My name is Adèle Le Badézet, I am a student engineer and I plan to go to COP27. I am currently looking for sponsors to carry out this project.

I am looking for support from environmentally sensitive companies that could help me with financial assistance. I can, in return, display your name and logo on a badge at COP27, host an explanatory conference on my return, etc.

Below you will find information that will give you an overview of my project and help you better understand my actions and motivations.

SURNAME/ First name: LE BADEZET Adèle

Date of birth: 28.04.2003

Phone number :06 58 09 51 54

E-mail address

Postal address?: 6 rue Louis Armand, 35170 Bruz

2 – My destination

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

3 – The dates of my stay

Start date :08/11/22

End date:18/11/22

4 My current situation

Diploma / certification prepared : Diploma of Engineer, specialization in Environmental Engineering

University Establishment : Uni LaSalle Rennes – Ecole des métiers de l'environnement

5 – My project at COP27

Summary of my project

My project is to go to COP27. The COP is a global summit on climate change, which is the international treaty aimed at preventing dangerous human interference with the climate system. COP27 will take place inSharm el-Sheikh, an Egyptian city, from 7 to 17 November 2022.

I am currently studying in my second year at the Institut Polytechnique Uni LaSalle and preparing for a training as an Engineer – Environmental Engineering.

Over the ten days I am present on site, the Sustainable Development Manager of Uni LaSalle Beauvais (a branch office of my school in Rennes), named Thomas Viveret, will join me for five days.

I am a member of COP Trotter, a student association committed to the fight against global warming. In this regard, our actions are diverse: organization of debates, awareness-raising events, ecological monitoring work through our monthly newspaper (News Trotter), or participation in various social movements (such as the climate marches).

The particularity of our association lies in our participation in the COP, where we carry out journalistic work and representation of youth/ higher education. Previous offices have participated in COP 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26.

This project is not only personally rewarding, it is also useful. Thanks to social media, I can relay information from the inside.

My expectations

I’m going to spend most of my time on a platform called “The Green Zone”. The Green Zone is a place where business, youth, civil and indigenous societies, universities, artists, and fashion communities around the world can express themselves and make their voices heard. I want to meet new profiles and discover the experiences of each of them.

I want to ask them: Why are they here? How is climate change impacting them? For them, what are the most sensible solutions? How to convince their leaders to act urgently

It should be noted that in the Red Sea, on which the COP27 will take place, experts have observed a decline in marine flora because of the gradual warming of the water. In some areas, coral no longer grows or dies.

Alexandria is threatened with extinction because of rising waters.

The warming and rising waters have considerable impacts on Egyptian agriculture, and on the locals. I would like to hear from Egyptians affected by these changes.

The Green Zone promotes dialogue, awareness, education and engagement through events, exhibitions, workshops, round tables, cultural performances, and conferences. I want to live all these experiences and come out of these two weeks of convention richer in knowledge.

The impact of COP27 on my professional project

I have a strong interest in politics and journalism, and I can even make it my job, if COP27 proves to me that this is the world for me. I want to face the reality of the political world. Thanks to the COP27, I will be more aware when I make my choice of alternance, career path, and profession. I think I can make interesting meetings professionally and reach new opportunities.

Our actions

With Thomas, we will be doing journalistic work on the spot. The COP27 program will cover different themes, and each day will have its own theme: Finance, Water, Decarbonation, Science, Gender, Energy, Biodiversity, Solutions…

At the end of each day, we will make a summary of the issues of the day, important decisions, interesting speeches. We will film our daily life. We want to get one or more interviews.

We would like to set up a round table, in collaboration with “The Generations Climate Alliance”. The purpose of this round table would be to share our views and to find solutions to address the intergenerational gap that is being created between the youngest and oldest. We are often portrayed as the “generation that can still save us from disaster” and our elders “don’t care”. This separation hurts us all.

In our round table, we would like to talk about guilt, responsibility, the digital gap, or even the role of the media in our perception of the situation.

I would like to be able to carry out this round table, and I would like to be able to express myself clearly.

My projects after the COP

On our return, with Thomas, we will host conferences on COP27 at our schools in Rennes and Beauvais. These conferences will be a summary of our journalistic work, and an opportunity to talk about our experience.

We will also host an activity as part of the Festival Des Solidarités. The Festival Des Solidarités, or Festi'sol, is an international event to celebrate solidarity open to the world. The 2022 edition will take place from Friday, November 18 to Sunday, December 4…just after COP27. The perfect opportunity to talk to a non-study audience and take stock of environmental news.

Once all these events have passed, we will start thinking about COP28;)

I’m looking for a sponsor. My budget: 2016.13 €