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Cereals & derived products
Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various
Description : Gluten Free Rice Flour

Rice flour is most commonly used in baby food, soup and milky desserts like custard, rice pudding...
Cereals & derived products
Description : Gluten Free Flour Mix - All Purpose

Whether it is sweet or salty, it is possible to make delicious recipes with the Ege Gluten-Free Flour Mixture which you can use in all recipes! All you need to do is to use the Ege Gluten-Free Flour Mixture as it guides in the recipe.

Corn Starch, Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch, Rice Flour, Vegetable Protein, Soy Flour, Thickener (hydroxyproply methyl cellulose), Vegetable Fibre, Emulsifier (diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono and diglycerides), antioxidant (ascorbic acid).
Bread, confectionery & chocolate
Bread, bakery products
Description : Gluten Free Bread

Ege Gluten-Free Bread will be irreplaceable for all meals with its soft structure besides being delicious and nutritious. Due to being packed in Modified Atmosphere, it does not need to be kept in refrigerator. You can easily take it with you on your trips, and you can spend it practically and safely in school or at work.

Corn starch, Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch, Rice Flour, Soybean Flour, Thickeners (Guar-Gum, Xanthan-Gum), Vegetable Fibre, Yeast, Salt, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Acid Regulator (Cidric Acid), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid), Preservative (Calcium Propionat), Emulgator (diacetyl Tartaric Acid Ester of Mono- and Diglycerides). Contains Soy product.
Animal food
Fodder for breeding
Description : Product: Organic soybean meal

Specification: Moisture: 9% max. Protein (on dry basis): 44% min, Urease activity: 0.1 max. Fat: 8% max

Melamine and pesticide residue not detectable, other items meet NOP and EU standard.

Packing: Bulk in 20' container
Milk & dairy products
Sohiscert Sa
Description : usd750/tn
Products for organic farming
California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof)
Other products for organic farming
Description : contact me to grow for you! yearround
Medicinal & aromatic plants
California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof)
Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : yeararound production lavender
Herbs, spices & condiments
California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof)
Garlic, onions
Description : Yearound production
Fruit & vegetables
California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof)
Fresh vegetables
Description : I am open for production of any type of vegetable! Year around
Products for organic farming
Description : Today Daniel Trading S.A. is the sole exclusive seller of Energy Investment Company products.
We would like to offer your attention a product of organic fertilizers: Leonardite.
Characteristics of leonardite as follows:

Moisture (operation ),%%
30,00 -50,00
Acidity ??,%
3,0 -6,40
Bitumens ( crude montan wax ), (minimum ),%
Humic acid, %

Elemental composition of leonardite:

N, %0,51
?, %61,13
S, %3,64
?, %5,56
?, %29,16

Heavy metals in leonardite ash:
we found that zinc content in leonardite ash was 46.6 ?g/g; manganese – 33.1 ?g/g; copper – 27.6 ?g/g; nickel – 16.9 ?g/g; cadmium – 0.32 ?g/g; lead – 17.7 ?g/g. There are also trace amounts of mercury and arsenic. Among the elements tested, iron has exceptional place, with content of 3.42mg/g of ash. These values point to low heavy metal contents in the coals under testing; the most dangerous of them (mercury and arsenic) were found only as traces.

Leonardite Performance may vary depending on external factors (weather conditions along the route, different times of the year). Changes in these indicators will be within acceptable standards, and they will be displayed in the contract.

Benefits of using leonardite for the production of fertilizers:

• Eco-friendly, organic fertilizers, growth stimulator ready for direct use.
• Increase productivity up to 40% without extra use of fertilizers.
• High ecological manufactured fertilizers - fertilizers from leonardite does not contain nitric acid and orthophosphate.
• The ability to direct the use of leonardite as a fertilizer without further processing at a rate of 200 – 500 kg of lignite on 1 hectare of land.
• Guaranteed and continuous supply of leonardite. Prices competitive to other producers.
• Reclamation of land cover after the mining operations that are mined by open method.
• Restoration of land fertility.
• Remediation and detoxification of agricultural lands.
• Reclamation of saline soils, as well as the detoxification of lands contaminated by anthropogenic human activities.

Delivery condition:
• Price of leonardite in bigbags -120 euro/MT on FOB
• Quantity per month: min 1 000- max 30 000 kmt.
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Aromatic plants
Description : Nanda medicinal plants exports, located at Mansari, (Kullu) H.P. India is a privately owned CITES and APEDA certified supplier of high quality medicinal herbs. The company also enables to cultivate several medicinal herbs in our farms which are of great demand at the local, national and international market. Read more..

CITES Registered Supplier, since 2005
Cosmetic products
Body care
SCIENCE: Veg-Up face line is the result of a perfect combination of naturalness and cosmetic technology. The formulas contain impeccable ingredients with high functionality and performance. Top products range are the three rference: botox-like: a serum, a cream and an eye contour; they shall contain plant extracts with strong antioxidant properties, repairing, highighting and invigorating, precious oils and especially a exapeptide chain that are botox-like. Laboratoires BeWell, strongly believes that, its creams should be natural 100% but also high performing
ENVIRONMENT: Veg-Up face care line contains, certified organic ingredients, including active ingredients from biodynamic and biodiverse agriculture. The company has contributed to the rescue of forgotten plants with the risk of extinction, to extract their wonderful fruits. Also we use active ingredients extracted from biodynamic agriculture, 100% alive, energetic and active than traditional ones.
NATURE: In nature we find all you need to get an amazing formula with high performance, in our offer you will find known ingredients together with unusual ones, because our commitment is to to experiment and discover new frontiers in cosmetology.
Cosmetic products
Make up
Description : VEGUP MAKE-UP

PERFORMANCE: The face line Veg-Up make-up contains references and nuances that cover all the needs. All the references contain a high pigmentation, despite natural origin, the high performances of the line allow to use this range also for professional use. All references contain natural protective factors, such as the Laminaria algae, to protect the skin from external factors. Rhodiola Rosea, fis common for his action against stressful skin. The peculiarity of this make-up is to armonize the complexion with a striking natural effect, but matt.

ENVIRONMENT: Veg-Up makeup range contains certified organic ingredients and packaging fully respect nature, Packaging is made of recycled cardboard, recycled plastic derived from corn. Eco friendly packaging are provided for italian and international shipment. No animal tests on actives or on final products are made.

NATURE: In nature we find all you need to get an amazing formula with high performance, in our offer you will find known ingredients together with unusual ones, because our commitment is to to experiment and discover new frontiers in cosmetology.
Cosmetic products
other Cosmetic products

Body range included BB cream for body and legs, to use in the warmer seasons, when women need to cover imperfections such as stretch marks, scars or capillaries. BB cream harmonize perfectly with the complexion and contains active ingredients that significantly improve circulation.
The other products in therange are selected from traditional formulas, tested for over a decade. The highly concentrated formula of the products has professional quality, and are formulated in full respect of skin physiology. No harmful ingredients are used such as parabens, paraffin and silicones. The range was developed thank to all sea products such as seaweed, salt and sea water, as well as plant extracts and natural ingredients.
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