unique feature of recognizing the importance of keeping friendly microorganisms alive and eliminating only the dangerous ones. One the of latest experiments that Nature in Motion has completed used Bio Ion in a research project along with Enzolac in a sheep experiment in China. There have been many alternatives in the past such as chlorine, radiation, electronic pasteurization, etc. However, consumers fear about the use of chemicals and we know that chlorine is definitely tied to cancer problems. And of course the public has not accepted electronic eradiation very well. We know for a fact that this product Bio-Ion is a very potent anti bacterial product when properly used. So with this is mind a feeding trial was conducted with lamb in Jilin Agriculture University in China to compare the effects of two probiotic products - one produced by Bio-Ag in Canada, which of course is Enzolac, and the other by a company in China on feed intake and digestion, blood parameters and fecal bacteria count to monitor all of this with a control group. After the feeding trial the lambs were slaughtered, the meat was treated with Bio-Ion, and bacteria counts on treated and untreated meat were determined. These animals were grouped into three groups, 10 in each group with five males and five females and fed for 60 days. At the end of the feeding, trial blood samples were selected from each animal for red blood cell counts and hemoglobin testing. Fecal samples were also collected that day before slaughtering from the rectum of each animal for total bacteria count and for e-coli count testing. ? After slaughtering the carcass' liver and spleen weights were recorded, part of the left rear leg of each lamb was taken and sealed in a plastic bag as a control and the counterpart of the right leg was taken and dipped into the bio ion and sealed in a plastic bag. All meat samples were kept in the fridge for 48 hours and then total bacteria counts on one gram of meat were determined. To view the research study visit:

What is amazing about this research project is that dry matter intake/digestion by experiment animals was significantly increased by Enzolac supplementation. ? We also know for a fact that the red blood cell count is a very important category and the Enzolac group showed an amazing 15.28% increase in red blood cells. This translates into a much better oxygen saturation at the intercellular level and also better assimilation in the digestive process. We also saw that the hematocrit showed a 10% increase over the control group. What this means is that Enzolac showed an increase of 10% in erythrocytes in the total blood volume. This translates into much more oxygen transport capacity. ? The Enzolac group amazingly gained 1.3 kg more in live weight basis over the control group. What is even more fascinating is that Enzolac carcasses continued to maintain that weight advantage from live weight over to the carcass weight. What it shows is that Enzolac has a higher percentage dress out that is a 3.4% increase in the Enzolac group compared with the control group. ? We also know that Enzolac outshone the other two groups when it came to total bacteria count in the feces.

Enzolac bacteria count was only 57% of the control and was only 29% of the Chinese probiotic. We know that Enzolac outperformed the other two groups when it came to measuring deadly e-coli counts. Enzolac had lowered e-coli by a whopping 68%. Enzolac supplementation showed a dramatic increase in the freshly slaughtered meat. Enzolac lowered the bacteria count on the meat itself by 73% over the control and was 45% lower than the Chinese probiotic.

To sum up, the probiotic product Enzolac (and the Chinese probiotic to a lesser extent) can significantly increase RBC (red blood cell) count, hemoglobin count and hematocrit. Enzolac inclusion rate at 2 grams per day significantly increased the feed intake, reduced the e-coli count in the feces as well as lowered the bacteria count on freshly slaughtered meat. In the end, even after dipping the meat into Bio Ion we can see the dramatic drop in the bacteria count for all three samples. Again the Enzolac treatment using Bio Ion was significantly lower than the control or the Chinese probiotic, all of which leads us to understand how important this naturally occurring product is.

Nature in Motion is a company working in harmony with nature not against nature. ? If you would like to learn more please go to our web site at .