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77642 Frutas y verduras Other Polonia Otras frutas y verduras 2018-10-10 2017-02-01
  Descripción : 100 % organic – taste of nature.

The highest quality provided from planting to the final delivery.

Our company provides high quality, certified organic frozen fruits and vegetables - Choose health !

Freezing is one of the healthiest foods storage methods, which do not require the addition of preservatives. IQF is a method that does not allow large ice crystals to form in vegetable cells. Also, since each piece is individually frozen, particles do not cohere, and the final product is not frozen into a solid block. Thanks to IQF freezing method fruits and vegetables never lose their taste, shape and valuable nutritional values. In the middle of winter, you will feel the taste of summer!

IQF freezing process allows to :
-freezing without any preservatives,
-avoid forming ice crystals in vegetables,
- avoid cohering, sticking,
-maintain taste, shape, nutritional values,
-freezing of products through their use in the later stages of production (eg. layering pizzas)
-curing sensitive or viscous products before weighing,
-freezing liquid or semi-liquid products in single servings.

Price List shows prices EXW Poland.
Vegeland company is providing shipment. Minimum order we make is 20 EUR pallet concerning land transport and container 20' fit for overseas transport. Actually we collaborate with many European countries. We have enormous experience and practice in organizing deliveries. You can rely on us. Your order will be on time.

Our products are available in 10 kg cartons and 25 kg bags.

During the first transaction we prefer to use T/T payment method. It is necessary to prove the customers truthfulness and make safe and both sides profitable business relation.
We will be pleased if you decide to join the ranks of our customers. We will be also obliged to have you as our business partner successfully for a long time.

Feel free to ask any questions or give us any suggestions – our clients opinions are as much important for us as their satisfaction. We are open and ready to start cooperation.
64597 Frutas y verduras Other Paises Bajos Frutas frescas 2018-12-31 2017-01-16
  Descripción : OTC-Holland distributes a full line of organic fruit and vegetables. Organic Trade Company Holland B.V. emphasizes short communication lines between grower, OTC-Holland and customer. This enables OTC-Holland to maximize efficiency and results for all parties involved in the supply chain.
57655 Frutas y verduras Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh China Frutas o verduras congeladas 2018-07-10 2017-01-16
  Descripción : We are able to provide the following Dehydrated , Air Dried, Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Organic AD/FD Vegetables
Organic Dried Asparagus
Organic Dried Bell Pepper – Green/Red
Organic Dried Broccoli
Organic Dried Carrot
Organic Dried Cauliflower
Organic Dried Corn
Organic Dried Garlic
Organic Dried Ginger
Organic Dried Green Beans
Organic Dried Onion
Organic Dried Peas
Organic Dried Spinach

Organic AD/FD Fruits
Organic Dried Apple
Organic Dried Blackberry
Organic Dried Passion fruit
Organic Dried Pear
Organic Dried Raspberry
Organic Dried Strawberry
Organic Dried Wolfberry (Gojiberry)
77659 Frutas y verduras Other La India Frutas y verduras exóticas 2018-12-12 2017-01-16
Descripción : We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading producer of Organic Pomegranate from our organic certified farm in Cumbum valley, Tamil Nadu.
We offer Organic Pomegranate (Red Bhagwa variety) which we supply in bulk packing of 10 kg /20 Kg cartons as well as retail packing of 1/ 2 kg boxes under our brand name HARVEST FRESH.
Apart from Pomegranate we can supply Organic Papaya (Red Lady) , Coconut/Tender Coconut, Mango, Grapes, Passion Fruit etc..
Our farm has been certified by Indian Organic Certification Agency, INDOCERT and we are committed to good farming.
We would be delighted to be associated with you so please do let us know your interest in our products so that we can send you more data.
66916 Frutas y verduras Other Suiza Verduras frescas 2018-12-12 2017-01-16
  Descripción : Production et distribution de légumes frais et de saison prêt à déguster.
67250 Frutas y verduras Other Africa Del sur Agrumos 2018-10-10 2017-01-16
  Descripción : SOGA Organic is a proudly South African certified organic citrus processing plant. We produce and wholesale top quality single strength NFC Citrus Juice & essential oils direct to you.
89488 Frutas y verduras Other La India Frutas secas 2018-12-31 2017-01-09
  Descripción : Organic Cashew W320, W240, W450 and LWP
66944 Frutas y verduras Other E.E.U.U. Otras frutas y verduras 2019-03-23 2017-01-09
  Descripción : Organic fruits and vegetables
78409 Frutas y verduras Other Macedonia Otras frutas y verduras 2019-03-07 2017-01-09
Descripción : We are organic farm in Macedonia producing organic persimmon and organic vinegar from persimmon.

We produce certified organic food for almost 11 years.
This year we will have around of 100 tons of fresh persimmon.
78415 Frutas y verduras Agrobio Uzbekistan Frutas secas 2019-01-29 2017-01-09
Descripción : There are Almonds, raisins, nuts, apricots in our dried fruit. They are very deliciously,fresh and quality.
78428 Frutas y verduras Other Portugal Otras frutas y verduras 2018-04-25 2017-01-09
Descripción : Organic fruits
67563 Frutas y verduras Other Israel Otras frutas y verduras 2019-02-02 2017-01-09
  Descripción : We are offering Organic Cluster Tomatoes, Organic Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine, Organic Peppers and Bell Peppers and much more special fresh vegetables, citrus and fruit.
63020 Frutas y verduras Other E.E.U.U. Otras frutas y verduras 2019-12-15 2017-01-09
  Descripción : organic cranberries

Pack size: 18, 16 or 12 packs or 25lb Bulk

Size: 8oz (227g) bags
67715 Frutas y verduras Other Iran Otras frutas y verduras 2018-02-02 2017-01-05
  Descripción : We are an export company having several years experience on exporting different foodstuffs from Iran including Fresh Fruits in organic or conventional type.
We are specialized in Pomegranate, apple and kiwi. Now we are in the season of Pomegranate, apple and kiwi Fresh Fruit. We can supply them with competitive price and best quality for your company.
89290 Frutas y verduras Other Chile Frutas o verduras congeladas 2019-01-01 2016-12-21
Descripción : Organic Frozen Strawberries
Organic Frozen Cultivated Blackberries
Organic Frozen Cultivated Blueberries
Organic Frozen Raspberries

USDA Organic certification
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