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Offre N°CategorieCertificationProduit
77548 Ingredients Ecocert Matières premières pour cosmétique
  Description : Hydrolat de Rose de Damas
77023 Ingredients Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Autres ingredients
  Description : mustard seeds-chia seeds-chia flour-chia defatted flour- chia oil- hemp seeds-hemp oil- maqui powder- xylitol
75075 Ingredients Instituto Mediterraneo Certificazione Matières premières pour cosmétique
  Description : huile de figue de barbarie bio
poudre de figue de barbarie bio
75542 Ingredients Ecocert Matières premières pour cosmétique
  Description : We are proud to be Morocco's 1st producer of Barbary fig seed oil and a responsible company striving to developing the rural areas by promoting women labor using Barbary fig oil as a substantial economic leverage.

Our flagship product is Barbary fig seed oil (also called Prickly pear seed oil): a rare, precious oil that is cold-pressed from the seeds of Opuntia Ficus Indica cactus. We also produce organic dried Cactus flowers and organic Argan oil (cosmetic and food grade).

Our Cactus and Argan byproducts are organic certified by the well-known european certification institution ECOCERT. We hold the ECOCERT CE and NOP (USDA) certificates.
75216 Ingredients Other Vanille
Description : vanilla seeds
75215 Ingredients Other Matières premières pour cosmétique
Description : all raw materials for cosmetics
74872 Ingredients Ecocert Matières aromatisantes, colorants, gélifiants
  Description : Fondée en 1920 par Marius Laborma, Albert Vieille est devenu une histoire et un savoir-faire liés aux plantes à parfums. Spécialiste des matières premières aromatiques 100% pures et naturelles depuis près d’un siècle, nous vous proposons un large éventail d’huiles essentielles destinées aux marchés de l'aromathérapie, de la parfumerie, de la cosmétique et de l'alimentaire.

L’essentiel pour nous, est d’être une source fiable et authentique de matières premières naturelles et de transmettre ces valeurs à nos clients afin qu’ils puissent les incorporer avec fierté au cœur de leurs formules.

Notre vocation est d’inspirer les créateurs de parfums avec des produits d’exception !

Plus de 200 matières premières aromatiques 100% pures et naturelles au service de vos créations !
74452 Ingredients Other Autres ingredients
  Description : We sell organic cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Panama.

Because of its high quality and useful advice, PRONATEC has assisted in the production of many highly successful “Grand Cru“ and “Single Origin“ products.
74425 Ingredients Other Vanille
  Description : With extensive experience in vanilla processing, PRONATEC sells various organic vanilla products to the food processing industry:

- Organic vanilla pods
- Organic vanilla powder
- Organic vanilla extract liquid
- Organic vanilla extract powder / oleoresin powder
- Organic vanille cuts
72287 Ingredients Other Autres ingredients
Description : In introducing, we are involved in exports.
We are in a position to export the following products as we enjoy very close connections with small and medium scale entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.
(1) Coconut shell craft products – key tags, earrings, necklaces, oil spoons
(2) Rush & Reed - Dumbara Rata table mats
(3) Palmyra (talipot) leaf by products & screw-pine products - purse, hand bags, bangles,
(4) Kithul based by products – made out from Kithul flower
(5) Disposable self – destructive eco friendly shopping bags
(6) Cane & Bamboo by products – vases; pen holders
Parties who are interested should contact with their requirements to offer competitive prices. We accept small orders in 20 to 30 kg per shipment. Shipment will be made by courier service. Payment by Telegraphic Transfer or pay through “Paypal” Account. After receipt of the payments, we will dispatch the goods.

Thanks & Best Regards
A.H.N.Lakshmi Raja Kumari
No.449/8 Rajco Housing Scheeme
Vihara Mawatha, Welivita
Sri Lanka.
Email: ;
72141 Ingredients Other Matières premières pour cosmétique
Description : prickly pear seed oil
71239 Ingredients Other Matières premières pour cosmétique
Description : Organic Certified Grape Seed Flour 100 micron or 140 mesh suitable for huge improvement in taste of pancakes or waffles or breads and baked products.

Have very fine 63 micron (240 mesh) also available

Has and antioxidant value of 23 times that of Blueberries . Boosts the health value of the end product.

25 kilo bags. 18 lb in 5 gallon pails, 4 lb in one gallon pails and 8 ounce in standup Ziplock sealable plastic bags
70711 Ingredients Ecocert Matières premières pour cosmétique
Description : Distillateur de plantes pour hydrolats et huiles essentielles depuis 1932.
Les plantes sont distillées selon vos besoins mais nous avons un stock sur certaines références.
Merci de nous contacter au 05 65 21 03 61.
70552 Ingredients Other Matières premières pour cosmétique
69916 Ingredients Imo Vanille
Description : Dear Sir/Madam,
We are suppliers of Organic Food commodities, Organic Raisins , Organic Turmeric ,Organic Chili etc,certified by for NOP and NPOP, hence would like to keep track of our professional network,and would like to associate with you.
Thank you with regards,Yogesh
Dhanvantri Agro Foods,India
Cell:0091 95916 11121
emailid: dafoods at yahoo dot com
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