Bioenergy World Americas 2006 - more than 450 conference and AL-INVEST participants attended

A richly diverse range of bioenergy actors and stakeholders gathered in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil to attend Bioenergy World Americas and to take the bioenergy agenda forward for Latin America.

More than 450 participants from over 20 countries and 5 continents attended the Conferences and AL-INVEST business meetings.

38 presentations from international experts from 10 countries covered all the main bioenergy topics: biodiesel, ethanol, biogas, gasification, wood energy and CDM.

19 European and more than 60 Latin American countries attended up to 15 AL-INVEST roundtable business meetings each. Discussions were intense and many reported identifying strong new business prospects and development opportunities.

Bioenergy World Americas attracted government officials, technology providers, foresters, agronomists, environmentalists, multi-national businesses, carbon finance, investors, associations and research institutes from around the world and the level of exchange and interchange amongst the attendees was very high.

Delegates reported high-levels of satisfaction, meeting many new contacts and business prospects as well as closing deals directly during the event.

In early 2007, a full report will be published and the Presentations will be made available on the website for downloading.