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Milk & dairy products
Agro-oko-consult Berlin
Description : goatcheese (buttercheese and feta)produced in Bulgaria,CUC (SKAL) + HACCP
Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba
Bulk seeds
Description : production de graines germees
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Aromatic plants
Description : jasmine grandiflorum absolute
jasmine sambac absolute
tuberose absolute
rose absolute

All above products are steam distilled and of high quality backed up lab reports.

Our products are widely used in cosmetic and fragrance formulations worldover.

Also highly accepted in Aromatherapy market.
Products for organic farming
Other products for organic farming
Description : buyers for vermicompost produced by self help groups in hill areas using cowdung from indigenous calfs?
Description : Mukesh Varma GreenNetwork offers the following organic agribusiness services from INDIA :

Project Development
Contract Farming
Appraisal Services (for already identified supply bases)

Ÿour company’s specific requirements (e.g. physical features, functional properties, nutritional value, etc) of certified organic products and services (e.g. certification agency, packing type, shipment-schedule) would be meticulously followed by us while growing, processing and shipping !!
Fruit & vegetables
Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh
Dried vegetables
Description : Our farm grow Chinese traditional mushroom named with Xianggu,Shiitake or Black Forest Mushroom. Our farm is located in Chongming Island, which is a pure and ecological fairyland. Chinese farmers grow vegetables in thousands of years of traditional way. They also grow ginger,soybean,garlic,Chinese pepper and other special unique vegetables like Golden Gourd. They have the certificates of Bcs for Germany, Japan and OCIA for USA.
Control Union
Description : We sell ecologically friendly yarns such as bamboo and organic yarns. We also actively sell Organic and blended home textiles such as sheets ranging from TC 300 - TC 800.

Most of the fabrics are usually SKAL Certified. Country of origin of goods are China and India.
Animal food
Fodder for breeding
Description : We have BIONOP certification. All our products are controled by COTECNA or SGS.
Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way
International Certification Services Inc.
Professional cleaning & hygiene
Description :

What is EcoSense and why should you convert your home?
EcoSense is a line of cleaners with an entirely different philosophy. Rather than relying on harsh chemicals to break down dirt through chemical reactions, Melaleuca relies on natural or naturally derived ingredients and pioneering new ways to tap their unique power, we’ve developed an entire line of natural or naturally derived, effective, and biodegradable formulas that penetrate dirt and stains, and put them into solution
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : EV ROIG Laboratory produces and sells 60 organic cosmetic products. The ingredients are organic essential oils, organic pure oils and phyto aromatic extracts. there are no conservator, perfume.... It is completely natural
Dietetic & health foods
Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia)
Other dietetic & health foods
Description : Many soils have been reduced to a meager 12 to 20 trace minerals. When a healthy plant requires 90!

The lack of minerals results in:

· Weaker cell wall linings
· Greater susceptibility to disease and pests
· Lower nutritional value
· Lower test weights
· Shorter shelf life
· Poorer yields.

Trace Complete is a highly concentrated micronutrient solution. It is a mineral supplement for plants. When you and I get all the minerals we need, we are healthier and not as likely to get sick. The same is true with plants. Why not offer your crops the trace minerals they need?

Trace Complete is a low salt, highly concentrated (100 to 1) trace mineral package.

Feeding your crops the perfect balance of ninety elements mined from our earth’s oceans can result in:

· Increased yields
· Higher test weights
· Disease and pest resistance
· Higher nutritional value
· Higher protein

Replenishing The Soil:

The ocean contains 90 natural elements in soluble form, and in perfect balance.

So, what happens when we reduce ocean water down to a 1% liquid concentrate? 98% of the salts come to the surface and crystallize. The majority of the salt is removed, but the essential trace minerals stay in!!!

The result is a much higher concentrate of trace minerals that can be applied directly to the plant.

With Trace Complete™ , you can give your crops the trace nutrients they need with applications as small as 1/10th gallon per acre!


½ gal. of Trace Complete™ per acre. Lemons were larger, and actually sweet. (no sugar was needed to make lemonade)

Almost doubled in size, and full of flavor.

The bushes were loaded, and berries were sweet.

One grower, the apples so heavy, he had to trim back the fruit to keep from breaking the branches.

Nuts are about 1/3rd bigger in size, fantastic flavor.

Trees covered in black fungus were sprayed with 2 gallons/acre of Trace Complete™, thinned 10 to 1 with water. Within two months, the fungus disappeared. Healthy trees resist fungus!!!

One grower reported a 50% increase in production, plus he claims that the application killed the grubs on his cotton. For best results, apply ½ gallon per acre of Trace Complete™ , once a month.

Grew twice as high, put on 4 ears instead of 2.

I experienced yield increases of 20%, and my protein shot way up.

Trace Complete™ was substituted for fungicide in fungicide applications. Surprisingly, no fungus was found.

Growers report that by applying ½ gallon of Trace Complete™ per acre every few weeks, they see up to a 100% increase in yields.

Almost doubled in size, and full of flavor.

Fruit flies stole the harvest on 200 organic peach trees for 3 yrs., and the trees were filled w/ grubs. One application of Trace Complete™ sprayed on all but 10 trees. Those 10 trees, zero yield, and hit with grubs. The rest of the tree did not have grubs and produced a good harvest.

Trace Complete™ IS NOT a pesticide or insecticide. Although others who have used it have experienced less disease and pests, AG-USA makes no claim that Trace
Complete™ will reduce disease or pests in your crops.

Laboratory Tests:

Illinois. Dr. Lawrence Rosner, Lab Director
American Research and Testing Laboratory,

Chicago, Illinois. Paul W. Stokesberry,
Dir. Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University,
Chicago, Illinois.

