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90382 Intrans Other Etats-Unis Autres intrans 2019-01-01 2017-03-23
Description : contact me to grow for you! yearround
90132 Intrans Other Suisse Fertilisants , engrais 2019-12-12 2017-03-06
Description : Today Daniel Trading S.A. is the sole exclusive seller of Energy Investment Company products.
We would like to offer your attention a product of organic fertilizers: Leonardite.
Characteristics of leonardite as follows:

Moisture (operation ),%%
30,00 -50,00
Acidity ??,%
3,0 -6,40
Bitumens ( crude montan wax ), (minimum ),%
Humic acid, %

Elemental composition of leonardite:

N, %0,51
?, %61,13
S, %3,64
?, %5,56
?, %29,16

Heavy metals in leonardite ash:
we found that zinc content in leonardite ash was 46.6 ?g/g; manganese – 33.1 ?g/g; copper – 27.6 ?g/g; nickel – 16.9 ?g/g; cadmium – 0.32 ?g/g; lead – 17.7 ?g/g. There are also trace amounts of mercury and arsenic. Among the elements tested, iron has exceptional place, with content of 3.42mg/g of ash. These values point to low heavy metal contents in the coals under testing; the most dangerous of them (mercury and arsenic) were found only as traces.

Leonardite Performance may vary depending on external factors (weather conditions along the route, different times of the year). Changes in these indicators will be within acceptable standards, and they will be displayed in the contract.

Benefits of using leonardite for the production of fertilizers:

• Eco-friendly, organic fertilizers, growth stimulator ready for direct use.
• Increase productivity up to 40% without extra use of fertilizers.
• High ecological manufactured fertilizers - fertilizers from leonardite does not contain nitric acid and orthophosphate.
• The ability to direct the use of leonardite as a fertilizer without further processing at a rate of 200 – 500 kg of lignite on 1 hectare of land.
• Guaranteed and continuous supply of leonardite. Prices competitive to other producers.
• Reclamation of land cover after the mining operations that are mined by open method.
• Restoration of land fertility.
• Remediation and detoxification of agricultural lands.
• Reclamation of saline soils, as well as the detoxification of lands contaminated by anthropogenic human activities.

Delivery condition:
• Price of leonardite in bigbags -120 euro/MT on FOB
• Quantity per month: min 1 000- max 30 000 kmt.
65205 Intrans Other Inde Fertilisants , engrais 2019-12-12 2017-02-02
Description : Prathista products are listed in OMRI (ORGANIC MATERIAL REVIEW INSTITUTE), USA (click to view certificates) as crop nutrients for meeting Nutrient deficiency as per USDA-NOP standards and European Union Standards.

Prathista signed long term MoUs with INDOCERT ( & Foundation for Organic Agriculture & Rural Development Organizations ( to develop Organic Agriculture in India & also in International markets, which facilitates certification of land as well as crop production.

Prathista launched unique Chelated Minerals based on Proteinates, Lacto-Gluconates, Glycinates, which are complementary to existing feed supplement Formulations.

Prathista has opened Office in ALMERE, Netherlands in Joint Collaboration with Quavac BV to market Prathista unique Agri in-puts, Chelated Minerals, Organic acids & Other feed supplements in Netherlands and also in entire European markets. Prathista will subsequently establish state of the art fermentation (BIO TECHNOLOGY) based manufacturing facilities to cater the needs of European markets as Joint Venture to produce all these Eco-friendly products.
Prathista Farmers Welfare Foundation (a Non profit Organization) is established to service poor farmers (*click for details)
Prathista received National awards from her Excellency The President of India - “First prize for R&D efforts” & “Second prize for out standing performance” (* for pictures) through MSME, Govt of India.

Innovative BYPASS FAT is now available for Veterinary & Live stock segments for enhancing Live stock Health and also quality of Milk & Live stock (*click for details)
KVSS SAIRAM-PRESIDENT has received Third International Award - "Asia Pacific Gold Star Award" from Global Achivers Foundation during International conference of Indo-Middle East Friendship Summit held in Dubai on 18th November 2011.(* view picture for details)
CHAIRMAN-KVSS SAIRAM received fellowship award from Association of Bio Technology & Pharmacy during International symposium held at Karunya University at Coimbatore.(*view for picture)
Prathista participating in International Exposition being held at Jaffna, Sri Lanka during 20-22nd January 2012. Please witness our innovations in our stall No. 79.
Prathista International Inc proposals were approved by Honorable Commissioners for City of Manhattan to provide need based incentives for R&D establishment in USA and suitable Agreement is already signed with City Major after clearance from second Public Hearing meeting held on 20th December 2011.
Prathista has taken over "Haryana Bio Tech Private Limited" near Sohana Industrial Area in Haryana to establish state of the art Research Base in North India along with Formulation Unit as a Joint Venture with NRIs with American Technology.
KVSS SAIRAM-PRESIDENT received All India Economy Survey Award Council honor as “Shining Image on India” (media partner – AAJ TAK) - 2011 for his Outstanding Achievements & Distinguished Services to the Nation.
89655 Intrans Other Great Britain (UK) Autres intrans 2019-01-01 2017-01-23
  Description : scudo°therm

