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98045 Milk & dairy products Ecocert Butter, cream
Description : Producteur de lait de vache certifié AB par Ecocert. je cherche à vendre mon lait en cru, uht ou transformé en yaourt ou fromage (à votre convenance)en région bretagne
jusqu'à 200000 Litre par an
96027 Milk & dairy products Other Other milk & dairy products
Description : Our Infant Formula Milk Powder for feed has the following specs:
Protein: 11 – 15%
Fat: 22 - 26% (DHA, AA)
Carbohydrates / lactose: 48 – 56%
Moisture: Less than 3%
Added complete Minerals & vitamins

We provide full set of original shipping documents include Cert of Origin, Cert of Analysis, Health Cert, Form D/E CO upon request. OEM/ Private Label are welcome, shipment from Malaysia/ Singapore.

Let me know if you are interested on the above.
95611 Milk & dairy products Other Other milk & dairy products
Description : Looking for NOP Certified
Organic Yeast Extract
Organic Butter without salt
Organic Dairy products
Organic Sunflower Oil
94379 Milk & dairy products Bio-gro New Zealand Skimmed or powdered milk
Description : Organic WMP
93290 Milk & dairy products Other Skimmed or powdered milk
  Description : We supply South African produced camel milk
The perfect alternative to dairy and almost as good as mother’s milk!

Camel milk has more Vitamin C, B6, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium than cows milk, and is lower in lactose! Camel milk contains natural antibiotics which keeps the milk fresher for a longer period.
91864 Milk & dairy products Other Cheese
  Description : Organic Irish Vintage Cheedar
Gold winner at the Frech Cheese Awards, The Little Milk Co Vintage Cheddar is made from raw unpasteurised milk which has not been exposed to the heat treatment required for full pasteurisation and therefore retains more of the natural flavours and nutrients present in the milk used to make it. This is a complex cheese and has aromas which linger longer in the mouth.

This cheese has been aged for up to 18 months, with less moisture than younger cheddars leaving a concentration of protein and fat. Its aging makes it a hard dry cheese which is full of character, but it really needs to left out of the fridge unwrapped for an hour to get to an ambient temperature of around 11 degrees celcius - the taste difference is worth the wait! The dry crumbly texture of this cheese makes it perfect for grating as a parmesan alternative or cooking in dishes like Gratins. When enjoying on a Little Milk Company cheese board, the strong flavour of this cheese makes it great for eating towards the end! Cut in thin slices to let it melt in your mouth.

Our Vintage wheels are 2.5kg from which any size wedge can cut to customer’s requirements, 120g pre packs are also available.

Thinking about wine? This cheese pairs well with full bodied reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, an Oak Smoked Chardonnay and great with Port or whiskey! Winner of the Gold medal at the Mondial du Fromage in France 2015.

This cheese is not safe to eat when pregnant. Its rind is made with animal rennet so also not suitable for vegetarians.
91861 Milk & dairy products Other Cheese
  Description : One of our top sellers for cheese lovers, winner of a Great Taste Award, Silver at the World Cheese Awards, Bronze at the French Cheese Awards - Brewer’s Gold is a semi soft rind washed cheese which is made using Organic cow’s milk and hand washing the rind in Irish Craft Beer. Rubbing it with beer promotes the growth of a bacterium, this breaks down the texture of the cheese, turning it soft and pliable rather than firm. The rind can be sticky the taste is rich, nutty, creamy and sweet.

The cheese as a result is rich and creamy, with subtle hoppy flavours, and a bright amber rind. But beware this also makes it stinky - in a good way, cheese lovers can’t get enough! This cheese sometimes grows a green mould sometimes a white bloomy mould, this is perfectly normal and is actually a good sign the cheese is maturing well, just wipe it off with a damp cloth. Brewers Gold is great for cooking also.
90424 Milk & dairy products Other Eggs
Description : Organic and a variety ofofod from Albanian land
90423 Milk & dairy products Other Cheese
Description : Organic and a variety of all food from Albanian land
90079 Milk & dairy products Sohiscert Sa Cheese
89566 Milk & dairy products Ceres Skimmed or powdered milk
  Description : Skimed or whole organic milk powder
88824 Milk & dairy products Other Eggs
  Description : 1 BOX 12 PCS Quail Eggs
88548 Milk & dairy products Other Cheese
Description : white cheese ,in brine,400 ,800 gr in plastic ,produced from bio milk in Bulgaria,best before -12 months
84421 Milk & dairy products Other Yogurt
Description : Iranian yogurt products
83881 Milk & dairy products Other Other milk & dairy products
Whole milk powder is obtained by the removal of water from pasteurized whole milk. It contains no more than 4.5% moisture (by weight) and not more than 30% milkfat (by weight) unless otherwise indicated.

Organic Whole Milk.

50 lb multiwall Kraft paper bag with polyethylene liner.

Storage & Shelf Life
Store at 50-80 degrees F, less than 65% relative humidity. Recommended shelf life under such conditions is 6 months.
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