In over 100 tests, there were significant differences in results obtained with conventional
NPK-based fertilizers and those obtained with Sea Solids (left behind by evaporated ocean water). A number of these test results are given below. Trace Complete™ is a highly concentrated liquid which offers your plants a full buffet of the natural elements found in ocean water, to help them reach their genetic potential without the risk of over salting, which results in crop failure.

Peach Trees:
Curly Leaf Virus introduced.
Control: Sharply reduced yield/death
Sea Solids: Normal Yield/complete immunity

Sugar content tested.
Control: 13.60% total sugars
Sea Solids: 16.87% total sugars

Staphylococcus bacteria introduced.
Control: Center rot/death
Sea Solids: Completely normal without center rot

Tobacco Mosaic Virus introduced.
Control: All died
Sea Solids: Completely normal

Tomatoes infected with Blight:
Control: Heavy blight from fungus
Sea Solids: Blight free

Yields test.
Control: 38 bushels per acre
Sea Solids: 45 bushels/acre w/ less rust

Sweet Potatoes:
Control: 28.80%
Sea Solids: 31.20%

Dairy and Beef:

The results of using Trace Complete™ on crops fed to cattle should not be under-estimated. When your cattle are fed crops rich in trace minerals, it can result in lower mortality rates, more lactations (dairy), and less visits by the vet. Also, highly nutritious feeds require lower quantities of feed.

Trace Complete Application:

Use between 1/10to ½ gallon. Trace Complete per acre. Add this to a 10 gallon per acre tank mix.

Apply as a foliar application. Trace complete is compatible with most spray solutions.

To fortify your pop-up fertilizer, add in 1/10gal. of Trace Complete.


“If a soil is like a mine with its myriad of elements, then whenever man tills it, plants,
and in other ways engages in farming, he is for all practical purposes engaged in the business of mining. Like a miner, the farmer breaks the earth with digging tools, but instead of dynamite, he plants seeds to loosen the minerals and elements from their holding matrix. And finally, he carts away his minerals in the form of food rather than ore.”

Sea Energy Agriculture

Dr. Maynard Murray

It is amazing that God caused the 90 elements in the ocean to occur in the very same proportions as in both blood plasma and chlorophyll (plant “blood”). Human plasma is ¼ strength sea water! Trace elements are vital to both plant and animal health. Without them, plants are easy targets for insects and disease, and cannot reach their full potential. Where will these elements come from if chemical Ag replaces only 3 to 6?

Even though we must make a living, farming is actually about growing nutritious food that enables the body to function properly. Every day there are approximately 250,000 DNA transactions in our bodies that don\'t take place because we are missing key elements needed to catalyze those transactions. This translates into a decreased ability for us to combat sickness and disease. Trace Complete can help us to get these nutrients back into our foods.

Sea Energy Agriculture, by Maynard Murray, MD.
2nd Edition, copyright 2003, Acres USA.

Pg. 74. The presence or absence of a trace element can be the deciding factor in determining whether a necessary element is absorbed into the plant’s root system.

Pg. 28 The most important contribution to high farm yields and continuous plant production was the practice of replacing the major elements for a plant’s nutritional needs in the soil and fortifying them with heavy doses of nitrates. Thus, soil production was maintained and even increased in spite of starving the soil of vital trace elements necessary for the sustenance of healthy life.

Pg. 99. Plants then may take up abnormal
proportions of other elements to make up for the
deficiencies in trace elements, (and) crops begin to
lose their nutritional value.

AG-USA makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied with respect to Trace Complete™. Manufacturer\'s and seller\'s
obligation is limited to the replacement of product for defective material only. Neither manufacturer or seller shall be liable for
any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising from the use, misuse or inability to use the product. Always jar test
when combining with any other fertilizer, herbicide, microbial.

Your Dealer:
Ag Life
1219 Hwy. 85
Senoia, GA 30276
Phone 770-891-9619
Trace Complete™
Products for organic farming
Description : Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer
Vermicompost is an excellent soil additive made up of digested and undigested compost. The digested part is known as worm castings. Worm castings are much higher in nutrients and microbial life and are a higher value product.
Worm castings contain up to 5 times the plant available nutrients found in average potting soil mixes. The nutrients are readily available to your plant, with the added benefit of microbial organisms that are essential for plant growth. The average potting soil mixes that you buy in the store are usually sterile and don\'t have a microbial population. Just as your plants need to be fed nutrients, your soil (which has living organisms in it) needs to be fed also.
The combination of nutrients and microbial organisms are essential for happy, healthy, productive plants. Vermicompost not only adds microbial organism and nutrients that have long lasting residual effects, it also adds structure to your soil, helps retain water and helps the plant to fight soil - borne plant diseases like root rot.
VERMICOMPOST is 100% organic, safe, non-toxic, and odor-free.Vermicompost will not burn even the most delicate plants.Vermicompost helps plants grow faster and stronger. It increases the size of the fruit or flower.Vermicompost added to potting mix of soil will out last and out perform any commercial fertilizer
Cosmetic products
California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof)
Body care
Description : Bath Salts, Lip Balm, Sanitizer
Herbs, spices & condiments
Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : We have to offer herb of:

Melissa - in bales - 18 t price 2.2 EUR/kg (EXW Macedonia)
Mint - in bales - 10t price 2.2 EUR/kg (EXW Macedonia)
Pepermint -in bales -4t price 2.2 EUR/kg (EXW Macedonia)

with ECO certificate.
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Medicinal plants
Description : We are the leading seller of organic herbs and spices from Egypt.

Our products are certificated organic

Certification : IMC
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