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Oferta n°CategoríaCertificaciónProducto
59854 Comestibles Ecocert Pastas para untar
  Descripción : A specialist in chestnuts, CONCEPT Fruits introduces its new chestnut creams flavoured with all natural ingredients without colourings or preservatives to preserve the authentic taste of the chestnut.
59856 Frutas y verduras Ecocert Frutas o verduras en conserva
59857 Frutas y verduras Ecocert Frutas o verduras al vacío
59859 Productos preparados Ecocert Platos preparados
  Descripción : Cooked chestnuts

Based on feedback from professionals, CONCEPT Fruits has developed a range of cooked chestnuts, refined and tasty recipes adapted to changes in the catering trade.

In the heart of the Rhône-Alpes Region, the leading French area for organic products has long been involved in organic preparation and distribution..

Eating Organic with the CONCEPT Fruits range reveals the authentic flavour of the products..
- Our original recipes are prepared with strictly selected ingredients,
- There are no chemicals to change the taste and appearance of our products ,
- We respect the seasonal nature of the products.
59819 Bebidas Other Bebidas alcohólicas (aperitivos, cerveza, cidra, champagne, aguardiente, vino)
  Descripción : Cachaça Orgânica Brasileira (Brazilian Run) certificada (certified bu BCS-Oko Garantie) por BCS Oko Garatie Gmbh. (Germany), produzida em unidade familiar, com 100% de cana-de-açúcar orgânica (organic sugar cane. Certified Kosher
59860 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Plantas medicinales
Descripción : Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Gentianales
Family: Apocynaceae
Genus: Voacanga
Species: V. africana
Binomial name
Voacanga africana
59858 Frutas y verduras Ecocert Puré de frutas
59855 Especias condimentos Ecocert Cocidos (mostaza y legumbres condimentos)
59842 Frutas y verduras Other Frutas secas
Descripción : Dried fruits and all sorts of edible nuts, organically certified.Own organic production of walnut kernels, cherries, prunes and apple.
59841 Productos de cultivo - intrans Other Otros productos de cultivo
Descripción : Bionetix UK is a trading name of Pulsonic Technologies Ltd, which was formed by Managing Director Dr. John Duffy in 1993.

Bionetix UK specialise in the bacterial formulated products as an alternative to harmful chemicals for the treatment of problems in your home, garden and pond.
59838 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales
Descripción : Carlo Sessa have increased their activity in promoting the cultivation in Italy and abroad of medicinal and aromatic plants, involving and co-ordinating several farmers, giving them the technical, scientific and financial supports.
The company represents also several qualified Italian and foreign companies and import/export their products all over the world.
59836 Bebidas Other Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja)
  Descripción : Established in 1984, we have continued to pioneer the hot beverage market for the last 25 years. We have demonstrated innovation by leading the way in green tea, white tea and organic teas and infusions, and we were the first tea in the UK to carry the Fairtrade Mark.
59833 Textil Other Ropa
Descripción : organic onesies
with fun DIY Heat transfers designed by Baby Boomba

All Onesies are natural in colour with different colour ribbing. Our onesies come in both 100% certified organic cotton or viscose from bamboo blend. Each onesie comes with its own do-it-yourself heat transfer graphic that mommy and daddy can do as a fun project. Graphics can go on either the front of back of the onesie. Graphics are copyright © Baby Boomba. All Onesies are final sale.

about organic cotton
Organically grown cotton is cotton grown in soil that has been certified free from pesticides, herbicides and other harmful toxins. Organic cotton farming aslo builds strong and healthy soil through crop rotation. These onesies are designed for easy on-and-off (envelope neckline), dyed with non-toxic azo-free dyes, 3/8" (2cm) neck and sleeve binding, durable double-stitched bottom hem, nickel-free snaps. 100% certified organic cotton.
44106 Ingredientes Ecocert Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos
Descripción : IBR’s active ingredients (Patented Technology) characterized by their innovative and original approach

The active ingredients are meticulously tested and checked for skin compatibility and efficacy and are incorporated in the products of some of the world’s leading cosmetics companies. To read more please proceed to our News section.

Following ecological standards, an upcoming trend in cosmetics IBR has already an ingredient certified according to the NOP and ECOCERT standards, and appears on the ECOCERT list of licensed manufacturers. (see p.33 in the list) as well as listed on ECOCERT's "Raw materials for natural and organic cosmetics"
59830 Textil Inac Ropa
Descripción : Moda green trade campany is located in Manisa Turkey.
We are in a organization totally organic products buying and selling services.
We are best of %100 organic natural color underwear\'s.
Please don\'t hasitate to contact with us...
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