BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2021: 3 questions

BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2021 are set to take place in especially challenging times. And this much is certain: At the next round of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food and International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care from 17-20 February 2021, some things will be different from usual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this interview, Danila Brunner, Director BIOFACH and VIVANESS, explains how the organizers are confident that, despite these unusual times, they can still provide all customers with the best possible level of safety as well as a successful trade fair participation.

Ms Brunner, how is the planning going, and can you give us some insights into the preparations for BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2021?

We are currently conducting in-depth discussions with our customers as part of our preparations for the next round of the combined trade fair. Like the rest of the sector, we too are driven by a longing and need for personal interaction and to see one another again. This is reflected among other things in the numerous registrations we have already received for 80% of the available display area.

Naturally, however, our customers still have several questions. All of us are facing the challenge of having to adapt to the “new normal”. This applies in both the business environment and in our private lives. But in any case, our preparations for BIOFACH and VIVANESS are in full swing. The entire team for the trade fair pairing at NürnbergMesse is confident that we will be able to offer all customers both the best possible level of safety as well as a successful trade fair participation.

What can you tell us already about the next round of BIOFACH and VIVANESS? And what are you personally looking forward to the most?

Every single aspect of BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2021 is being planned in detail to cater for the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, the combined event will still showcase just how inspiring and diverse the market is. The thematic focus areas at BIOFACH and VIVANESS, i.e., all the special shows like the novelty stands, pavilions for innovative young companies and “worlds of experience”, will still take place, subject of course to various coronavirus-related adjustments to the detailed design. In 2021, we aim to offer the sector the accustomed overall package of trade fair, congress event and networking, so we are pulling out all the stops to realise all aspects of the event accordingly. And the same goes for the congress, where the key theme is: “Shaping Transformation. Stronger. Together”. Particularly for the congress, but not only there, we are planning additional contemporary digital forms that will complement the on-site event. This means that people from countries where travel restrictions are perhaps still in force will still be able to take part in this inspiring platform. The BIOFACH and VIVANESS congress offers such a comprehensive forum for knowledge-sharing and information that we are determined to make this content accessible to even more people (also for the future) through new and attractive digital and hybrid formats, so that in-person and digital events can be combined with one another. This means that it will finally be possible to enjoy all the lectures all around the globe and far beyond the 4-day duration of the trade fair and congress.

I am personally looking forward above all to the reunion with the sector and to those “real-life encounters” that we have been missing so much during these times. I am also looking forward to a successful restart for BIOFACH and VIVANESS in the coronavirus era from 17–20 February 2021, even if a lot of things will differ from what we are used to. As things stand, distancing, hygiene, and masks, or as the German government calls it, the “DHM formula” will continue to help us achieve this.

In these times of coronavirus, how do social distancing, hygiene, masks, and safety precautions help ensure the success of the trade fair?

Basically, the fact that BIOFACH and VIVANESS are for trade visitors only makes it easier to host them in these unusual times and under the current circumstances. The specially developed hygiene plan is an important cornerstone for the safety of our trade fair participants – exhibitors, visitors, media representatives and all NürnbergMesse staff. With this concept and thanks to the joint commitment of our partners, exhibitors and visitors, I am convinced that we can manage to create the best possible atmosphere and conditions for a successful trade fair in Nuremberg for exhibitors and visitors alike in February 2021.








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