Zayed Complex and endorse “Middle East Natural Products Expo” to be held in Dubai in November

The three-day show to assemble 150 industry leaders from 40 countries 

Dubai, July 29, 2003: The Zayed Complex for Herbal Research & Traditional Medicine, part of the Ministry of Health, has declared its official support to the ‘Middle East Natural Products Expo’ scheduled to be held at the Grand Hyatt Convention Centre, Dubai, from November 30 to December 2, 2003.

The Zayed Complex is the UAE’s only Government owned official research center on traditional medicine and the first of its kind in the Arab world. It is in the process of getting recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Dr. Mazen Ali Naji, General Director of the Zayed Complex, says: “Herbal medicine has always been a part of the Arab culture. It is important to bring it back into the spotlight, especially at a time when demand for natural medicine and herbal products continues to increase steadily worldwide, because of the negligible side-effects. This timely exhibition will foster collaboration with overseas producers and lead to exchange of information and ideas, as well as help open new channels in the international market. The exhibition will expose the people of the UAE and the region to scientifically researched herbal products so that they can make informed decisions on treatment of different ailments.”

In another development, France-based, which works as a unifying resource center for all players in the organic sector involved in the development of Organic Agriculture, has extended its support to the ‘Middle East Natural Products Expo’.

Nadia Tarrieu, the founding member of the, commented: “As the organic market is a fast growing market in the Middle East, this is a right trade show at the right place. Exhibitions are necessary to understand the buyer’s needs and a good way to get information and contacts. I have always been an organic products consumer because they allow me to live in harmony with nature. I strongly believe it is essential to create a marketplace to promote this sector.”

“We help professionals to get in touch with buyers around the world. On the other hand, buyers need to get exhaustive information regarding the certified organic products. Greentrade helps them find information about regulations or organizations involved in the organic industry. An exhibition also acts as a portal to understanding new products and learn about competitors,” adds Nadia. 

Mr. Omran Sultan Al Hallami who is a speaker at the conference and also the Chairman of Bio-Nature and the Al Hallami Group of Companies representing Swiss companies like – Bio Strath, Rausch, Weleda, Gerda Spillmann and Morga says, “It all started during one of my visits to Switzerland, when I happened to try a bio product. From that time on every time I went on a trip I’d get these products for me and my family. I strongly believe in the philosophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, ‘Humans Should Live In Harmony With Nature’. My dream is to start Bio-Supermarkets, Bio-Restaurants, Bio/Organic Farming etc so as to offer the people of this region, healthy foods, pollution free environment etc to make the world a better place for living.”

The Middle East Natural Products Expo, the largest exhibition in the Middle East catering to organic and natural products, will showcase the latest in natural cosmetics, organic foods, natural gifts, herbal products, alternative and traditional medicine, health supplements, spas, resorts and treatment centers etc. The three-day event will assemble over150 industry leaders from 40 countries.