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Offer N°CategoryProduct
64044 Dietetic & health foods Other dietetic & health foods
  Description : sugar free and raw food
64043 Dietetic & health foods Fresh plant extracts
  Description : steviol glycosides ; stevia
64042 Dietetic & health foods Energy biscuit bars
  Description : vegan and vegetarian bars
vegan proteins
64040 Oils for cooking & dressing Other oils for cooking & dressing
  Description : jojoba bio
63987 Drinks Juice concentrates
  Description : Elderberry Concentrate (organic)
Blackberry Cooncentrate (organic)
Raspberry Concentrate (Organic)
63902 Raw materials & supplements Raw materials for cosmetics
  Description : organic ingredients for cosmetic industry
63909 Milk & dairy products Other milk & dairy products
  Description : Use in value added products
63908 Milk & dairy products Skimmed or powdered milk
  Description : Use in value added products
63847 Fruit & vegetables Fruits purees
  Description : banana puree, seedless, aseptically packed
63845 Fruit & vegetables Fresh fruit
  Description : strawberries precooled in tankers
raspberries precooled in tankers
black currents precooled in tankers
aronia precooled in tankers
63843 Drinks Juice concentrates
  Description : apple juice concentrate
sour cherry juice concentrate
pommegranate juice concentrate
elderberry juice concentrate
carrot juice concentrate
63812 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Bread, bakery products
  Description : We are buying breads for Europe.
63811 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Biscuits, pancakes
  Description : We are buying biscuits and pancakes. Only sweet cakes.
63778 Seeds Bulk seeds
  Description : I'm interested in sourcing a wide range of organic nuts and seeds in bulk
63777 Drinks Juice concentrates
  Description : I'm interested in sourcing a wide range of organic aseptic & frozen juice and juice concentrates
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