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66935 Aceites Ecocert Marruecos Otras aceites 2016-10-01 2014-10-14
  Descripción : Hola,

Somos una empresa experta marroquí especializada en la producción y exportación de aceite de argán prensado en frío y puro para uso cosmético.

Nuestro aceite de argán es orgánico certificado por ECOCERT y agencias del USDA.

Esperamos poder ampliar nuestro negocio a otros mercados y estamos buscando un socio serio para promover nuestro producto.

Estamos interesados ??en la exportación a granel y estamos muy abiertos a una relación de negocios sólida en serio.
77753 Aceites Ecocert Francia Oliva 2016-10-10 2014-09-08
Descripción : Aspect liquide huileux fluide
Couleur jaune doré à verte
Odeur caractéristique d'olive
Toucher gras.
Si vous souhaitez améliorer sa pénétration dans la
peau, mélangez-la avec une huile plus pénétrante
( Kukui, Macadamia, Noisette,... )
67129 Aceites Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Guatemala Otras aceites 2016-01-15 2014-09-08
Descripción : Coconut oil extra virgen and coconut flour
66607 Aceites Ecocert Marruecos Otras aceites 2016-07-02 2014-08-25
Descripción : Huile d'argan ( Zwity et Tamgharte)

Notre mission est la qualité dédiée par les femmes rurales de la perle du Sud

la principale mission des femmes rurales de la perle du Sud est de vous offrir l'or liquide de qualité incomparable.
66173 Aceites Other Italia Otras aceites 2016-03-07 2014-08-11
  Descripción : ORGANIC OILS selects top-quality raw materials that come from certified organic farms and it checks them according to the strictest international standards
65059 Aceites Other Alemania Otras aceites 2016-06-10 2014-08-08
  Descripción : Argand'Or GmbH is the world market leader for hand pressed argan oil. Products include food oil,
cosmetic oil and related products such as supplement caps, cream and body lotion. Our products
have been sold on every continent.

I do not know how far you far you have studied about argan oil, so maybe I can give you a short description:
Argan oil is pressed from the fruit of the argan tree which only grows in the southern part of Morocco.
This oil is traditionally used for cooking (it has a nutty taste) and for skincare by the native Berber population.
Modern research has found it to be the richest oil in tocopherol(vitamin E) and anti-oxidants like spinasterol and schottenol, making it useful for anti-aging treatment and cancer prevention/healthy lifestyle. The oil is pressed traditionally in Morocco and controlled and then bottled in Germany. It is conforming to European standards for biological food and dermantologically tested, assuring the highest quality. Machine pressed argan oil (which today is the majority) loses most of its ingredients during pressing, and as the outer shell is rarely removed in such a process, making it bitter. Argand'Or argan oil is marketed in Europe and other countries as a premium class oil for users concerned about nature and health.
62089 Aceites Ecocert Marruecos Otras aceites 2017-12-31 2014-07-09
Descripción : We are a company specialized in the production and the commercialization of cosmetic and food argan oil. We are looking for serious wholesalers or distributors.

Of exceptional quality, our oil, certified Ecocert and NOP, is obtained by cold pressure from argan almonds carefully selected from organic farming.
Depending in your choice, our oils can be sold in bulk or conditioned by our own care in our production units.

Specific in its composition exceptionally rich in oleic and linoleic fatty acids (45%), argan oil is beneficial and can be used in dietetic cosmetic and medicinal product.

A complete range of cosmetic based on argan oil including slimming capsules will be available soon.

Observing a strict laboratory charter our production units fully meet international standards in terms of safety.
76990 Aceites Other Grecia Nuez 0000-00-00 2014-06-16
  Descripción : Extra virgin olive oil of certified organic production from mountainous and semi-mountainous low yield olive groves of exceptional biodiversity.

Extremely low acidity and very low peroxide value.

AGIOLIA organic extra virgin olive oil is a single varietal olive oil from the famous “Koroneiki” olive variety. The fruit is hand-picked from the cultivators we collaborate with from our chosen “Mountainous olive groves of exceptional biodiversity”.

The pressing of the olives takes place within 24 hours, at a temperature below 27 °C, at a contemporary two phase oil mill of low environmental burden. Laboratory qualitative tests are immediately carried out by an independent accredited laboratory in Athens, to verify that the specific batch can be labelled as AGIOLIA organic ultra premium olive oil.

Once the analysis attest to the quality, the olive oil batch is stored in stainless steel tanks, in a cool and dry environment, in a collaborating certified bottling plant of the region. The bottling takes place within 30 days, under strict supervision from the Production Engineers office with which we collaborate.

The strict specifications for harvesting, milling, storing and bottling guarantee that the AGIOLIA extra virgin olive oil has a very low acidity, which reaches below 0.30%. Furthermore, the low peroxide value, below 8 mEqO2/kg, proves that the AGIOLIA extra virgin olive oil has not undergone oxidation or other alterations.
62454 Aceites Other Alemania Otras aceites 2017-12-01 2014-05-19
  Descripción : All Organic Trading GmbH offers a wide range of organic vegetable oils and fats as well as waxes and extracts in organic quality. We trade, produce and attend to many of our products from the plant to the high quality oil or extract. To us holistic value creation means acting according to the values of organic agriculture and with fair prices for raw material.
76466 Aceites Other La India Otras aceites 0000-00-00 2014-05-06
  Descripción : Your search ends here… professional services in custom sourcing of all natural and organic products and ingredients to the pharma, nutraceutical, cosmoceutical, distributors, retailers etc.
At GrassRoots we are attempting to impact lives of consumers , farmers and the eco system as a whole.
76244 Aceites Other Italia Otras aceites 2016-01-10 2014-04-22
  Descripción : Palm olein, peanut oil, canola seed oil, safflower seed oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, deodorized sunflower oil
76243 Aceites Other Italia Otras aceites 2016-10-10 2014-04-22
  Descripción : organic extra virgin olive oil
75660 Aceites Other Italia Almendra 2016-12-12 2014-03-21
  Descripción : We are an unique organic short chain almond farm.We have hundreds of items to sell but are willing to focus specifically on 3 champions: the Toritto'almond(one of the best in the world),pure cold pressed almond oil and our exclusive patented almond milk.Integrity and quality are our lifestyle.
74852 Aceites Consejo Catalán De La Producción Agraria Ecológica La India Oliva 2016-07-20 2014-02-06
Descripción : Variedad: Arbequinas procedentes de cultivo ecológico.
¿Porqué es tan bueno?: Son aceitunas cultivadas en nuestra finca de “El Camí de la Serra” en la Selva del Camp (Tarragona). Este aceite se ha obtenido de la primera presión en frío. Se ha dejado reposar y se ha envasado sin filtrar, garantizando así un proceso natural. Esto hace que
nuestro aceite tenga un color característico. El resultado es un aceite de máxima calidad que mantiene el gusto y el aroma auténtico de aceituna arbequina y sus propiedades nutricionales.
62990 Aceites Other La India Otras aceites 2015-07-20 2014-02-03
  Descripción : Organic Soy Oil
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