International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) Announces New Executive Director

The World Board of IFOAM is pleased to announce the appointment of Angela B. Caudle as Executive Director.  Ms. Caudle will take over the position from Gerald A. Herrmann, the current IFOAM Executive Director and Vice President, to coincide with the 15th IFOAM Organic World Congress.

Ms. Caudle is the first woman to lead the organization since its founding 33 years ago. She has been active in both the US and international organic industry, furthering the scope and acceptance of organics. Her practical experience includes living and working in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. She has consistently focused on the value of developing beneficial partnerships and new avenues for organics while maintaining the core principles and values. Ms. Caudle has previously managed US-based Quality Certification Services through impressive growth and expansion and has served as its Director since 2002. 

“Angela’s US experience, combined with her knowledge of four languages and strong managerial skills, make her uniquely qualified to lead a diverse organic world into a future full of opportunities,” offers Gunnar Rundgren, IFOAM President.

Gerald A. Herrmann notes “serving as the Executive Director for this past year has been both a challenge and a pleasure. One of my key activities during this time was managing the search for a new Executive Director, and I am satisfied that Ms. Caudle is the right person for the job.”

At its July meeting in Bonn, Germany, the World Board unanimously approved the appointment of Ms. Caudle. She will be based at the IFOAM headquarters in Bonn, Germany as of September 15, 2005, and will be attending the 15th IFOAM Organic World Congress and General Assembly in Adelaide. She looks forward to interacting with many of the members and supporting institutions, stating, “I strongly believe that an active membership is the key to IFOAM’s success and I intend to ensure open channels for discourse around the current and developing issues in organics.”

Ms. Caudle recognizes the significance of strengthening international partnerships for the continuous and robust growth of the organic sector. “Increasingly, international networks, the United Nations and intergovernmental agencies are recognizing the importance of organic agriculture for achieving social and environmental sustainability. By creating and expanding such institutional partnerships, IFOAM will be in a position to further the development of organic agriculture worldwide, particularly in developing countries.”

Currently, the North American market for organic products is the world’s largest and growing fast. Ms. Caudle sees its increased involvement in the global organic movement as a high priority. “Clearly, a robust and united organic sector is a prerequisite to achieve the mission of IFOAM. Just over 7% of IFOAM’s membership comes from North America. Encouraging the participation of the North American organic sector in IFOAM will significantly vitalize and empower the movement as a whole.”

On research and communicating the benefits of organic agriculture, Ms. Caudle asserts “study after study confirms the benefits of organic farming for both people and the environment. Better coordination of research and the effective dissemination of results to the consumer will fill the knowledge gap and help organic to capture more mainstream markets.”

More details can be found on IFOAM’s web page  Further information can be requested from the IFOAM Head Office (Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. 5, 53113 Bonn, Germany, phone +49-228-92650-10).



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