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9417 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Other sugar & honey products
Description : The company Canadian Maple Delights, which belongs to Citadelle Maple Syrup Producers' Cooperative a company in existence since 1928 (about 80 years ago), was founded to supply more upscale Organic Pure Maple Products. We supply our Organic Pure Maple Syrup and related products to the Specialty Food Stores “Gourmet” as well as the Gift Market and we sell mainly to Retailers specialized in those areas as well as to Wholesalers and Distributors.
9405 Sugar & honey products Control Union Other sugar & honey products
Description : Agave syrup ia an organic and kosher certified sweetener. Use in place of sugar or honey. Low glycemic index
9354 Sugar & honey products Ccpb Consorzio Per Il Controllo Dei Prodotti Biologici Jams and jellies
9274 Sugar & honey products Other Other sugar & honey products
Description : Certified organic raw propolis, liquid propolis, propolis tablets, honey, pollen in bulk, pollen tablets, pollen capsules
9271 Sugar & honey products Other Other sugar & honey products
9175 Sugar & honey products O.i.a. Jams and jellies
Description : Certified organic UE, NOP and JASS Sunflower jam
9040 Sugar & honey products O.i.a. Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : Honey from Monte (Argentina) Honey from Catay (Argentina) Certifying Agency: OIA(Organización Internacional Agropecuaria). Kosher Certified Body: Ajdut Kosher – Rabbi Daniel Openheimer Payment Terms: 50% cash in advance with the purchase order reception and 50% irrevocable sight letter of credit of international first line bank. Letter of Credit Conditions (include only 2 documents): B/L and invoice with packing list. Minimun Order: 20 feet container.
9034 Sugar & honey products Nasaa Dried fruit purée
Description : Organic prunes pureed to a firm pulp of 44 to 48 brix packaged in 10 litre HDPE pails holding 12.5 kg.of pulp.
9033 Sugar & honey products Imo Other sugar & honey products
Description : Of instantaneous assimilation, it passes directly to the blood stream without any energy expense. Besides serving as a natural and nutricional sweetener,(it contains more than 70 essentia substances to our organism).If taken on a daily basis, the pure organic honey serves as an expectorant aiding in the cleasing of the lungs; it also cleanses the blood, has regulating effects on the intestines and bactericidal properties, wich may reduce the risk for infections as well as increase the physical resistence. In order to enjoy its benefits, the honey must be pure and good quality. The honey comes from the following flowers: Wild Flowers and Orange tree Flowers.
9015 Sugar & honey products Farm Verified Organic Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : Each season's best varietal honeys and other beeswax products
9002 Sugar & honey products Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Jams and jellies
Description : Symbio offers no-sugar and low-sugar jams produced from its source of strawberries, raspberries, black currants and aronia.
8845 Sugar & honey products Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Jams and jellies
Description : Fruit Spread plus Yoghurt: A completely new taste experience Delicious fruit spreads with full fruity flavour - everybody is familiar with them. But fruit spreads with 20% yoghurt?! This combination of flavours is completely new and so far unique on the nature food market. It combines the fine fruity aroma of sun-ripe fruit with the creamy mildness of yoghurt, and makes breakfast a meal to look forward to. But also as a filling for cakes or puffs, with puddings, milk rice, or with ice cream. Or just on its own, on Davert Rice Waffles or in pita bread. However you fancy it, try it. Pure deliciousness. Davert Fruit Spreads plus Yoghurt are available in apricot, cherry and raspberry flavour. Strawberry will come later. Fruit Spreads, classic The new delicious fruit spreads from Davert are wonderfully fruity, with a mild sweetness. The sweetener used is highly refined cane sugar. This has virtually no flavour of its own and therefore brings out all the natural sweetness of the fruit. Almost like home-made! A special pleasure for a tasty, healthy breakfast. Try this fruity sweetness also in yoghurt or quark, in milk rice, or with puddings. Or just on its own, on Davert Rice Waffles or in pita bread. Davert Fruit Spreads are available in strawberry, apricot, cherry and raspberry.
8752 Sugar & honey products Quality Assurance International (qai) Other sugar & honey products
Description : Soyage Fruit Forest Soyage Peach Soyage Strawberry Tofu Pate Tofu Pate Yeast Pate Yeast Pate - soy dessert - soy dessert - soy dessert - Mexican yeast free, tube - Tomato yeast free, tube - Herb, tube - Mushroom, tube
8601 Sugar & honey products Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Dessert preparations
Description : Fruit preparation for the dairy industry
8547 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Other sugar & honey products
Description : 100% maple products: sirup, butter, toffy, crumbles. For direct use ou transformation (pastries, candy, others).
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