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Offre N°CategorieCertificationProduit
62261 Produits laitiers Soil Association Certification Ltd Fromage
Description : Range of UK & Dutch Organic Cheeses always available for next morning delivery in SE England. Further cheeses available on request.
62123 Produits laitiers Other Fromage
Description : Organic Sheep Cheese
Organic Goat Cheese
Organic Buffalo Cheese
Organic Yak Cheese
Organic Cow Cheese
60275 Produits laitiers Australian Certified Organic Beurre, crème
  Description : Unsalted Organic Butter & Cream
60276 Produits laitiers Other Fromage
  Description : Soft and Hard Cheese

Gouda, Swiss-Style, Cheddar

Brie, Camembert, Nuage Blace (blend of Brie and Camembert)
60277 Produits laitiers Other Yaourt
  Description : Natural Yogurt
Low Fat Yogurt
Fruit Yogurt
Bush Honey Yogurt
Dessert Style Yogurt
Indulgence Range
60278 Produits laitiers Other Autres produits laitiers
  Description : Full Cream Milk (3.8%)
Reduced Fat Milk (2.5%)
Zero Milk (0.1%)
57419 Produits laitiers Other Beurre, crème
Description : COCONUT BUTTER (a.k.a. Creamed Coconut)

Country of Origin: Philippines.

Minimum Order: 1 pallet (approx. 1,500 lbs)

Formats: organic and nonorganic.

Shelf Life: up to 18 months if store at 55º +/- 5ºF temperature away from sun light and humidity.

Uses: Used as cake ingredient for baking, confectionery ingredient, sauces, dairy replacement, etc.

Lead Time: If not in stock, 6 to 8 weeks.
55772 Produits laitiers Kez Beurre, crème
Description : Sweet whey powder
Milk powder
Dairy ingredients
55748 Produits laitiers Other Autres produits laitiers
  Description : At Aurora Organic Dairy, organic goodness flows from our healthy, productive milk cows to a range of delicious, high-quality organic dairy products. Everything in the Aurora Organic system is designed with one goal in mind – the creation of delicious, affordable organic products to meet our customers’ needs. Because our farm and plant are together, we offer the quickest time from cow to carton to ensure highest freshness. Our integrated supply chain also ensures the lowest cost overall, and our 100% focus helps to build your brand and your business
52386 Produits laitiers Imo Desserts lactés
Description : 10 MT per day
52232 Produits laitiers Biokontroll Hungaria Közhasnu Tarsasag Lait écrémé ou poudre
Description : Certified raw organic milk 6mill liter per year
51631 Produits laitiers Other Lait écrémé ou poudre
Description : Organic products

- Organic cow milk in bulk or in powder
- Organic goat milk in bulk or in powder
- Organic skimmed milk powders
- Organic full cream milk powders
- Organic goat whey powders
- Organic liquid whey concentrate
49927 Produits laitiers Biokontroll Hungaria Közhasnu Tarsasag Autres produits laitiers
Description : We are an organic dairy farm in Hungary. We produce excellent quality of raw organic milk about 5 million kg per year.
48834 Produits laitiers Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Autres produits laitiers
Description : Manufacturer of the Organic Certified Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream, Frozen Coconut Cream, Creamed Coconut Concentrate
36340 Produits laitiers Other Fromage
Description : Queso Manchego DO, Quesos Tetilla DO, quesos de Cabra al Vino, Quesos de Cabra con Trufa, Quesos a la Cerveza, Quesos con Romero.
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