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96453 Boissons Other Afrique du Sud Boissons alcoolisées (apéritifs, bière, cidre, champagne,eau de vie, vin) 2020-02-10 2018-10-17
  Description : We are a 670ha wine and fruit estate specialized in a high quality premium organic Merlot wine. We also grow and produce excellent Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cab Franc and Pinotage. Please check out website:

We are currently in our third year of organic conversion. Next harvest, March 2019, will be fully certified as organic by Control Union.

Buyers can choose between the following products:

- Wine from organic grapes: Bottled wines from organic grapes, cellared traditionally with addition of sulphur and oaked in new and 2nd fill barrique barrels for 18 months. Samples available for testing in South Africa and Europe. Dispatch to other areas can be arranged. Up to 100.000 bottles can be produced p.a.

- Fully organic wine: Wine from organic grapes, produced without any sulphur or other additives, fully natural. We have produced 300 bottles of the 2018 fully organic Merlot as samples for tasting. International dispatch can be arranged at request. We can produce up to 50.000 bottles of this wine by order.

- Organic bulk wine: Up to 100.000 litres

- Organic grapes: Up to 150 tonnes
96452 Fruits legumes Other Afrique du Sud Fruits frais 2020-03-03 2018-10-17
Description : For local consumption or use, we offer app. 10 tons of organic Guavas, 1 ton of sundried organic almonds and 500 KG of organic grapefruits.
96451 Fruits legumes Other Afrique du Sud Autres fruits legumes 2020-02-10 2018-10-17
Description : We grow to buyers specification any organic vegetable (that grows in the Cape Wineland district) on app. 10 ha of virgin organic and irrigated soil.

Please contact us for specifications.
96450 Huiles Other Afrique du Sud Olive 2020-02-10 2018-10-17
Description : We grow 10.000 organic Koroneiki olive trees on Canetsfontein. First commercial harvest is in 2020. Expected long term yield is app. 300 tons.

Koroneiki is very high in polyphenols and gives a fantastic organic olive oil that we intend to produce on the estate.

Buyers are welcome to buy olives, olive oil in bulk or in bottles.

Please contact us.
96449 Produits sucres Other Afrique du Sud Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche 2020-02-10 2018-10-17
Description : We have plenty of beehives on our estate, producing excellent organic honey.

Varieties for sale to local consumers:

Orange blossom
Eucalyptus tree
96448 Boucherie,charcuterie Other Espagne Autres boucherie, charcuterie 2020-02-10 2018-10-17
Description : Organic meat products
96447 Epices condiments Other Espagne Ails, oignons 2020-03-03 2018-10-17
Description : Organic Onion and Garlic
96446 Fruits legumes Other Espagne Fruits ou légumes surgelés 2020-03-03 2018-10-17
Description : Organic frozen fruits
96445 Fruits legumes Other Espagne Fruits secs 2020-02-10 2018-10-17
Description : Organic dry fruit
96444 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Espagne Plantes aromatiques 2020-03-03 2018-10-17
Description : Organic aromatic plants
96443 Fruits legumes Other Espagne Fruits frais 2020-02-10 2018-10-17
Description : Organic fruit and vegetables
96442 Fruits legumes Other Espagne Fruits ou légumes en conserve 2020-02-10 2018-10-17
Description : Organic fruit preserve
96441 Produits laitiers Other Espagne Oeufs 2020-03-03 2018-10-17
Description : Organic eggs
96440 Produits laitiers Other Espagne Autres produits laitiers 0000-00-00 2018-10-17
Description : Organic milk
59378 Fruits legumes Other Etats-Unis Autres fruits legumes 2020-06-10 2018-10-08
Description : BEANS
* Soybeans
* Adzuki
* Black
* Black Eye
* Chickpeas
* Coffee
* Cranberry
* Great Northern
* Kidney
* Mung
* Red
* Pinto
* White

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