For the prevention of Frosts, Burns,Cracking and physiological disorders due to water stress

Self-crosslinking biodegradable copolymer. Applied on plants, forms a semi-permeable membrane that regulates the water exchanges between plants and environment. Regulates transpiration preventing dehydration and the appearance of damages on flowers, leaves and fruits. Increase the shelf-life of fruits, leafy vegetables and cutted flowers. A specific and efficient formulation by the Agridaeus Research.
89654 Intrans Other Great Britain (UK) Autres intrans 2019-01-01 2017-01-23
  Description : phytalex

Nutritional product with specific formulation that acts on physiological processes of the plant and allows to remain strong even in case of presence of phytopathogenic fungi (Mildew, Scab, Fusarium,Alternaria, Esca disease) that cut down the efficiency of foliar, vascular and productive system. It ensures a rapid vegetative recovery, stimulates the biosynthesis of lignin and olyphenolic compounds; increase the mechanical strength of the tissues. Act on the photosynthetic processes, increase the biosynthesis of sugars and therefore the energy available to the plant, to maintain an high productivity.

A specific and efficient formulation by the Agridaeus Research.

It stimulates the physiological processes of SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) that promotes physical strenghtness of plant tissues; It increases the production of lignin and polyphenolic compounds which increase the resistance of plant tissues.
66968 Intrans Ecocert Panama Fertilisants , engrais 2019-02-02 2017-01-09
Description : Green Harvest abono organico enriquecido
disponible por contenedores desde zona libre de colon panama rp de panama

certificado ECOCERT
78313 Intrans Ecocert Afghanistan Fertilisants , engrais 2018-10-08 2017-01-09
Description : Nouveau fertilisant organique à base de plumes fraîches (non hydrolysées),stérilisées mécaniquement...procédé breveté.Riche en azote (11-3-2), ce fertilisant se présente sous forme de granulé .
Je recherche actuellement des distributeurs
78429 Intrans Other Inde Autres intrans 2018-10-10 2017-01-05
Description : Organic Turmeric Rhizomes
Well boiled and dried under sunlight, organic rhizomes
Minimum length of rhizomes 1.5cm & max 8cm
Excellent fragrance
Excellent in taste
May be used as herb inn medicines, spice in vegetables or as an ingredient in pickles after grinding
79196 Intrans Other Bulgarie Fertilisants , engrais 2018-03-01 2016-12-12
Description : We are manufacturers of Vermicompost from red Californian worm,
We are looking for partners and customers to sell the earthworm compost (called also biohumus). Biohumus is not only excellent organic fertilizer, but also revitalizer of the plants and the soil. Raw materials for compost used as food for worms come from clean, unpolluted surroundings, partly from organic certified farmers. Compounds are cattle manure, green grass, mainly lucerne (alfalfa) and straw. Hot (thermopile) composting phase is applied, that eliminates unnecessary seeds and pathogenic bacteria. Biohumus is much more efficient than traditional organic fertilizers. It contains great biodiversity of beneficial micro- organisms owing to millions of earthworms which are taking part in the production process. Usage of biohumus helps to reduce costs in long term and to keep sustainable the soil. Please contact us. You will be very welcomed to visit us in Bulgaria to see the process.
Chemical composition
Humidity <60%
pH 7.22
Dry matter 68.35%
Organic substances 50.83%
N 3.25%
P 0.52%
K 1.17%
Ca 1.21%
Mg 0.33%
78909 Intrans Other Lithuanie Fertilisants , engrais 2018-03-07 2016-11-29
Description : 1. Growing broilers used naturaly 100 percent peat litter, which is mixed with poultry manure becomes a natural, organic fertilizer. This fertilizer directly from poultry farms, we can supply.

Organic fertilizers features:

• loose material;
• pH: 7.5;
• the dry matter min: 70 percent;
• organic matter: 65 percent;
• NPK 3:2:2;
• during the year about 14.000 tons.

