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Control Union
other Textile
Description : Advisory services in Organic field and sourcing Organic products. At present stitching and producing Organic Cotton shopping Bags and sourcing organic Peppermint oil.
Sugar & honey products
Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : We are bio farm with production of 3-8 T honey pro year. In our offer you can find floral and honey dew honey. The packaging is in drums or glass
Milk & dairy products
Skimmed or powdered milk
Description : We are a bio goat farm and our main product is full cream powder goat milk in ammount 24T in year. We look for a purchaser of this milk which we pack in 25kg sacks and 400g or 250g cartons. The price is
12 000 Euro/T.
Dietetic & health foods
Food supplements
Description : We are a bio goat farm and our main product is full cream powder goat milk from which we make talblets.
These are supplemented with various vitamins and chemical elements. There are four types of these tablets (MULTIAKTIV,IMUNOAKTIV,BIFIDOAKTIV,MULTIAKTIV BIFI).Each type is focused on different diseases. In the box you can find the health table which tells you more of the product. The plastic box includes 144 tablets.
Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
Description : Extracto de Noni 100% puro; pasteurizado; vencimiento a 3 años; Certificación Orgánica de Bio Latina; envasado en botellas de vidrio de 946cc; presentación en caja de 12 botellas.
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : BODY CARE
Dietetic & health foods
Capsules, ampoules
Description : Cápsulas de noni puro deshidratado; 100% orgánico; Certificación de Bio Latina; vencimiento a 2 años; en cápsulas de 500mg.; presentación en envase plástico de 60 y 90 cápsulas; caja de 48 unidades.
Dietetic & health foods
Food supplements
Description : Extracto de noni 100% puro y natural; certificado Orgánico de Bio Latina; pasteurizado; vencimiento a 3 años; envasado en botella de vidrio de 946cc; caja de 12 botellas.
Other Services
Description : Lucilla Sperati - NATURALIA - MILAN ITALY
10 year's experience in the field of natural medicine and products (distribution and sale of natural and biologic products - dietetic and cosmetic), offers to foreign producers and distributors following services within the italian market:

- Marketing researches and analysis of the italian market for italian and foreign production companies

- Realization of promotional material, brands, logos, advertising,

- Production of natural and biologic cosmetic products

- Distribution and sale of natural and biologic products (dietetic, cosmetic, hygiene)

- Participation to italian fairs of health and natural products

I can also offer a service of italian correspondent for foreign companies which would like to be introduced in the italian market, offering hte possibility to test the market and check the interest for their products within the pharmaceutical and erborist channel and participation to the main italian fairs as representative of the foreign company to make promotion of their products.

For any further information, please contact
phone: 39-02-83241817 39-02-4222857 fax: 89424735
Dietetic & health foods
Other dietetic & health foods
Description : Aloe Vera Pure Juice 99,53%
from organic certified plantations in an ecological reserve protected by Unesco

We have available no. 1.000 PE bottles 1.000 ml. of Aloe Vera Pure Juice 99,53% (italian label) at a special price of Euro 11 + 10% VAT (sell price Euro 25); min. order 100 pieces

Further information available on our website Please contact Mrs. Lucilla Sperati - ALPHA TRADING SPA MILAN ITALY
phone: 39-02-83241817 fax: 39-02-89424735
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : We import Aloe vera pure Juice and jelly from certified organic plantations in an ecological reserve protected by Unesco.
We produce a complete body care line with organic aloe vera jelly and natural biological extracts
(pure jelly, reparation jelly for burns and muscles aches, moisturizing cream, body aftersun cream, lip gloss, body shower gel, shampoo, soap, 'Loè lotion and jelly for oil skin and dermatological affection)

We have available no. 2.000 125 ml aloe vera pure jelly 98% at special price of Euro 5 + VAT (sell price 11-12 Euro) and no. 500 pieces each of body line products, 1.000 pieces 125 ml. of 'Loè lotion and jelly for oil skin
Other Services
Description : As a professional Chinese translation agency, Qingdao OM Translation Co., Ltd. may organize and deliver quality multilingual translation services in almost every major cities of China: English to Chinese translation, Japanese to Chinese translation, Korean to Chinese translation, Russian to Chinese translation, German to Chinese translation, French to Chinese translation, Italian to Chinese translation, Spanish to Chinese translation, Arabic to Chinese translation, Swedish to Chinese translation, website translation, language translation, translation agency, translation company, language localization, Qingdao translation company, Qingdao translation agency, Qingdao translation Co., Tsingtao translation, Shandong translation company, Ji\'nan translation company, Weihai translation company, Weifang translation company, Yantai translation company, Rizhao translation company, Linyi translation company, Dongying translation company, Binzhou translation company, Taian translation company, translation service, interpretation, Shanghai translation, Beijing translation, Guangzhou translation, Shenzhen translation, Dalian translation, Xi\'an translation, Nanjing translation, China translation, Asian translation.
Fruit & vegetables
Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia)
Frozen fruit or vegetables
Description : Taian Ziyang Food CO.,LTD is a joint-venture company processing organic vegetables. It has been working at planting and processing organic vegetables for many years, and has formed a complete organic vegetables planting and processing system. The annual processing productivity of frozen vegetables is 3000MTS, and the annual productivity of fresh vegetables is 5000MTS. The main variety of quick-frozen product is: spinach, taro, broccoli, cauliflower, greenbeans ? edamame ? green asparagus, mix vegetables etc. The fresh products are: garlic, presh Peeled garlic, ginger, burdock, onion, and so on.

????From the day our company established in 2001 , we have always been taking strengthening quality consciousness as predetermination condition of improving quality of our product ,taking ceaselessly perfecting quality system as the central task of company management . “Customer is the center, quality is fundamentality” is the quality guideline of our company. We acquired ISO9000, ISO14000 and HACCP certification in 2002, and in 2003 we acquired JONA, OCIA and KSA kosher certification. we acquired BRC-FOOD certification in 2005. Acquiration of these certifications is basis and guarantee of safety and stability of quality of our product.

???Our products satisfy national export standard, are popular in North America, Japan , European, etc.
Herbs, spices & condiments
Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : We are farmers organisation where we do produce and market Organic Spices ( Organic Black Pepper Whole / Ground, Organic White Pepper Whole / Ground, Organic Turmeic Whole / Ground, Organic Ginger Whole / Ground, Organic Nutmeg With Shell / Without Shell / Ground, Organic Clove and Organic Cardamom Ground.

The above products are produced and processed as per INDIAN (NSOP), EEC REGULATION No: 2092/91 and
US NOP.Our farms are inspected and certified by INDOCERT.
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