Food Prices Must be Honest

For the Green Week,a campaign is launched to inform consumers at the point of sale about the real costs of food products.

Facts reveal why organic products are ultimately cheap(er).Volkert

Engelsman, the Dutch initiator of this campaignand CEO of EOSTA, an

international distributor of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, sums it up:“

Conventionally produced food should already today be considerably more expensive than organic food.

Yet, how big is the difference in reality?

What are the environmental and social costs that we are in fact pushing on to our children, grandchildren and Nature? The sustainability flower of Nature & More allows the consumer to see this at a glance!”

Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein concludes:

“The transformation of agriculture and food culture has already begun. Organic farmers, organic food processors andretailers show, together with consumers, how the future can function

. However,this will only work across the board if the price of our food products actually conveys the truth!”

Markus Arbenz adds

Who wants the government to have to purify drinking water contaminated with nitrate, who wants that farmers become impoverished, that animals reared for meat consumption suffer and that species are driven to extinction?

Instead of putting the onus on tax payers, farmers or the environment, we need a consistent application of the polluter pays principle.”MP Renate Künast will be commenting on political responsibility and show why, even after decades of discussions, no substantial progress has been made to translate the internalisation of environmental and social costs.


–Organics International:IFOAM has been the global umbrella organization for the organic movement in its full diversity since 1972.

It has around 800 affiliates in120 countries and has its Head Office in Bonn, Germany.

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About SÖL

:The Stiftung Ökologie & Landbau (SÖL) has been working for the past five decades towards the continued development of organic agriculture.

Key activities are the co-ordination of actors from within the organic movement as well as the development and distribution of information about organic agriculture to a broad range of players from academia, consultancy and practice.

About Nature & More:

Nature & More is the consumer trademark of Eosta, a leading European distributor of organic fresh fruits and vegetables.Its "trace & tell"system allows tracking the origin of the products back to the producer and has received multiple sustainability awards.

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