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Press report 16th may 2006

Czech, italian and German organic wines celebrate its first places on the international consumer exhibition of organic wines in pavlov on 29th April 2006

Pavlov near Mikulov, Czech Republic, Vinarsky dum Zatloukal

Czech consumers prefer sweet taste of organic wine!

The international consumer exhibition of organic wine came to visit almost two hundred visitors to taste and evaluate 58 samples of organic wines from different countries - Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, France and Switzerland.

In sum 19 exhibitors sent their samples of organic wine from different countries. There were 58 samples of organic wines, 141 votes and three categories of organic wines – dry white wines (21 samples), other white wines (15 samples) and red wines (22 samples).

It is interested that consumers appreciated all wines here and it means each wine can find a potential customer on Czech market. An important thing is the Czech consumers preferred sweet wines. In all categories won the sweetest wines with the highest residual sugar. For example the winner of category other white wine German Riesling 2003 (from Harald Steffens) contains 167g/l of residual sugar, the winner of category red wines Italian Passito rosso 2006, select grape contains 70 g/l of sugar (from La Cantina Pizzolato Sas) and the winner of dry white wines Moravian Malverina (from Vlastimil Pe?ina) contains 9 g/l of residual sugar.? ????????

The aim of the exhibition is to present a specific product – organic wine to the Czech public, consumers, traders and producers. For producers are results very useful to find out what kind of organic wine Czech people like. A good example of success at last exhibitions are the Italian organic wines from La Cantina Pizzolato Sas, which became very popular on Czech market afterwards. During the anonymous exhibition participants can taste, compare and evaluate different types of wine here. The origin, variety and exhibitors of organic wines are unknown, only year, quality alc. vol (%) and residual sugar (g/l) are noticed. Principle of competition is in the evaluation of organic wines by consumers – customers.

For visitors was prepared accompanied programme. They could (anonymously) taste fruit and vegetable organic juices and also evaluate them. It was competition “What people like the most!” organized by LEA – League of ecological alternatives. Visitors could also buy and taste other organic food from Sonnentor Ltd. (tea and spices, sweets for children), from Pro-Bio Ltd. (salads, cereals, etc.), from Biofarm Sasov (uherak salami, sausages, goulash), from Bakery Leština and from the best organic farmer for year 2005 organic farm Deblin (cow’s cheese)? – everything certificated as an organic food. A folk music Pálava was very popular, too.

We would like to thank all exhibitors for their courage to meet critical voice of Czech consumer and take their opinion as a good signal for what Czech people like.

The results will ceremonially declared by Bioacademy 2006 – the 6th European Summer Academy of Organic Farming in Lednice na Morav? in Lednice chateau on 29th June.???

Pavlov Organic Wines 2006 organized by PRO-BIO Association of Organic Farmers, Pollau Organic Farm, Mikulov Information Centre, Vina?ský d?m Zatloukal, financial support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.