Principles of Fairness and Health to be discussed at the 16th Organic World Congress
The 16th IFOAM Organic World Congress ‘Cultivate the Future’ will take place in less than two months time from June 18 – June 20 and is based on the Principles of Organic Agriculture: Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care *)

During the plenary of the second day, June 19th, Howard Shapiro and Alan Greene will both speak to the Principle of Health. Howard Shapiro will share with the participants his insights on the relation between Organic Agriculture and Health, based on his over 35 years of experience in sustainable agriculture, agroforestry systems, plant genetics and food production systems. Amongst others he wrote ‘Gardening for the Future of the Earth’; participants can be sure of an inspiring and critical contribution. Alan Greene, a holistic pediatrician, helps parents raise strong, well-nourished and environmentally friendly kids. He's the author of a new book, “Raising Baby Green”, which makes clear the direct relationship between raising a healthy child and helping the environment.

Frances Moore Lappé and Alice Tepper Marlin will focus their contribution on the Principle of Fairness. With her book ‘Diet for a small planet’ Moore Lappé awoke a whole generation to the human-made causes of hunger and the significance of our everyday choices. She will speak to the edge of hope that humanity is obliged to push further in order to cope with the current environmental disasters. Alice Tepper Marlin is president and CEO of Social Accountability International, a global standard-setting organization for improving workplaces and communities. Her book ‘Shopping for a better world’ points out that everybody can contribute in making this world a better place by making conscious choices every day.

President Evo Morales from Bolivia is expected to give presence to the 16th IFOAM Organic World Congress. Morales strongly believes in the necessity to govern with indigenous ancestors’ models: participation, community work and honesty. Originating from the indigenous community Isallavi, he helped with the agricultural work and became an activist for indigenous farm worker rights.

During the second day of the 16th IFOAM Organic World Congress the participants can choose from more than 10 parallel sessions, varying from Social Justice, Food Security & Sovereignty, Government Support Policies to Education, Plant Breeding and Control of Pests and Diseases. A guided poster tour in the afternoon will highlight the scientific poster contributions to the Congress, stressing the role scientific research plays to continuously improve organic agricultural systems.

During the evening the participants can enjoy the Gala Dinner at which the winner of the One World Award will be announced. IFOAM is patron of the newly established One World Award, which recognizes not only outstanding engagement and achievements in the organic movement but also contributions that merit globalization in our one and only world.

*) The Principles of Organic Agriculture

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