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77079 Productos dietéticos Other Complementos alimenticios
  Descripción : ?Aamalaki has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.According to the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita, Amla is auspicious fruit and matchless amongst rejuvenating drugs.
?Aamlaki is an important source of vitamin C, minerals and amino acids and work as useful antioxidant and support normal oxidative stress levels during the body’s natural aging process
77021 Productos dietéticos Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Complementos alimenticios
  Descripción : chia seeds- chia flour-chia defatted flour-chia oil- hemp oil- maqui powder- xylitol
77003 Productos dietéticos Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Complementos alimenticios
Descripción : Organic Chia seeds - Organic chia flour - organic chia defatted flour- organic chia oil -Organic Hemp seeds- Organic hemp oil - Xylitol sugar-Maqui
76615 Productos dietéticos Ceres Complementos alimenticios
Descripción : BioGreens is a 100% organic, vegan superfood with greens, algae and sprouts. It is an excelent source of antioxidants, proteins, fibers and enzymes.

Product formula: wheatgrass, bio (EU); barley grass, bio (EU); Chlorella algae, bio (EU); Spirulina algae, bio (EU); peppermint leaves, bio (EU); wheat sprouts, bio (non-EU); broccoli sprouts, bio (non-EU); barley sprouts, bio (non-EU); dry extract of Acerola fruit, bio (EU);
76518 Productos dietéticos Other Otros productos dietéticos
Descripción : We are certified under India's National Programme for Organic Production Standards - considered equivalent to Council Regulation (EC) No.834/2007 and Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance for plant products originating in India.

We have Amla Powder which is a natural supplement for Vitamin C

Amla is:-
Species: Emblica officinalis Gaertn.
Syn.: Phyllanthus emblica L.
Family: Euphorbiaceae
75201 Productos dietéticos Other Extractos de plantas frescas
Descripción : Garcinia cambogia extract
coleus root forskholin extract
75200 Productos dietéticos Other Complementos alimenticios
Descripción : salt food grade
75077 Productos dietéticos Instituto Mediterraneo Certificazione Otros productos dietéticos
Descripción : vinaigre de figue de barbarie bio
74544 Productos dietéticos Other Complementos alimenticios
Descripción : Harina de : Sesamo, Garbanzo, Chia, Quinoa, Amaranto

Aceite de : Sesamo, Chia, Almendra amazonica, Cusi
74426 Productos dietéticos Other Complementos alimenticios
  Descripción : Dear/Dearest,
Green herb is proud to present you with its newest products.
Total Elimination
This dietary supplement was researched and produced by European Master Herbalists for Green Herb inc. to clean parasites and yeast out of the human body the natural, safe way.
Like elimination, eliminies cleanses children from parasites. Children are especially prone to intestinal parasites like pinworms, tapeworm, hookworms and threadworms. Eliminies includes a 30 day parasite elimination strategy.
Replenish Probiotics
A maximum strength whole food active probiotic for adults and children.
Green Herb Replenish uses a proprietary blend of 14 active probiotics.
72527 Productos dietéticos Other Complementos alimenticios
  Descripción : Ayurvedic herbs
72041 Productos dietéticos Other Otros productos dietéticos
  Descripción : We offer a wide variety of eating options to suit all dietary requirements. Choose from hot or cold food, coffee carts and snacks, platters and buffets, formal dinners or BBQ’s, with full service and equipment available
71733 Productos dietéticos Other Otros productos dietéticos
Descripción : The Amaranth plant can grow up to 3 m, has broad green leaves that are used in cooking, particularly in India where it is used in delicious vegetarian dishes like saag. It produces bright flowers of purple, red or gold. Amaranth flowers maintain their vibrancy even after they are harvested and dried. They are grown commercially and sold as ornamental flowers and much loved in Europe. Indeed, the name Amaranth is from the Greek word amarantos which means 'the never fading'.

Amaranth plants are also grown in the United States, where surprisingly they can grow under a range of conditions. The National Academy of Sciences considers Amaranth a perfect crop for improving the health and well-being of people in developing countries.[1] Clusters of tiny Amaranth seeds are formed in the plants that are then harvested. They are dried and can be popped to make puffed Amaranth, or ground to make Amaranth flour. Amaranth seeds can be prepared like rice and makes a delicious substitute.

Amaranth is native to South and Central America. It was a staple in the Aztec diet and used in religious rituals. It provided a rich source of protein and nutrients for the people of this region. However, its use as a staple diminished considerably when Spanish colonizers considered it heathen food and banned its use. This did not prevent Amaranth from spreading throughout the world.

Since the 1970s, Amaranth has regained its standing as a potential staple crop and is considered a pseudo-grain because of its similar nutritional profile to grains and cereals, although it contains more protein and is gluten-free.
71732 Productos dietéticos Other Complementos alimenticios
Descripción : NP Nutra produces a high quality Organic Maitake 4:1 extract sourced from the best growers and dried to maintain its nutritional qualities.

We also offer a full range of organic and superfruit ingredients manufactured at our facilities all over the world and stocked in our 26,000 square foot facility in the greater Los Angeles area.

Contact us for free samples and more product information today.
71731 Productos dietéticos Other Complementos alimenticios
Descripción : Kale, a leafy member of the cabbage family, is an annual plant that is best grown in cool weather. The Kale leaves wilt and become bitter in heat, yet it can survive a frost quite easily. Kale is most commonly a forest green in color, although some red and purple varieties do exist. The leaves of the Kale plant vary from ruffled and curly to straight in texture, depending on the variety, and grow loosely, not forming a head like cabbage. Kale fully matures in approximately in 50 to 60 days, however it is often picked young for a mellower flavor. Kale is commonly eaten cooked although it can be used raw in salads.
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