1. IFOAM to Hold Trade Symposium Before BioFach 2007

The organic marketplace is constantly evolving, continually confronting challenges and taking advantage of new opportunities.? All around the world, organic is growing at double-digit rates annually. Growth continues via traditional channels, but at the same time is entering the mainstream. New players from big conventional businesses are stepping up to take an active role in pushing organic markets in to unknown dimensions, thus presenting new challenges and opportunities for everyone involved, including the consumer.

IFOAM is organizing an trade symposium to discuss the implications of large-scale conventional businesses entering the organic marketplace. The conversation will address both the challenges as well as the opportunities provided by the mainstreaming of organic.

The event is called “In–between discount and premium:? Friend or foe?” and will be held Wednesday, February 14, 2007 from 14:00 to 18:00.

The symposium will consist of a reception from 14:00 to 15:00.? From 15:00 to 18:00 there will be four presentations and open discussion

The speakers are:

  • Dr. Götz Rehn, - Director, Alnatura???
  • Mr. Bruno Fischer, Director of International Procurement,? Europe and South America, The Hain Celestial Group
  • Mr. Thomas B. Harding, President, Agrisystems International
  • Mr. Matt Miller, Vice President of Marketing, Brand Strategy & Development of Consumer Brands, Safeway
The IFOAM Trade Symposium will address a wide range of issues, including ethics, economics, opportunities and risks involved in the organic sector’s development. In addition, invited experts will discuss the ‘war on resources’, pricing and keys and breakthroughs for accessing new consumer groups.

The Symposium will be followed by the Organic World Cafè from 18:30-20:30 in the adjacent Restaurant Vasco da Gama.

The registration fee for the Symposium is 35 Euros or 28 Euros for members, and the price of the dinner is 60 Euros or 48 for members. The cost of a package registration for both the Symposium and the IFOAM benefit dinner is 90 Euros or 72 Euros for members.

To register or for more information, visit IFOAM’s website at www.ifoam.org.

Join the growing list of sponsors supporting this high-profile event: Laselva, Pithoi Wine Importers, Lebensbaum, Perlage Organic Wines, Voelkel, Alnatura, Folicello, Neumarkter Lammsbraeu and Euresis.

The Symposium will be held in English.

2. Call for Affiliate Submissions to the IFOAM Internet Training Platform
IFOAM Internet Training Platform: One Organic World – One United Resource.

The IFOAM Internet Training Platform continues to grow as a resource for organic agriculture training information worldwide. Many IFOAM member organizations are already enjoying the benefits of the Platform by listing their contact information and website link, posting their training materials, or promoting their training courses. However, to make the Platform the most complete and comprehensive resource available, more member submissions are needed.

Members receive many benefits through the Platform, including free listings in the Links and Addresses section, a streamlined submission process, and free downloads of IFOAM training materials. Take advantage of these benefits by submitting today!

In addition to these member benefits, the IFOAM Internet Training Platform has adjusted its service to give improved access to training information to all. IFOAM staff are working diligently to make all training material downloads from our provider organizations, as well as all links to provider websites, FOR FREE! As we get more submissions every day, the reasons to be part of the IFOAM Internet Training Platform are multiplying. Make sure that your organization is represented online; contact us today.?

Contact the Platform Coordinator for information on how to submit at t.platfom@ifoam.org, or visit the Platform at www.ifoam.org/training.

3. FAO Organizes Conference on Organic Agriculture and Food Security

The International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Food Security will be held from May 3-5 2007 in FAO’s Headquarters (Green Room) in Rome, Italy, in connection with the 33rd Session of the Committee on World Food Security (May 7-10 2007).

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, through its Inter-Departmental Working Group on Organic Agriculture, is organizing the conference in partnership with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Third World Network (TWN).

Conference participants
The Conference is open to all interested parties, including government, academic institutions, civil society and private sector institutions interested in organic agriculture and food security.

There is a need to clarify the contribution of organic agriculture to food security and to demystify this subject so that FAO can provide objective and informed advice to its member countries. Organic agriculture offers a rich arena for research and debate about the future, and FAO offers a unique forum for this knowledge exchange.

For more information visit the FAO website on Organic Agriculture (www.fao.org/organicag) or contact Nadia Scialabba (nadia.scialabba@fao.org).

4. Take advantage of the substantial benefits on the IFOAM Intranet!

As an IFOAM affiliate, you can access diverse IFOAM publications for absolutely free via the IFOAM Intranet! Here are just a few of the many resources available to you at all times:
  • IFOAM Training Manual for Organic Agriculture in the Tropics in English, French and Spanish
  • IFOAM Training Manuals for Internal Control Systems for both Producer Organizations and for Inspectors in English, French and Spanish
  • IFOAM Norms 2005
  • IFOAM Directory
  • Africa Network Survey
  • Latin America Network Survey
  • Organic Agriculture and Food Security Dossier
  • Organic Agriculture and Biodiversity Dossier
There are also diverse PowerPoint presentations available for your use, as well as posters and useful advocacy leaflets covering many topics on the Intranet!

Login to the IFOAM Intranet today and discover the diverse benefits awaiting you!
5. Publish the IFOAM Emblem on Your Website and Printed Materials!

IFOAM's new emblem is available on the IFOAM Intranet for its members, affiliates and supporters to showcase their relationship with IFOAM to the public.

The emblem can be displayed on your letterhead and business cards, or as a banner from which you can link your webpage to the IFOAM website.

Use of the membership emblem is governed by Policy 12 - “Use of the IFOAM name, logo, membership emblem and seal,” which can be found on the Intranet.

Now, more than ever, you can show the world that you are proud to be part of IFOAM! Promote organic agriculture, IFOAM, and your own organization by using the new emblem!

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