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Offre N°CategorieProduit
78008 Fruits legumes Légumes secs
  Description : Any dried vegetables, preferably certified organic
78007 Fruits legumes Fruits secs
  Description : Any dried fruit, preferably certified organic
78006 Fruits legumes Fruits ou légumes déshydratés
  Description : Wanting to purchase medicinal, aromatic and culinary dried botanicals
77515 Fruits legumes Autres fruits legumes
  Description : Organic vegetables
Delivery place: France
76943 Fruits legumes Fruits frais
  Description : dattes,amendes;oranges
76528 Fruits legumes Autres fruits legumes
  Description : I am looking for Organic Fruit and Vegetables powders
76114 Fruits legumes Purées de fruits
  Description : We are looking for organic raw materials: organic fruits puree

We are a young Breton company, aims to be one of the most important suppliers of natural plants for cosmetics and food professionals in France and abroad.

Our PhytPeel range is already composed of more than 15 vegetal and mineral products and is constantly extending to meet our customers' needs. We have just launched our BiophytPeel range which is an organic certified exfoliant line according to the Cosmos european standard.

Our PhytExtract range is composed of natural seaweeds and plant extracts and allows us to work with our rich local resources.

Our PhytHerbo range is composed of plants in flakes or powder form and has been specifically created to be used in phytotherapy.
76046 Fruits legumes Fruits frais
  Description : fig,olive,chestnut,walnut,apple,pomegranate
14987 Fruits legumes Autres fruits legumes
  Description : organic fruits and vegetables
75332 Fruits legumes Légumes frais
  Description : High quality organic avocados
High quality organic tomatoes
High quality organic corn
75331 Fruits legumes Fruits frais
  Description : High quality organic bananas
High quality organic pineapples
High quality organic strawberries
High quality organic blueberries
High quality organic peaches
75330 Fruits legumes Agrumes
  Description : High quality organic mandarins
High quality organic oranges
High quality organic grapefruit
72008 Fruits legumes Fruits secs
  Description : organic dried fruits
71600 Fruits legumes Fruits et légumes exotiques
  Description : We produce organic fruit and vegetable purees for children.

We are looking to buy from organic (BIO) products without any preservatives and supplements.

The main questions –
1. In what capacity do You sell ?
2. What kind of packing do You use ?
3. Which consistency do You use for delivering the products - aseptic containers or frozen form ?
4. How long can be stored (shelflife) and in what temperature ?

Please, answer as soon as possible!
69839 Fruits legumes Autres fruits legumes
  Description : Estoy interesada en plantas horticolas ecologicas
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