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Oferta n°CategoríaCertificaciónProducto
83264 Comestibles Other Soja y derivados (granos, gérmenes, salsas, postres, tortas)
Descripción : Organic millet and pulses
Ragi for weight loss: Ragi contains an amino acid, Tryptophan which reduces appetite. It has a much higher amount of dietary fiber compared to white rice and other grains. It is also a low fat cereal and most of the fats are in the unsaturated form. This makes it the best choice in grains for people trying to lose weight. The bulkiness of the fibers and the slower digestion rate makes one feel fuller on fewer calories and therefore helps prevent excess caloric consumption.
83349 Cereales derivados Ecocert Oleaginosos, proteaginosos (colza, girasol, soja, sésamo, guisantes, habas)
Descripción : sesame de tres bonne qualite et de differents varietes disponible
83310 Productos lácteos Other Otros productos lácteos
Descripción : Dutch Vla
83309 Productos lácteos Organic Food Federation Yogur
Descripción : Organic Yoghurts
83295 Servicios Other Consulting
Descripción : Map Business is part of the Map Group; we develop business for Brazilian companies to export their products. Headquartered in Florianopolis, in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.
We have also the structure to help companies who need assitance end help to came in Brazil, install or import their products.
83294 Productos de cultivo - intrans Other Otros productos de cultivo
Descripción : Eco-friendly company of technological innovation, producing tumblers, trays and disposable packaging, 100% biodegradable, from cassava starch
83293 Productos cosméticos Other Cuidados del cuerpo
Descripción : Manufacturer of cosmetics made exclusively from coffee UTZ certified, and Fair Trade. Their products with high added value, good quality and differentials
83292 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other otros Limpieza y higiene ecológicos
Descripción : Organic Technology Company, green chemistry, produces blends with objective is to develop natural and biodegradable cleaning products - compared to the chemicals present in the current market
83291 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Instituto Biodinamico Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para empresas
Descripción : Organic Technology Company, green chemistry, produces blends with objective is to develop natural and biodegradable cleaning products - compared to the chemicals present in the current market
83268 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Plantas aromáticas
Descripción : we sell and buy aromatic plants
83267 Frutas y verduras Other Frutas secas
Descripción : we sell osmotic dried fruits bio and conv
78537 Aceites Other Oliva
  Descripción : Ever since it was founded in 1989, we have been tirelessly asserting its position as a major player in the organic oils sector.

’The Basics’ : your day-to-day oils. Includes some well-known flavours (olive, sunflower, rapeseed), some lesser-known (safflower, marrow seed) but all of them providing specific supplements, all of which are essentials ...

The Gourmet Series

Since our oils are so tasty, check out our ’Gourmet Series’ range. Original, flavourful oils that will provide all of your meals with a whimsical touch ...

The Balanced Diet Specials

To help you enjoy the benefits of every one of our oils with no fuss, BIOPRESS has developped a full range of blends, the Balanced Diet Specials, for use in seasoning.

The Cooking Specials

BIOPRESS provides you with its range of oils devoted to cooking and frying. For your comfort and in order to preserve the flavour of your recipes, these oils have been deodorised using water steam. They have neither taste nor smell, and will allow you to cook ’healthy’.

The Practical Series

With its "Pratical Series", Biopress invites you to rediscover its flagship products in greater packaging, for a more practical and more economical use.
83263 Cereales derivados Other Arroz, trigo negro sarraceno, avena, centeno, diversos
Descripción : Black rice is actually more purplish in color than black.Black rice is a great substitute for traditional anti-oxidant rich foods.Anti-oxidant are also known to actively break down the nasty types of arterial plaque and chemically fight high cholesterol levels. The magical thing about black rice is that it can do all of this without any harmful side effects such as those that you might find in current prescription available from your physician High in nutritional value,black rice is rich in iron and high in fiber.
83211 Semillas Other Otras semillas
Descripción : organic coriander & parsely seed
83210 Productos de cultivo - intrans Other Semillas
Descripción : organic coriander seed. russian orgin.
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