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Offre N°CatégorieOrigineProduitValidité de l'offreDate de l'offre
77661 Ingredients Matières premières pour cosmétique 2016-01-01 2014-08-25
  Description : Looking for oils and waxes for manufacturing cosmetics
77660 Ingredients Autres ingredients 2015-10-10 2014-08-25
  Description : Looking for raw materials
76249 Ingredients Matières premières pour cosmétique 2015-10-10 2014-04-22
  Description : Our mission: your natural product made to measure.

We are looking for organic Manilkara chicle or Sapodilla.
Delivery place: France

We are a family company created in 1995 to ensure the elaboration and the development of hygiene products made from renewable vegetables ressources.

Benefiting from an over 10 year-experience, we are able to offer our customers innovating solutions in the field off household cleaning detergents and cosmetic products.

We have developed since the year 2000 a real expertise in formulating and manufacturing of organic certified cosmetics and bocy care products.
75112 Ingredients Matières premières pour cosmétique 2016-07-20 2014-02-21
  Description : We are specialized in the supply of an extensive range of natural, conventional and organic ingredients for cosmeceutical, fragrance & perfumery, spa, massage and aromatherapy applications. Our products are carefully selected from our ever-growing network of reputable manufacturers and processors around the world. We selectively procure ethically harvested ingredients from eco-friendly, environment conscious farmers, distilleries and manufacturers.
59769 Ingredients Matières premières pour cosmétique 2015-03-27 2013-12-10
  Description : certified organic ingredients for cosmetic process
72084 Ingredients Matières premières pour cosmétique 2015-03-23 2013-09-03
  Description : organic ingrédients for cosmetic
72083 Ingredients Autres ingredients 2015-03-03 2013-09-03
  Description : organic ingredients
60913 Ingredients Matières premières pour cosmétique 2015-10-01 2013-07-08
  Description : Looking for raw material for cosmetic products
71251 Ingredients Matières premières pour cosmétique 2014-01-05 2013-07-05
  Description : Nous souhaitons acheter 350 litres de jojoba bio et 200 litres de rosier muscat.

Nous sommes une société de cosmétique bio.
70665 Ingredients Autres ingredients 2012-12-20 2013-05-27
  Description : I am searching for a client in Germany following:
Organic BITTER Almond oil or aroma
69223 Ingredients Autres ingredients 2014-02-23 2013-02-19
  Description : Raw material for production of supplement food
69222 Ingredients Autres ingredients 2014-03-07 2013-02-19
  Description : Raw material for extraction or market for infusions
68920 Ingredients Autres ingredients 2014-02-07 2013-02-04
  Description : organic ingredients
68720 Ingredients Matières premières pour cosmétique 2014-05-05 2013-01-29
  Description : Manuka and Kanuka oils
67138 Ingredients Autres ingredients 2013-01-01 2012-10-26
  Description : 7 to Fructus Foeniculi tot

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