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Fruit & vegetables
Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description : We are "Sunshine Export": growers, packers and traders of fresh Organic Mango and Avocado; Organic IQF Mango Chunks (also Pinneaple & Bananas).

We are at the North of Perú, in a very pour country called "Tambo Grande" (Piura - Perú).

We want to trade or products in diferents country.
Cereals & derived products
Quality Assurance International (qai)
Oilseeds (rape, sunflower, soy, sesame, peas, bean
Description : We are pleased to offer Certified Organic and Conventional Non-GMO Oilseeds-regular & high-oleic (canola, safflower & sunflower), available in 20' FCL shipment quantities. CIF & CNF pricing available. Please contact SK Food International.
Cereals & derived products
Quality Assurance International (qai)
Oilseeds (rape, sunflower, soy, sesame, peas, bean
Description : We are pleased to offer Certified Organic and Conventional Non-GMO Sunflower Seeds-Confection (lg., in-shell), available in 20' FCL shipment quantities. CIF & CNF pricing available. Please contact SK Food International.
Fruit & vegetables
Lacon Gmbh
Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description : We produce organic meat and exotic fruits and vegetables in Senegal.
Meat & sausages etc,,,
Lacon Institute For Inspection And Certification And Food Processing Limited
Other meat, sausages etc
Description : We producte organic meat, exotic fruits and vegetables in Senegal.
Description : We produce organic baby products suc as bodies, underwear etc.
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : Essantial oil producer
Animal food
Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh
Pets and domestic animals
Description : Field of application :
KELTOR® anti-chips for cat and anti-ticks & chips for dog, by its double action on the adult parasites, the larvae and eggs present on your cat or dog and in its environment, allow a very effective déparasitage.
KELTOR® is a treatment of protection of the cat or dog.It pushes back the parasites and eliminates them.
Use :
A regular use in a preventive way, KELTOR® durably protects your cat or dog from the infestation of the parasites.
- Vaporize in the environment of your cat (niche, cushion, litter, basket, armchair, car, etc…).
- Pulverize directly on the peeling of your cat or dog with grain-hair after each washing.
- For an optimal protection, to apply KELTOR® to your cat or dog before each one of its exits in nature.
In the event of infestation of your cat :
- Pulverize several times KELTOR® on the animal until the disappearance of the parasites.
No particular precaution for use.Without any danger to the man, the animal and environment (OECD N 401).
Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh
Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
Description : What the noni ?
Morinda Citrifolia, better known under the name of Noni or of Nono or Nonu, the plant giving the fruit of the same name, is a small tree with persistent sheets which is as well in released coastal areas located at the sea level as in wooded places located up to 400 m of altitude. It pushes briskly along lava flow and, as you can expect it, it abounds in Hawaii. The fruit represents the part of the plant which is used to prepare the juice of noni hawaïen.
Morinda is a yellow green fruit, whitish when it is ripe, recognizable with its odor and its bitter taste. It was used successfully during more than 2000 years in Hawaii, Tahiti like in Polynesia, in China, in India and elsewhere. Like the Aloe Vera, the kelp, the spiruline and the papaw, the morinda citrifolia is a fruit juice which makes good.

Food value of the juice of Noni Hawaiien
Ingredients of the juice of Noni MONSIEURNONI: pure juice of noni 100%, not made of concentrate nor of any other mixed juice.

For 100 ml of juice of noni
Proteins 0,24%
Lipids 0,05%
Moisture 96,2%
Ashes 0,43%
Glucids 3,08%
Energies 14 calories
Dietetic fibres 1,51%
Sugars 1,1%
Vitamins A 2,38 ER
Vitamins C 64,7 Mg
Iron 0,07 Mg
Calcium 3,08 Mg
Sodium 9,21 Mg

Quality control
It is significant to understand that certain companies decided to manufacture lucrative receipts starting from the noni by diluting the noni with other fruit juices or and with water and sometimes made of concentrate or reconstituted. It would be significant to consume pure noni of quality 100% NOT made of concentrate, without additives, other juices and flavours added and to check the source of the product. The noni of Hawaii east of very high quality thanks to the volcanic ground virgin and rich in minerals in which the noni is cultivated. Certain islands from which those of Polynesia have a product which can be of good quality except for nectars and receipts made starting from the noni and in which we let us find that a fine part of true juice of noni. Let us not forget that the pure noni is brownish, has a recognizable odor and a particular taste.
Dietetic & health foods
Control Union
Food supplements
Description : Manufacturar of speciality vegetable oils, especially Omega-3 oils (Flax, Linseed) and Omega-6 oils (Borage, Evening Primrose and Blackcurrant)
Products for organic farming
Control Union
Other products for organic farming
Description : Organic Oils, Flax, Linseed, Borage, Evening Primrose, Hemp. Organic meal, Flax, Linseed.
Fruit & vegetables
Austria Bio Garantie, Abg
Dried fruit
Description : The produktion is carried out by modern plants which can produce all kinds of dried apples, pears, etc. as required by the customer.
Herbs, spices & condiments
Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : All Forest Natural Herbs & Spices
Soap nut
Gall nut
Gooseberry fresh & Dried
We have got certificates for our Procurements from
Forest department of Government of Tamilnadu India.
Cereals & derived products
Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various
Description : roasted buckwheat kernels
moisture:14% max.
broken one:6% max
in 25kgs paper or plastic bags
Fruit & vegetables
Fresh vegetables
Description : fresh garlic with size of 4.5-6.5cm
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