1. Agreement: principles and cirteria for sustainable palm oils

the members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) have adopted in Singapour 8 Principles and 39 Criteria for Sustainable palm oil world production with an overwhelming majority (only one abstention), last 23 of November. These encompass facets of Sustainabality, ensuring that production is economically viable, environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial. We are suppliers of sustainable palm oils since 2002, with Proforest certification. More :

2. Performance benchmarking promoted, Singapore.

During our stay at the RSPO we found remarkable the promotion of a "performance benchmarking", a unique element in any certifiying process, and now particular to sustainable agriculture. Performance could be benchmarked in 3 main areas, process (stakeholder consultation, transparent governance, conflict of interest, chain of custody), standards (impact on environment society, economy, reporting, relevant laws and capacity building) and implemtation (accreditation, governance, reporting and disclosure, audit report).

3. Retailer bans hydrogenated fats, UK.

Marks & Spencer is committed to remove all hydrogenated fats from its entire food range by mid 2006, suggesting that awareness of trans fats has now fully hit Europe. Hydrogenated fats are oils that have been processed through a chemical hardening method to achieve in­creased stiffness of the liquid oils. This process can create trans fatty acids which interfere with metabolic absorption efficiencies, are linked to higher blood levels of bad (LDL) choles­terol and increases the risk of heart disease. More:

4. FI Europe 2005, Paris.

Brochenin exhibited its organic and sustainable oils and margarines, at the Food Ingredients fair (FI Europe 2005), organised this year in Paris, and held from 29th November to 1st De­cember. Visitors showed a big interest in products containing fibres, sugar surrogates and Omega 3 : 6 essential fat acids. This confirms consumers move towards products with in­creased natural and nutritional values. And a new event has started: the ‘Natural ingredi­ents’ (Ni), held alongside the Fi and Hi exhibitions. More:

5. Start of the new olive harvest, Spain.

Alcubilla started the harvest of its first new olives, the “Pajarero” (green) olive, end of November; other olive varietals and oils will follow. In general, olive oil prices trend is narrowing with this arrival of this 2005/2006 crop, remaining at record high prices. Organic certified olive oils are traded at a premium of about 15% against conventional types.

6. Product of the month : wok oils "gourmet" and "spices".

We finalised the development of our own wok oils line, 100% organic and based on virgin oils. ‘Gourmet wok oil’ has a rich toasted and appetizing flavour, and includes specially prepared sesame oil. ‘Spices wok oil’ has a mild spicy taste, vivid red colour, and is made out of particularly selected and prepared Asian and Tropical spices. Both are available in 250 and 500 ml glass bottles. Private Label also delivered. More, email: We press and bottle: seedoils (Provence, France) and olive oils (Andalusia, Spain). Subcontracted production: palm oils (Colombia), oil related products (Denmark, Netherlands, Poland), fruits (Ecuador, Brazil). Our certifications: organic (EU, Biosuisse, NOP, JAS, Ecocert, CAAE), sustainable (Pro Forest), fair-trade (Bio Equitable, Max Havelaar), origin-controlled (AOP, IGP in Europe), specific (Kosher), manufacturing and bottling (IFS, HACCP).

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