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78626 Ingredientes Oregon Tilth Certified Organic E.E.U.U. Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2019-01-01 2017-01-05
Descripción : Aloe vera barbadensis. certified organic, freeze dried whole leaf powder (100X), or inner leaf powder (200X)
78665 Ingredientes Oregon Tilth Certified Organic E.E.U.U. Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-12-31 2017-01-05
Descripción : Aloe Vera Barbadensis juices, concentrates and freeze dried powders. All are available as whole leaf or inner leaf, cosmetic grade or food grade.
78900 Ingredientes Other Great Britain (UK) Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-03-07 2016-11-29
Descripción : Welcome to Opuntia, manufacturers and producers of 100% pure, Prickly Pear cactus oil. We have offices in the UK and France working with our own Moroccan based farms to bring you the highest quality organic opuntia barbary fig oil available. We provide the finest quality cold pressed prickly pear cactus seed oil for retail and to the trade.
88872 Ingredientes Other Tunez Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-12-31 2016-11-23
Descripción : Nous sommes une société de production et de commercialisation de l ' huile d argan.ces produits sont commercialisés au maroc et souhaitant les exportés en Europe
Notre société a obtenu des certificats qui affirment la haute qualité de l'huile d'argan produite par la société et sa conformité aux normes internationales imposées par les experts en agriculture
79131 Ingredientes Ecocert Costa de Marfil Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-03-07 2016-11-21
Descripción : beurre de karité naturel et non raffiné, très propre. de couleur jaune pâle et de très bonne odeur. c'est un produit certifié.
88563 Ingredientes Other Estonia Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-12-31 2016-10-19
  Descripción : Organic chaga powder, organic pine buds powder
88558 Ingredientes Other Marruecos Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-01-01 2016-10-19
Descripción : Oriental Group is able to offer cosmetic Argan oil manufacturers and food Argan in bulk or packaged, as well as products of oriental Hammam and care: argan oil manufacturers, black soap, natural soap, Rasul, kassa glove, floral waters (rose, lavender, jasmine) ... Only for professionals, we supply major retailers in Europe, Spa and Hammam and supermarket and most of the Argan oil manufacturers Amazon seller according to Amazon Fulfillment rules.
All our Argan oil manufacturers has been certified organic IMC and USDA and meet this end, international standards of quality extra virgin argan oil manufacturers 100%
59390 Ingredientes Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association Japan Otros ingredientes 2018-09-09 2016-10-11
Descripción : JAS Certified Organic Konnyaku powder (glucomannan powder)
62486 Ingredientes Other E.E.U.U. Otros ingredientes 2018-12-31 2016-10-03
  Descripción : At Luna Nueva, our very own organic, sustainable, Demeter-certified biodynamic farm located in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Luna Nueva, where we grow our own organic turmeric and ginger, is certified biodynamic by Demeter International
62590 Ingredientes Other Italia Otros ingredientes 2018-07-20 2016-10-03
  Descripción : Since various years, we have expanded our traditional range of products, to include a line of Organic products, obtaining the proper certification.
The range varies from palm, soybean, rapeseed and sunflower oils and cocoa butter to purpose-made specialities for the preparations of spreads and sauces as béchamel, mayo and vegetable cream.
81764 Ingredientes Ecocert La India Vainilla 2018-12-31 2016-09-28
Descripción : Certified Organic High Quality Vanilla beans available in whole, Powder and TBC.

we can also offer other fair trade and certified organic- Rice , Black and white pepper, clove, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Mace etc...
81790 Ingredientes Other La India Vainilla 2018-02-28 2016-09-28
Descripción : We can offer fair trade and certified organic:

1. Certified Organic Vanilla Beans
2. Certified Organic Vanilla Powder
3. Certified Organic Vanilla TBC
87507 Ingredientes Other Senegal Otros ingredientes 2018-12-31 2016-08-18
Descripción : We offer the Baobab fruit pulp powder.
Production: The Republic of Senegal
Baobab fruit has a citrus aroma and flavor, vitamins and minerals than many fruits. Vitamin C - three times higher than in cassis and potassium and magnesium is five times longer than bananas. The fruit is rich in calcium, zinc and pro-vitamin A, having a prebiotic effect (stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut). It improves overall health, has beneficial effects on the skin. pulp powder baobabovoy improves the immune system and lowers cholesterol.
Ingredients: 100% fruit pulp of Baobab dried naturally. Nutritional information per 100 g: Energy value - 230 kcal, fat - 0.1 g, carbohydrates - 30g, sugar - 25 grams of fiber - 60g Protein - 2.2 g.
Packing: Plastic Bank - 60 grams, the plastic bags of 500 g and 1 kg.

pricing conditions: 25 € the kg
Packaging: Plastic Bank - 60 grams, Sacks pla
66937 Ingredientes Other Madagascar Vainilla 2018-03-20 2016-08-12
77647 Ingredientes Other Francia Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-12-12 2016-08-12
  Descripción : Hydrolat de Rose de Dama
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