2 The poultry manure we granulated.

Organic fertilizers features:

• pellets size 6, 8 mm (length can be from 6-20 mm);
• pH: 7.5;
• the dry matter min: 70 percent;
• organic matter: 65 percent;
• NPK 3:2:2;
• during the year about 14.000 tons.

3 The poultry manure we can granulated and mixed with minerals.

Organic fertilizers features:

• pellets size 6, 8 mm (length can be from 6-20 mm);
• pH: 7.0;
• the dry matter min: 75 percent .;
• Organic matter: 60 percent .;
• NPK: 4: 5: 5th NPK rates can reduce / increase to your desired number;
• during the year about 15.500 tons.

4 The poultry manure we can provide dried and granulated.

Organic fertilizers features:

• pellets size 6, 8 mm (length can be from 6-20 mm);

• pH: 6.5;
• the dry matter min: 90 percent;
• Organic matter: 85 percent;
• NPK 4: 3: 3;
• during the year: 11.000 tons.

5 The poultry manure we can provide granulated and mixed with minerals.

Organic Fertilizer Features:

• pellets size 6, 8 mm (length can be from 6-20 mm);

• pH: 6.5;
• the dry matter min: 90 percent;
• organic matter: 75 percent;
• NPK: 4: 5: 9. NPK rates can reduce / increase to Your desired number.

• during the year: 13.000 tons.
88868 Intrans Other Canada Semences 2018-11-21 2016-11-23
  Description : Rye
hard red wheat
yellow pea
4010 pea
yellow blossom sweet clover

Packaging = 25 kg, 1000 kg polywoven tote/bag

98% purity min. / 85% germ min.
78924 Intrans Other Afrique du Sud Fertilisants , engrais 2018-04-25 2016-11-21
  Description : Natural Seabird Guano has been used by farmers and growers for centuries, and we believe it is still just as valuable today.
We have provided the growing power of seabird guano in a convenient and effective liquid, allowing you to easily provide the nutrients your plants need.
By mixing it with water and spraying or drenching the leaves of your plant, you can increase the plants ability to take in the nutrients it requires. That is because plants don’t just use their roots to feed, but also make use of their stomata, which are found predominantly on both sides of their leaves.
You will be delighted with the results you get when you use our Natural Liquid Seabird Guano Fertilizer in your farm.
Locally produced in South Africa
Sourced sustainably using environmentally friendly methods
Will not burn leaves or roots, or leach out of the soil.

Our unique Seabird Guano Fertilizer Discs provide a slow release source of nutrients directly to the root zone of your plant, providing you with all the growing power of guano in a compressed and convenient disc form.
This makes it ideal for young plants, specifically within nursery growing and landscaping operations, as well as for home gardeners and retail nursery outlets.
Use our Seabird Guano Fertilizer Discs for a simple, effective and environmentally friendly way of feeding any plant!
Locally produced in South Africa
Sourced sustainably using environmentally friendly methods
Will not burn leaves or roots, and will not leach out of the soil.
88730 Intrans Other Thailande Fertilisants , engrais 2018-12-31 2016-11-10
  Description : natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) soil conditioner

Among the many of Nature's resources that can be applied for such solutions a special place belongs to a natural mineral called Zeolite. It is actually difficult to name any important aspect of our life where this "mineral of the 21-st century" has not yet found an environment-friendly application.
59118 Intrans Qualite France France Fertilisants , engrais 2018-01-05 2016-11-07

- 10 fois plus riche que le fumier traditionnel
- sans odeur
- allège et régénère la terre par sa richesse en matière organique et micro-organismes
- stimule la croissance des plantes grâce à ses éléments nutritifs et oligo-éléments
- ne brûle pas même en surdosage
- fertilise en profondeur tous les sols
- sa granulométrie fine permet d'aérer efficacement toutes les terres
- supprime l'effet traumatisant des transplantations
- à mélanger avec tous supports de culture (terreau, terre de bruyère, terre végétale)
79727 Intrans Other Indonésie Fertilisants , engrais 2018-01-29 2016-11-07
Description : We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as producer and exporter of Indonesia origin liquid and granulated organic fertilizer.

Our specs for granulated :
C-Organic : > 13%
C/N Ratio : 15 - 25
pH : 4 - 9
Moisture : 6 - 12 %
Size : 2 - 4 mm > 85%

These are compost, chicken manure and animal dung for the materials.
Our organic fertilizer are suitable for all kind of fruits, vegetables, rice, cassava, cocoa.

Besides we possible to produce specs as per your request.

If you interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more information.
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